She Might Find Pink Truth

I wanted to bring back a video from a couple of years ago because it’s such a gem. This is Mary Kay sales director Katy Goldstein, a wannabe NSD who got her first MK car in 2016. 

There are two really interesting points she made in this clip. First, it’s important when someone says they’re going to become a consultant, to get them to sign and submit that agreement right away. Every day she does not join, the chances of her joining go down 20%. If you thought you had someone 100% on board with joining, and you wait 24 hours to seal the deal, you now only have an 80% chance of her signing up.

The other interesting point is that part of the reason the chances go down is because of PINK TRUTH. She’s going to go home, do some research, find us, and wonder what in the heck she’s getting herself into. Bravo to the women who go home and do research!


  1. ihatemk

    And ain’t it GREAT if she does find Pinktruth and KNOW what she is feeling in her gut is TRUE!!! I never got recruited for MK b/c I am too much of a C personality (at least I think that is what I got on that stupid personality test). I am a skeptical person and all the bs that I would hear at MK parties just made me suspicious, i.e. God provided a miracle at the last minute and an order came through at MIDNITE (now that I have read PT it was your credit card that gave you that miracle!!!). Went to a party once and the IB was saying at one party a cosmetic salesperson at Belk, Macy’s or whatever fancy store name you want to insert had gone to a MK party and was sooooo impressed w/the makeup she THREW all of her makeup away and went MK!! Really? Not believable. Also have seen ladies at MK parties go gaga over nail polish. It is JUST nail polish!! When I have tried MK products it didn’t impress me so much that I wanted to dispose of ALL my makeup, etc. EVERY MK party I have ever been to it is all rah rah rah that is NOT what normal people do. I also hated that when they did the interview at the end the IBC would say things like I have 2 dates open for a party, x date and y date, which one would suit you best. Excuse me lady, you are ASSUMING I want to have a party and I don’t, I just went to this party b/c my friend asked me. I also hate the BS that MK sells. I did do a practice interview one time b/c the IBC said she needed to do it b/c of some award, prize, goal or whatever. I did go, but made it CLEAR I would not be selling MK. The Director I interviewed w/bought me a sausage biscuit, interviewed me, etc. I asked about market saturation was told the market wasn’t saturated, that MK sold itself (excuse me, but as Bruce Williams (talk show host who have great advice on the radio, who has sadly since gone to the great beyond) if it is so great then what do they NEED you for. He was not talking about MK, but any of the mlm companies or whatever when someone is trying to get you to join something. If this product or service is sooooo wonderful, then why on earth would they NEED you. Oh, for RECRUITING AND DOWNLINES to make $ off of your back. The reason I found this site is b/c I ALWAYS thought MK was sooooooo over the top (all MLMs are over the top, but MK went far and above what was even remotely normal for an MLM, so I put in Mary Kay Sucks one day and hit this site!). I have learned so much about the lies and manipulation used in MK, the holding a skunk for stinking thinking, the product sells itself, there is no quota (um, yes there is, I think you have to order 250 ever quarter or something like that), What a DIQ is (I have learned the silly titles on this site too FESD). The platitudes, the “free” training, etc. I can tell that you ladies have been through hell b/c of this company and it makes me laugh when I see the Kaybots come on this site to defend all of MK’s bs and they always “accidentally” found this site. They didn’t accidentally find it, deep in their gut and soul they KNEW it all was too good to be true and were questioning it, and then seeing the posts on here, just confirmed what they ALREADY knew. I have seen some posts on here from people who got out of MK and admitted they were some of the ones who had posted the MK positive things, like PT didn’t know what they were talking about, MK taught at Harvard, product sells itself, etc. After being in MK for awhile the pink fog dissipated or blew away with a strong wind and some of you all started seeing the TRUTH. I love this site and it is one of my favorite sites. I am sorry that so many of you ladies were sucked in and used by this company.

    1. Linda

      A ”c personality” or a ”thinker” or a ”blue person” or whatever ? there are many version of this but it is a rather superficial way of trying to define someones whole personality imo. I never joined either and I am grateful I found this site. I thought it was quite obvious then the woman who tried to recruit me was using a script. She was actually my boss, I worked in her store and I don’t like how she tried to take advantage of that. Also she sent me pictures from a seminar and I don’t think she realized how cultish it looked to someone who wasn’t in it.

  2. Char

    Gee, it sure sounds like she’s giving advice about closing a commission kickback sale instead of offering a business opportunity to the person. Oh wait, she is. Every day the chances of the dupe BUYING an “inventory” package goes down 20%. Meaning, the chances that the recruiter and upline making a kickback on a huge order goes down.

    My advice: It’s not about you; it’s about the upline. Do not let them convince you they are doing you a favor by “introducing an opportunity to you” hogwash.

  3. NayMKWay

    “…we can overcome objections and tell the truth to her…”

    Bull. You overcome objections with scripts, not truth. If you had truth to offer, you wouldn’t be panicking that a day has gone by and your chances of scamming the person have dropped 20%.

    If Mary Kay is really a good opportunity today, it will still be one a day from now, a week from now, a month from now. You’re not overcoming objections with truth, you’re trying to keep your would-be victim from learning the truth.

    That’s truth.

  4. NayMKWay

    A little off-topic comment:

    One of the “Related Posts” link was to Tracy’s review of LuLaRoe 4 years ago. I went for a stroll down memory lane to remind myself what was said and especially the entertaining comments. One thread through the discussion was the number of LuLaRoe listings on eBay, since selling on eBay is strictly forbidden (both by Mary Kay and by LLR). Back then, reports were in the 80,000 to 100,000 range for LLR listings on eBay. Today I found the number is up to over 287,000. And almost every one I looked at was obviously being offered for well below “wholesale” cost. Wow.

    Meanwhile, Mary Kay listings are clocking in at just under 44,000.

    As scams go, I think LuLaRoe takes the boobie prize.

  5. Enorth

    I went to Katy’s website and her title alone — “Mary Kay Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director” — takes up my entire desktop PC screen.

    I also noticed the tab at the top of her homepage: “Accountability”
    It’s the Legendary Leaders Accountability Form. You’ll submit answers to Katy for questions such as:
    — What WINS did you have this week? (virtual/in person faces seen, sales, team members added, etc.)
    — How many faces have you seen this month? (virtual and/or in person)
    — How many appointments do you currently have booked?
    — What have you done this week that GREW you? (personally or Mary Kay wise)
    — What are you not proud of from last week and what will do you differently this week?
    — Do you have any questions for me or need extra training on something specific?
    — What is your sales/recruiting goal for this upcoming week? What is your plan of action to make it happen?

    You’ll be accountable to MKIFESSD Katy. Is that what you want?

  6. Cindylu

    Pretend sales, air kisses, gaudy Seminar dresses and over the top make up. Add in silly titles and you have the epitome of a false agenda. For decades they’ve used trinkets, flattery and those ridiculous titles to recruit. The naïve, the needy, the impressionable, or the ego-centric view flattery as genuine praise. Discerning people understand flattery to be disingenuous, false praise motivated by a false and selfish agenda.

        1. Heather

          I gave a lot of the costume and crappy paste jewelry to my friend’s daughters (ages 3 and 5 at the time) for their dress-up bin. The girls LOVED all of the shiny fake things, and no one cared when things broke or fell apart.

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