View From Behind the Sales Director’s Desk

A note from a Mary Kay Sales Director’s office assistant…

I just wanted to let you know that I believe that PinkTruth is a good and noble effort to help people. You will probably not reach those die-hards but you can’t be discouraged by that.

I am an office assistant for a Sr. Director. I consider her and her entire family as friends. They are nice people. I started as an independent contractor in 2015 so I’ve SEEN IT ALL. I work about 35-40 hrs making $11 per hour.

My boss is a reasonable and lovely woman. REASONABLE in all areas of her life except, you guessed it, MK. Even her husband is in the Pink Fog. Her whole family is.

Her daughter and niece are recruits. No one is making any money including my boss. She is currently in Car Production (again!). She needs $42,000 I think, to get her car. She has driven a Caddy before but that kind of production is pie in the sky right now. She is currently behind in production and is trying to make up for the production by buying inventory. We have adjusted her inventory shelves to accommodate this extra stuff. It’s making her depressed. She acts upbeat for the sake of her downline and adoptees and others, but is drowning.

She does not know that I read Pink Truth. She would DIE if she knew I read your site. I learn more about the company and what goes on from your site than from her. I know all the little nitty gritty details that I shouldn’t know. She only tells me the good stuff.

Needless to say, I feel sorry for her. But I truly believe that she is too blinded by the Fog and too deeply entrenched to get out or to even want to get out. This is her 20+ year “in business.” Sales have been slow. She has lots of customers that order but they order just their regular skin care and color and never order the limited editions or fragrances or body care. Lots of these items are getting old sitting on the shelves. Very sad. If it weren’t for trading with other consultants who need product, stuff would go bad.

She has one offspring director who is struggling and barely makes production every month. This offspring has just received her THIRD “exception” to remain a director even tho’ she does not make the numbers.

My boss’s dream to be an NSD, I’m afraid, will never be. But she trudges along, hoping for the best. That something will turn this whole thing around. That the next few recruits will push them up.

Well, keep up the good work. Although and I am deeply involved in MK because of my job, I consider it just a job and are not blinded by the whole thing. Luckily, I still see clearly :o).

Sometimes I feel like a two-face. I smile and take care of things at the office like I believe in the whole thing. But, in my heart, I think its all a crazy racket.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I could relate. Fake it till you make it. Don’t share the negative and block it out. Don’t consider other points of view that may take you off track. Keep your goals in the front of your mind.

  2. It pays her to act like everything is peachy. That’s how we got commission checks. If we were real about things, no one would’ve recruited in or bought inventory.

    Perfect example: When I resigned, my unit was in no trouble at all. We easily made minimum production by the first week of the month every month, and we were a Cadillac unit. Once I told everyone I was leaving, production dropped. I left mid-month, and we didn’t hit production for the first time in the history of our unit. My unit was shocked, and it obviously planted a seed in their minds that MK isn’t all it seems.

    Since I’ve left, a few of my unit members are still in and order, but it’s nothing like it used to be. If MK were so successful of a business, wouldn’t they be selling enough to order like in the past? My Senior would have inherited an entire Cadillac unit and its production, yet she can’t even make it herself with them under her.

    So fake!

    • This point you are making could not be any clearer. My Unit was in no jeopardy as well, UNTIL I stopped frontloading, and preached sound ordering practices.

      Million dollar question. IF….IF…A Unit of ten, twenty years exemplifies Mary Kay Success, IF…we have 80% Brand loyalty…IF you are retaining customers and Unit members because of their love of the product and their improved lives, why would there be any turnover at all?
      In other words, if Mary Kay’s claims were true, why would the bottom drop out on your “successful sales force”, that would require ENDLESS RECRUITING to maintain?

  3. It’s interesting to compare letters like this one, from those who see MK for what it is, to those from PT critics.

    In this letter we see compassion and concern, with thoughts clearly and locgically expressed.

    Critics, on the other hand… well, we see them every Friday; need I go on? The only compassion shown by PT critics is the phony “I will pray for you because ‘your’ all such bitter gullible old ‘looser’ morons!!!” kind.

  4. 35-40 hours at $11/hour = $20,020 – $22,880 per year. And you didn’t have to invest one red cent in any product! Congratulations! You make more than 99% of people in Mary Kay!

    Although, Wal-Mart is hiring at $15/hour and they have benefits I doubt your MK employer is giving you. Maybe your friendship with the family means more to you than better pay. Either way, thanks for sharing your perspective.

  5. Hmmm….well, the truth of it is, the assistant is making more money than the Boss. And the Boss HAS to keep her because if she were to let her go, the jig is up. So she’s behind in car production, buying inventory she does not need, to maintain appearances, and lying to new recruits about her great Mary Kay Business…while ALSO paying for an assistant she can’t afford. Honey, are you seeing the writing on the wall?

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