Why Isn’t Jamie Taylor an NSD?

You’re probably wondering why Jamie Taylor STILL isn’t a National Sales Director in Mary Kay.

She was certain she was going to finish the requirements by September 30, 2020. Jamie even went so far as to host an event at the end of September for her DIQs and sales directors in an attempt to get them make her an NSD. (Stay at an AirBnB, pressure one another to pressure the downline to order more, pressure the DIQs to buy recruits and production.)

Jamie got 5 new directors in her future area out of that.

But she failed to become an NSD.

Then Jamie thought she’d be done by December 31, 2020. She failed again.

Her current lineup, as of the end of December was:

She needs at least 10 first line directors, with 20 total first and second line. Every unit must have at least 24 unit members, and at least 7 of the directors have to be premier or above.

Jamie has been trying to finish the NSD requirements for more than 5 years. She became an “elite executive senior” director in 2015. At that time she had 8 first line sales directors. You can see she’s made no progress on that in the last 5 years, basically because women fall out of directorship so often.

If you’re wondering who is currently in Jamie’s first line:

Jamie may be failing in her quest to become an NSD, but the good news for her is that she’s still making a ton of money. Every time she gets her downline to place extra orders and coerce more women into DIQ and frontloading, she gets a bigger commission check.

Her commission check as reported in Applause Magazine (prior to any chargebacks) was $22,988 for June 2020. It’s sick. This money is made because women in the downline are losing money buying products they’ll never sell. It’s made because of women pursuing directorship, through which they will most likely end up making nothing more than minimum wage.

So that’s the latest on our friend Jamie, thanks to her Instagram stories.

One more thing…. This routine where they call their offspring their “babies” and their senior director or NSD “mom”…. it’s weird and disturbing. Grow up. It’s supposed to be a business and you’re supposed to be a professional.



  1. This is a roadmap of reasons NOT to do MK. No “promotions” (read. raises) since 2015? I don’t know of any corporate job that doesn’t give you a single raise in 6 years. She also proves that you can get easily demoted in MK.

    From her stories, MK is an endless struggle.

    • Well, in fairness, she has been making more in commissions than she did before. Her average monthly commissions (prior to chargebacks) were:

      2018 – Less than $6,349 (less than, because there were many months that she didn’t make it into the top 100, so I used the commission of the lowest director in the list)
      2019 – $8,776
      2020 – $14,690 (thru Sept, since the rest of the year hasn’t been published yet)

      She was solidly in the $15k-$20k range per month in the middle of 2020.

      • She has an Instagram story post about getting the second stimulus check. I thought she would have made too much money does she cheat on her taxes??

        • I saw the same thing. I get the impression that her husband isn’t working, as he is trying to become a country singer. If that’s the case, as a married couple, they would qualify based on 2019 income. They will probably also qualify based on 2020 income, when you factor in all of her business expenses.

          • So if he doesn’t work, are they both paying for their own health insurance? Plus don’t they have a kid?

            • Interesting. When she said they qualified for the stimulus check, I assumed he must not be working, otherwise it would seem that their income would be too high.

    • I’m wondering why she hasn’t already just “promoted herself” since that’s how so many Kaybots refer to it. Perhaps her “deserve level” isn’t high enough?

  2. These photos explain why women ignore the detractors (and join MK). They see this gorgeous young woman, seeming ease of NSD title if she just works. Yes, there appears to be a little struggle, but that makes the scam even more powerful. If she made it look too easy, there would be red flags. Who wouldn’t want to be part of her team? She is Regina George. But she is using her blessing of good looks to scam other women.

    That said, how do the um, er, less attractive women do it? Are they just excessively pushy?

    • I think just about anyone who wants to put in the effort can clean up well. So while a woman may be less “attractive” by society’s standards, if she dresses nicely and has a good hairstyle and makeup, she will be viewed positively. I don’t think girls who are “less cute” have less success. I can think of a few NSDs in MK that I think are unattractive, yet they present themselves well and are probably seen as attractive by others.

      • The “makeoverguy” youtube channel for a weekend binge watch anyone? It’s usually middle-aged women who book into the salon and are transformed by Christopher. The videos are pretty short and fun to watch. I find it fascinating and inspiring how hair and makeup can truly change how the person is perceived. Here’s a two minute video with the before and after of one lovely lady:


    • You don’t want to know. But if you get curious, go to YouTube and search for “wap cardi b”. You’ll probably regret it.

      And don’t ask me how I found out about it!! 😀

    • And this is at a “work event”. Naughty-girl slumber parties are NOT professional. This is not how ACTUAL executives conduct themselves. Just SMH.

      • My late husband was VP level in a multi-national company before he died. Some of the optional evening entertainment offered by his company at professional conventions included football/hockey/baseball games, popular music concerts and strip shows.

        He liked the first two but always avoided the latter.

        To think he could have participated in a Full Monty play date with his peers instead as a form of networking.

  3. The Queen Bee syndrome is alive and well here. I definitely can see the attraction to these young women. They package all of their persuasion tricks into “making their target feel important.” It’s all about getting at least one fairly large inventory purchase. Everything from the fake contest ballets, to fake facials are deceitful. They make it seem effortless. The reality is that it’s really too much work. Cancelled facials, no shows at open houses and rooms full of unsold products. The heartache, financial devastation, families in turmoil are definitely evil. I look at these women playing pretend and I feel sickened. They are unfeeling, self centred, materialistic and have absolutely no empathy. They can dress up but under neath all that pretence, is a path of human destruction. It’s frightening that so many directors are convinced that the failure of others is somehow irrelevant. MK has betrayed thousands of women for decades.

  4. I think Shaunas been on this same wheel for at least 10 years or more. I honestly can’t imagine having to be that pushy all the time.

    • Some have been chasing NSD for decades. All these years. No company savings plan, pension plan, stock plan, medical benefits, etc. Nothing for the long-term. No security for the future.
      But, they did get to “cross the stage” and they have a closet loaded with handbags and trinkets.

      • My Sr keeps repeating her goal of NSD, yet she’s not any farther along in 20 years. Same title, same slogan. Lots of people chasing it since the 80s, too!

  5. Imagine one of her SDs or worse yet, an IBC itching to tell her that she’s a front page story. But if they tell her, then they have to say that they came across our site. That’s a no-no in MK.

    Or…maybe they will say that they googled “Jamie Taylor” and “Mary Kay” and found us because the first article after her FB link is THIS one. And the one after that is a Pink Truth article. Oh my….what is a Boss Babe to do?

    • Well, you know how many of them just “stumble upon” this site. So that could be their excuse.

  6. I can’t wait to see how she responds to the new NSD requirements. Everybody stand back, that hamster wheel is about to set a new speed record! Her posts for the next few months should be tons of fun.

      • Shouldn’t be too hard if they are running $30 starter kit still. It’s much easier to buy a $30 kit plus get a fake active person than the 100 + 225 min .

        • Their new Consultant production is dramatically low. It’s normally $1K/new. Most are only doing $225, if that, and you can’t sustain a unit on numbers that low.

          House of cards!

  7. In the very first picture, I corrected the exchange:
    Q: “When will you debut as NSD?”
    A: “Still [front]loading…”

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