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Cadillac Director Quits

Following the lead of a handful of “successful” Mary Kay sales directors who have quit (Kelly Brock, Dawn Barton, etc), Ali Zornes just announced that she is quitting MK. Her pink Cadillac is going to be picked up. After telling us that Mary Kay was the best thing ever and she’d never wear a uniform again, she’s now revealing that she’s been working full time as a nurse and is going to be doing last extensions on the side and finish her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

We have known for a while that Ali was struggling in Mary Kay. She did a fundraiser to pay a vet bill for her dog. Back when unit meetings were held in person, Ali had barely anyone in attendance. Odds are that she bought her way into that Cadillac, and she finally got tired of co-pays on it each month. If you take a look at Applause Magazine, it looks like she never made production the entire time she had that Cadillac.


  1. Heather

    Random thoughts from a nurse who is still waiting to see what powers her coffee has in store for today —

    – If you are employed as a nurse and have an associate’s degree, you usually (not always) have an agreement with your hospital to finish your bachelor’s (BSN) in a certain amount of time. There are a LOT of great RN to BSN programs out there, and many hospitals offer tuition assistance to help with your degree.

    – Lash extensions are cool. I wear them. If you really want to be involved as a nurse with aesthetics/plastics type stuff, there are jobs out there. (Most don’t require a BSN either.) BUT almost every single one of them requires certification, and many positions in several states require you to be an advanced practice nurse (which is a master’s degree).

    – If you left nursing to go into MK and have not been employed full or part-time in these last 3 years, you are going to start all over in your new nursing position, almost as a new graduate. There are refresher courses you will need to take, and your orientation, depending on your area of nursing, will be 10-12 weeks. You will be starting at the bottom and will need to work your way back up. Had you stayed part-time or even worked one shift a month during this time, you wouldn’t have to start over.

    – Also on the nurse-work vein – leave the MK crap at home. No one cares. No one wants to know you were a Cadillac driver with all of these baubles and trinkets on your fingers and wrists. They want to know if you can do your damn job and do it well.

    Please excuse me while I go refill my coffee cup.

    1. TRACY

      I get the strong impression that she has been working in nursing all along, just didn’t mention it on social media because it goes against the MK narrative. I remember her talking about nursing school from time to time, but after she bought her way into the Cadillac, I didn’t see it again. I suspect she got a nursing job because she knew she wasn’t making much money in MK. She was hoping that would change, but it hasn’t and she’s just sick of grinding every month, only to have her measly commission checks go to the copay.

      1. Peggy Hicks

        Tracy, I believe you’re right. I’ve been under the impression that Ali has either been in school &/or working in nursing all along. Hopefully, she’s dodged a huge bullet before she got deeper into MK. And I hope she succeeds in selling her inventory. Why she doesn’t take advantage of the 90% buy-back program is beyond me…unless she intends to remain in MK as a consultant. I pray that she will divest herself of MK entirely & not allow herself to get sucked back in.

        1. enorth

          “take advantage of the 90% buy-back program”

          Her name was always on NSD Tate’s Recognition page for large STAR orders.

          Ali, please send it back. It’s YOUR money and you need it.

      2. Heather

        Tracy, I did not know that she was still likely working as a nurse. It’s possible she worked one or two shifts a pay period (because we all know SDs work so few hours a week). I still stand on my statement about leaving the MK crap at home. No one at the hospital cares about your returned Cadillac or your trinkets and trips.

        1. TRACY

          Agreed about leaving it at home. I didn’t realize she was working until she wrote this announcement. I think the way she wrote it suggests she’s been working all along, at least part time. And it would make sense, since we know she was making very little from MK after paying her copay each month.

  2. RiaJaize

    This is good news. MK got her through her initial grief — when your fiance dies you do whatever you have to to keep going — but she’s finally able to see beyond it. Not minimizing the consequences that her actions had on others, just glad to see the first steps to a new life.

    1. morningstar

      Exactly. We see how people go toward situations in life, via grief and dire circumstances.
      We comment here on how MK happens to be right around the corner to help. It ran its course for her and so many others.

      Ethics are a separate topic.

    2. Sandra

      I agree with you on Mary Kay helping her get through her grief. I joined Mary Kay when I began thinking about leaving my first husband. I needed the support and pep rallies to distract me from the grief and anxiety of my marriage falling apart. I actually think MK preys upon women when they are vulnerable.

  3. BestDecision

    From one Cadillac driver to another, I salute her! Nursing is the most trusted profession and very fulfilling. Driving pink isn’t as easy and glamorous as they made it out to be!

  4. DonewithMK666

    Well I commend her decision to finally quit, I can’t help but notice how hypocritical the situation is. She stated that she would never wear her uniform again but she’s been wearing one all along, they talk about how bad it is to have a JOB But she has had one all along. I can’t help but wonder if this is her way of trying to get new fresh blood into her unit/area. I sincerely hope not I also sincerely hope that she sends back all of her inventory when she returns her Cadillac and leaves it all behind. I also sincerely hope that she realizes how horrible Mary Kay is.

    1. TRACY

      That’s going to take a while. She’s been lucky. She bought her way into the Cadillac too and wasn’t making production on that Cadillac for months. The pandemic was good to her, but I don’t see that lasting long term. Who knows. Maybe she’ll be one of the lucky few who continues to victimize women in large numbers.

          1. BestDecision

            Wow! Julia Mundy! A stack of self-help books on her vacation, too.

