“Creating Jobs” in Mary Kay

Mallory James is a young sales director in Mary Kay. Her mom is NSD Cecilia James. Mallory and Cecilia apparently think that they “create jobs” with their Mary Kay scam:


I’m sorry, but recruiting women to become distributors in an MLM isn’t “creating jobs.” It’s especially not “creating jobs” when 99% of the people who get involved in MLM lose money.

Mallory and Cecilia: You are enriching yourself at the expense of others. You are conning women into a scam and you know they have almost no chance of turning a profit. You get them to buy inventory packages, knowing they will most likely not be able to sell those products. But you don’t care, because you get your commission check when they order the products. You pretend they sell, talking about Unit Clubs and retail sales (knowing that it’s not retail sales, rather it’s wholesale purchases x 2). This Instagram post is a wonderful example of trying to justify the fraud you perpetrate on your downline.



  1. Raising kids in a cult. Good parenting, Mom. Did y’all stand in line to drink the Kool Aid, or were you among the first served since you “drive free”?

  2. Cecilia and Mallory aren’t creating a job that pays the moment you work it. If I go to work, even for just a day, I am paid for it with no expenses to deduct or incur. In MK, you have no guarantee you’ll profit from a sale…if there is one.

    You aren’t paid for showing up to unit meetings, and, in fact, they cost you to attend them.

    You aren’t paid for showing up at Leadership Conference, Career Conference, or Seminar.

    You aren’t paid for sitting through your Director’s multiple Zoom meetings and recruiting calls.

    I’ve head Cecilia speak, and I wasn’t impressed at all. I know she’s another that got divorced, so I wonder if her climb to NSD affected her marriage like it has countless others.

    Bottom line, don’t promote anything but the truth. And please don’t say you’re creating jobs as if you’re the CEO of MK. The only thing you’ve created is a facade.

  3. And another MLMer mentioning God/religion. If I were an alien landing on Earth, I’d deduce the two were very closely related.

    No, I don’t think God’s gifts were meant to scam single mothers out of their food money by calling it a “job”.

    If you are religious, people like this are giving your religion a bad name. They are saying the scam method known as multi-level marketing is your “calling”.

  4. They actually have the temerity to chide the reader with “Excuses sound best to the person [who’s]* making them up” while making up excuses for their own behavior. Oh, the irony.

    * – (I corrected their grammar; a person is not a “that.”)

  5. “Whose blessing is tied to your obedience?” I wish I could call the cops on these women’s bad theology. This is a bunch of prosperity gospel nonsense.
    None of us is obedient — except Jesus. Our blessing from God is dependent on Jesus’ perfect obedience —- not our own.

  6. Whose blessing is tied to my obedience? Uh, I don’t know… My cat? Nah, he’s not very obedient. My dog? Even less so. In short, WHAT THE HECK does that mean? God wants me to join Mary Kay? Nah, He’s too busy picking winners in football games.

  7. It’s bad enough when one member of an mlm is manipulative. It’s really frightening when their clone thinks this is a job or career. It’s not. In a real career we contribute to society. We contribute by providing a real service to others. Teaching, Nursing, Dental Hygienist, plumber, Electrician, computer Science etc. Working as a bus driver, in a restaurant, Administration, Teachers assistant come with a pay check and a real contribution to others. MK and any pyramid schemes like Amway, Avon, Arbonne, Scentsy etc give false hope. I could never enjoy MK because it embarrassed the heck out of me. This dumb ridiculous, predatory, unethical and risky scam ruins lives. You won’t make money. You’ll mostly waste your time hurting others.

  8. Since Avon was mentioned, can someone tell me how Avon is doing in the USA? Avon’s operations in Latin America were recently acquired by the Brazilian company Natura and this has caused many speculations.

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