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What Your Husband Doesn’t Know…

Written by The Scribbler

This is where the sub-par treatment of husbands begins, friends: with the customers!

I like to call this bunch of statements the Unholy Trinity – three sales objection-overcomers that deal specifically with skinflint spouses. If your husband was in MK, how would you feel knowing that he was telling his clients…

  • “I understand how you feel. In our family there are some buying decisions my husband makes without me like what kind of lawnmower to buy. I pretty much decide what is best for me. Besides, I promise it’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is permission. Why not go ahead and get what you need now and then you can get the rest later if he agrees – how does that sound? Great!” (NSD)
  • “For your convenience, I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, checks, and our “Husband Unawareness Plan” – that’s a little of each and he’ll never know what you paid!” (laugh). ~ MK Beauty Book insert
  • “You know – we could split up this payment. I take cash, check, post-dated check, and credit cards, and I can take all four at once. How about we do that? Split it all up, and your husband will never know. You could even write *name of favorite grocery store here* in your check registry.” (Former Consultant)

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Big deal; this is basic sales and all companies do it to some degree!” While there might be some truth to that statement, those “other” companies aren’t the ones proudly proclaiming the motto, “God first and family second!” One cannot make such a claim and not expect to be held accountable for it.

I mean, one of the reasons recruiters use to sell MK is for the “self-improvement” it supposedly brings. Can anyone tell me how encouraging one’s customers to LIE to their husbands about their purchases improves anything?

The concept of “working full circle” applies nicely in this situation; the husband degradation starts in skin care classes, continues in the recruiting interviews (“You don’t need his approval or else you’re not a decisive woman!”) and comes around full circle when consultants teach their recruits to do likewise. If you’re a woman who is determined to enrich women’s lives, start today by shutting your ears to these deceptive teachings.


  1. Wasrings90

    #1 what a sexist point of view,

    #2 Ha ha – the jokes on them if they try to use the Lawnmower analogy on me, I actually mow the lawn in our household & he shovels the snow… Which means I am the one who decides which new lawnmower to buy when needed….

    My husband buys some very expensive tools he tells me he is considering purchasing then and explains why it’s an investment. Most of the time I don’t care because as long as there is an emergency savings account, and the bills are paid, I don’t care what he buys….. Its the fact that we discuss how our money is spent because that’s what responsible respecting adults do. And yes I disccus with him when I am considering making a significant purchase myself.

  2. Cindylu

    MK herself started this contempt for husbands. All this delegating tasks to others. NSD’s that boast of having personal assistants and maids. Throw an onion into a pot to pretend super is on the way. My husband approved of my staring MK. However from the beginning he wisely distrusted my lying self centred SD. As I got deeper into MK he was perceptive enough to question my buying so much product. How could we not buy product. This mlm constantly changes the products while doing very little to help market their merchandise. We were urged to buy the basic skin care (in various types), endless glamor and those (stupid perfumes, scented creams and unsellable mens products). It’s no wonder many women end up in debt trying to keep up with the ever changing product line. The few classes or facials I did ended in never ever having that lipstick, eye shadow or discontinued product. It’s all a mean spirited scam and my husband knew quickly that MK was dubious. I got sick and that fortunately ended my MK career. MK an endless pyramid of useless meaningless tasks on a path to debt and nowhere. Sadly our husbands and families are exploited too.

    1. ThinkPinkThinkAgain

      A big “yes” to product line changes–I feel like I barely got out in time before everything started changing in 2018. Two new skincare lines (now three), new eyeshadow formula, bronzers and highlighters and cheek colors, compacts/palettes, brushes (which are at least better than the SUPER SCRATCHY old ones–can’t believe I ever thought those were good), and now a completely new foundation line. I have a friend who finished DIQ while these changes were happening and I wonder how much debt she and her unit members took on in the name of “good business” and “stocking the new products.” YIKES. I added it up and to get everything new, it would have cost me at least $1000.

  3. BestDecision

    Reminds me of when I heard an NSD say there were only 2 ways to make men happy: Food and sex. And if we provided a lot of those, they’d support us no matter what.

    Wouldn’t be all be disgusted if we heard a man say that about us? Complete sexism. Constant manipulation and outright lying to his bands about what they were spending, doing, and thinking.

  4. NayMKWay

    The implications of these schemes are so seamy. “Forgiveness-vs-permission” implies an adversarial relationship. The lawnmower analogy implies territorialism. Is there no room in the Pink fog for husband-and-wife teamwork?

    Then there’s the gradual introduction to deception as a way of life. It’s only $100; spread it around a bit so he doesn’t know. It’s only $225; you want to stay active, don’t you? It’s only $600; you can’t sell from an empty wagon. It’s only $1200; you have to spend money to make money. It’s only $1800; your Team is counting on you.

    The secret gets bigger and bigger. The ramifications of coming clean get worse and worse. “Maybe if I keep working my business, I’ll make it all back and he won’t have to know. That’s what the other ladies said they did. Why can’t I? What am I doing wrong? I can’t even bring it up without being shunned for my ‘negativity.’ ”

    To anyone reading this who may be facing these same questions: cut your losses and get out. Send back everything you can and take the 90%. The fastest way out of your financial hole is to throw away the shovel you dug it with, cut all ties to this wicked company, and get out. Hanging on for “just a little longer” will only dig that hole a little deeper.

  5. Freediva2

    This is all such a veil of nonsense, anyway. All of the top brass at Mary Kay are men. Sean Lleve is parading around the world pretending to care about these women as is the CEO. If this was truly an organization committed to empowering women there would be some women at the actual top. They want to continue to tell the story that a woman will only be as powerful as her husband will let her be. Also, as a single woman with no kids working two jobs and bringing home over a $100k a year, I find the husband/wife target interesting.. why? Mary Kay knows they need that husband’s income… a single bosslady like me would not gamble my financial stability on this clouddream

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