            It’s amazing to see so many people denying truth and facts. NSDs, Trip Directors, and Cadillac Directors are leaving. Take a clue!

  5. Wild Collards

    I was just on her Instagram page the other day, legit like three days ago, and saw that MK was scrubbed from her About information.

    When she first got hot and heavy with MK I remember thinking that I hope she didn’t quit nursing school for MK.

    Good for her. I am glad she hung it up.

  6. Char

    I’m glad she’s out, but leave it to me to wonder where the apology is?!!! Instead, she writes, “I loved earning cars, and diamonds, and going on trips, and walking on the stage in front of thousands.” That’s because you scammed and lied to other women to give their money to an MLM scam, and this alone is what allowed you to achieve those things.

    And, she’s “thankful for her journey”? Really? Thankful for what she did to other women so she could make an unethical buck and drive a pink car she didn’t own? Just as long as she “felt” better, right? But what about those single mothers she took money from?

    This is the reality folks, so let’s not let her sugarcoat it. She should be asking for forgiveness. It will be given, but you have to own it – and ask! We all make mistakes, and Mary Kay is a huge one. And no, not because you don’t make the profit you thought you could from conning friends and family. And not because scamming them turned out to be much harder than initially presented by upline. Since when do you “step down” from that? Puleeez.

      1. Char

        “Maybe she’s not there yet? The pink fog is still very thick around her.” — And I don’t disagree, as you too make an excellent point.

        Sometimes my comments are intended to provoke thought and awareness. Maybe the next “scam director” will have read my post and apologize immediately. Maybe she will go on to expose the shenanigans in her “goodbye post”, and maybe that will save others from continuing to participate.

        Most MLM participants are “willing-victims”. The 1% scam the 99% of willing-victims. That is why it is never a good thing to aspire to be a successful MLMer in the 1%. This message has gotten lost on most – by design from the successful scammers. MLM is indeed a very elaborate con game with the biggest winners, of course, being the founders of the MLMing companies.

    1. Anna Panda

      Is it petty that this news is making me grin ear-to-ear? She tried roping me in by using what we had in common (losing significant others in our teens) to try and get me to “join her team”. When I never did, she blocked me. It seriously stung because it’s not like there’s a lot of people who understand this type of grief.

      Her FB feed was ridiculous. “No one tells a 19 year-old what to do with all this money!!” and all her designer stuff she allegedly bought with MK money (but lives in a McMansion with her parents).

      I’m glad manipulating someone’s grief made her feel better about herself… because seeing her little white lies about her big pink scam crumble to the point of being on this blog makes me feel better. Yea, I’m petty like that.

      Maybe she can get herself a new ride if she sells all those diamond rings she allegedly earned.

      1. TRACY

        I don’t think it’s petty at all. When someone is dishonest and dirty in trying to reel you into their scam, there is a certain satisfaction in seeing them ultimately fail. Some people call it karma.

        P.S. Those diamond rings aren’t worth much. The MK diamonds are low quality and if she tried to sell them to a jeweler, she’d get the value of the gold and that’s about it.

  7. Shay

    While I do understand Ali Zornes she needs to sell her inventory to get a payment on her car… at the same time she was just bragging how much money she makes??

    In other news..
    Tracy, What happened to Ethan Vanderbilt? He disappeared.

    1. TRACY

      Shay – I was part of a group trying to figure out what happened to Ethan a few months ago. We never figured it out. All I came up with is that his name is most likely NOT Vanderbuilt.

    2. Anna Panda

      Her Facebook feed was ridiculous- she was always buying then selling nearly-new LV bags and Louboutin heels and acting like she had so much money she just couldn’t handle it. It would have made Carrie Bradshaw jealous. It just made me a bit suspicious. Then again, if I didn’t have to pay any bills and lived with my parents, I’m sure I could throw money at whatever.

      I wonder if her parents or boyfriend set her down and spelled out her financial doom to her?

      1. TRACY

        Ha! I always assumed they were knock-offs. I just don’t see someone living in mommy and daddy’s basement if they’re making tons of money. (Which we obviously know she wasn’t.)

  8. ElleBee

    Breanne Sufrin, one of Roya Mattis’ “stars” also stepped down from directorship in August. She posted her “After much thought and prayer” story on IG.

  9. Mountaineer95

    I went back and read one of the other Ali links in your post, Tracy. What a complete 180 for Ali! There are too many gems to pick through, but I like this one:

    “I’m so blessed that I will never have another car payment for as long as i live thanks to Mary Kay’s career cars! “

    …that is an Ali quote from when she was “only” like $54k away from the Caddy (I think she needed that by the end of whatever month). So it was before she actually “won” the Caddy. Whelp, Ali, I guess you will NOT “never have another car payment for for as long as (you) live”!

    1. Mountaineer95

      The amount is based on her estimated payroll for her sole proprietorship, and she claims in 2019 she had payroll of $99k for four employees. Really? Can this info be faked to scam the government out of some small-business Covid relief? I wonder if a forensic accountant can do any digging around here…?

      “Based on the standard PPP eligibility formula, it may be possible to estimate the payroll expenses represented by a company on their PPP application (see details above). In order to qualify for the PPP loan amount received, Breanne Sufrin DBA Breanne Sufrin’s 2019 payroll expenses are estimated to be at least $99,994.

      Based on their reported 4 jobs retained, this equals an estimated average yearly compensation of $24,999 per employee”

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