When You Can’t Get the Pink Cadillac

What does a sales director do when she qualifies for the pink Cadillac, but her driving record prevents her from being able to get one from Mary Kay? You can always take the cash compensation and go get your own car. But that isn’t the preferred way. After all, you NEED that pink Cadillac to show potential recruits. The whole reason Mary Kay Ash started the pink Cadillac thing was as a recruiting tool.

Take for example, our friend Chelsea Adkins. After she and her unit put her Cadillac production on their credit cards and she finally “finished,” she couldn’t get a car from MK because of a bad driving record. What to do? What to do?

She bought the pink Cadillac her senior director was turning in and none of her recruits know the difference. Chelsea uses her cash compensation to make her car payment.

But Mary Kay no longer allows this option, and Chelsea and other directors know what a big deal this is. The whole point of the pink Cadillac is to use it as a recruiting tool!


  1. No more past pink Cadillacs being flaunted on the roads! My Director went around it and leased a Cadillac when she lost hers. It wasn’t pink and smelled of sickening mental health. All her self-esteem was tied up into being a Cadillac Director, and I guess she thought no one would figure it out that she wasn’t legit anymore.

    This is way more common than Consultants realize. These Directors put all their worth and pride in their cars as a reflection of how successful they are.

    Consultants, do the simple math: If your Director isn’t in a pink Cadillac, she’s taking home way less than $48,000/year. There are people working at Target and Hobby Lobby making nearly that.

    • But they refuse to do the simple math! That is so aggravating…how many times do we have to bring it up and they still stubbornly refuse to believe it, even when it’s laid out in front of them. SMH.

  2. Is she saying she bought the caddy and told her unit they had earned it, then leveraged it to “motivate” them? This sham gets worse by the day.

      • Technically she didn’t earn it. Technically she and specific unit members made purchases on the last day to push her over the required production to qualify for it.

  3. I suppose they could buy a used Cadillac and have it painted pink. Since they’ll take the cash option, who would know? It’s probably much cheaper to do it that way than those lease payments and co-pays.

  4. So MK leasing company must be able to make more on pink caddys’ going to auction repainted, for cash. Rather than someone finance a car from a lease return? Somehow MK makes money on this change. It is called streamlining…….

  5. How badly do these women drive? Irresponsibility and recklessness seems unlikely to be confined to just one area of a person’s life…

    • Tracy posted this a few years ago on one of Chelsea’s posts. The point system is mk’s own system. You’ll rack up points even if someone hit you, even with the accident ruled completely not your fault, mk says it is.

      Tiny speeding ticket from a one stoplight town? You’re a speed demon in their eyes.

    • As a career territory sales rep/manager, I drove about 35k miles per year for 12 years. I pretty much lived out of my car, and ate many a meal while driving, but I embraced Bluetooth as soon as I could get it and was a super-cautious defensive driver. One thing about my positions is that I had to at least clear a basic driving background check prior to employment, even though I used my own cars (albeit with my employers paying mileage). In MK, they will “sign up” anyone who can breathe, without conducting ANY background check let alone a driving-specific one. Of course, once they’ve bought their way into a career car, THEN MK cares about their driving record.

      It’s ALL about what benefits MK Inc…such as, for any IBC to sign up, all they need is the $30/$99 bucks. Doesn’t matter their background, or even if they’ve got an ankle monitor on and a probation officer with whom they must check in daily; MK will take their money. Only when they will possibly drive a Career Car that’s tied to MK does MK Inc even care about that driving record.

  6. As a responsible adult shouldn’t she have known ahead of time that with the points on her license she wouldn’t qualify to sign the lease…and maybe delayed going for the Cadillac until the points fell off? Y’know, feel the consequences of her actions instead of forcing a way around it? Or been honest with her unit? One would think…

    • “instead of forcing a way around it”

      Think of the irresponsible actions she must have taken to acquire those points on her license. This is apparently how she operates in life.

      • Right?!? “Here I am taking a $300 shot of tequila but hey hey will you help pay for my bachelorette party and oh BTW we’re evicted so moving in to my mom’s basement…and yep we’re already married, but we gotta have a $30,000 wedding you know, that’s how Princezz Chelzz rolls lol!”

        What a beacon of responsibility, that girl.

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