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Friendship in Mary Kay

If you’ve been in Mary Kay, you know that friendship is just an illusion. They talk about “my Mary Kay girlfriends” and “doing life” with their forever friends that they met through MK. I experienced this myself. My sales director said I was one of her best friends…. until I stopped ordering and going to unit meetings. When I told her I was pressing pause on MK to focus on my forensic accounting work, she first mocked and ridiculed me, then she just stopped talking to me all together. I think she was afraid I’d show up at a unit meeting and start speaking truth.

A few months ago, I posted a video in which former top director Kelly Brock talked about how she lost her MK friends when she quit the company. I feel for her. It must be especially hard when you’re worshiped by so many. When your upline talks you up to everyone because their commission check depends on you moving up.

But then someone left this comment on the video. Seems Kelly did the same defriending she was complaining about in the video. I have a love-hate relationship with Kelly Brock. On the one had, I’m proud of her for getting out of MK and I feel  bad that she experienced the shunning. On the other hand, she’s selling to MLM participants and she’s selling overpriced programs that help you get in touch with your inner hopes and dreams. And when she was in MK, she was everything I hate about the company.


    1. AnonyMouse

      Well, because Mary Kay is “blessed by God” and you’ve “taken God as your business partner” your business is then technically your calling from God and callings from God are TOTALLY okay to put first. 😁

  1. Brainwashednomore

    I had this “friendship” with my director until I left and returned my inventory. Since then my “friend” hasn’t called or reached out at all. That’s “real” friendship, right?

    1. NayMKWay

      Oh, yes, SO authentic.

      Just because she quit digging for gold and started selling shovels doesn’t mean she isn’t still slopping at the same MLM trough. What’s that 24-karat MLM motto, again? Ah, yes, “Fake it…”

      Imma stop there.

  2. Mountaineer95

    You are so much nicer to Kelly Brock than I would be. I get sociopathic vibes from her and I don’t think she truly feels any guilt about her downline making purchases. Maybe I’ve come to that thought based on her proclamations of what her coaching clients will gain. She failed at an MLM, but she will charge you to tell you how to succeed in an MLM? And she won’t buy back the inventory orders that her downline placed? I call BS.

  3. Cat Ballou

    So about that “doing life together” thing…my former director reached out to me a couple of months ago. I told her that my husband had just been diagnosed with cancer, and I need to focus on him and our kids and getting through his treatment. Since then, I’ve heard nothing from her. His prognosis is excellent, and I’m honestly grateful that she’s shown me who she really is.

  4. Shay

    I think it is fair to say some very long time posters on this website also shunned people when they quit. It is the CULTure.
    Michelle Cunningham is way worse then Kelly Brock with her overpriced “courses” omg she makes me mad.

  5. Gina Romano

    I went to Seminar 2007. I met at least 6 or 7 Christian women who professed that they wanted to be my friend. We exchanged cards. When I went home I telephoned my new friends. Guess what? I never heard from any of them, so I shrugged my shoulders, threw away their cards and went on with my life. Friendships do not last long in MK.

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