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A Mary Kay Sucker

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I think of the people MLM recruiters set their sights on, I think of them as “suckers.” Defined as…. a gullible or easily deceived person. Let’s be honest: they’re not looking for critical thinkers who ask a lot of questions.

When I was in Mary Kay, they always said the most successful people were “too dumb to doubt.” In other words, they didn’t ask questions, believed everything they were told, and just recruited and frontloaded blindly.

So it struck me as funny when still-not-an-nsd Heather Daniel Kent referred to one of her offspring as a “sucker baby” on social media. I’m sure there must be some accepted definition for the phrase, but I thought…. sucker is exactly right!!!!

For good measure, I’m throwing in some pictures from a recent event of very serious businesswomen. I don’t even know what it is about. But it’s certainly not about teaching anyone how to be successful at a pyramid scheme.

Also, Heather is hungry. She is desperate to become a national sales director. She’s been “finishing our national area this year” since at least 2017. (Wait until I do my post about how many women she has burned through trying to get her 20 directors for her national area!)


    1. Kristen

      Parsons, I couldn’t see the Facebook one. I think the security settings got changed. Anyway, are the ladies in the photos above going to the circus? I’m so glad I can now say, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys”.

      Ladies and gentlemen! Come and witness the amazing, spectacular, horrifying master of illusions: Mary Kay! Watch as your life savings, relationships and self respect disappear right before your very eyes!

  1. Brainwashednomore

    “I am hungry for…”
    Chocolate, a juicy orange, etc. Feels like a strange phrase.

    ““finishing our national area this year” since at least 2017.” We’re told to call positions future director, future nsd etc. Why is that? You want to tell others that you are almost at your goal. Like “future car driver” tells others the goals you’re working on. Gets others to want to help you. More manipulation.

  2. BestDecision

    Wait…she’s talking NSD with only 3 offspring? They have no idea how silly they look. No one outside of a MK knows what that means, and certainly no one thinks all those costumes are tempting to sign an Areement and join that circus.

    I’m embarrassed to say I used to introduce myself as a “Senior Consultant” at my classes and facials. I was a big shot making $8 on my team member’s $200 order.

    1. Enorth

      “she’s talking NSD with only 3 offspring?“

      That’s from 2017. As I understand it, she “only” needs six DIQs to finish. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      As for the circus, I believe this was her Retreat. (How much did these poor ladies pay for the event, travel, lodging, and costumes?)

      1. TRACY

        Yeah, that graphic is from 2017, the earliest documented “we’re finishing our national area.” I have a bunch of these for her in the last 4 years.

        6 more DIQs to finish, plus a couple more premier car drivers, plus 24 minimum active in every unit.

  3. PurpleH

    Re: the “too dumb to doubt” phrasing. Our NSD used to tell us to “take our ego out of the equation.” It didn’t matter if you had degrees or success in other fields, if you asked any questions, you were presumed to think that you were smarter than “the business plan” and acting like you were too good to sell. I know it was a ploy to make everyone toe the line and blame their own “ego” for any problems. She also preached to only take problems “up” to your SD / NSD and not to others at your own level. That was not because the SD could help, but it was to ensure that nobody shared their doubts with other bottom-dwellers. Imagine any event where IBCs actually talk about what they were experiencing, and all finding out that everyone is faking it.

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