NSD…. the elusive dream. Almost no on gets there, despite so many who are actively working, trying, and doing all the things they were taught would lead to success. You only get to NSD with the right combination of luck, timing, and ability to con women into spending thousands of dollars for your benefit.  Just ask Jamie Taylor.

In January, Chelsea proclaimed she would be an NSD by January 2022. One year. Because her pastor who preaches the prosperity gospel told her all she had to do was name it, claim it, and God would do it for her.

And now Chelsea is super excited because Tehrie Brinkley made it to NSD. It gives her hope.

But sadly, Chelsea is not going to make it to NSD. She just doesn’t have people, the momentum, or the consistent numbers. How do I know? We’re talking about a woman who bought her way into Cadillac. Who bought her way into a unit club. Who did the $650,000 unit club in the year she was determined to do $1 million.

And yet, with all the “success” of buying her way into unit clubs, Chelsea couldn’t maintain things for this seminar year. From July through November, she couldn’t even make Cadillac production of $17,000 wholesale per month.  (Yes, MK Inc….. I do have the recognition numbers because people send me these things.)

And those co-pays when you don’t make production get expensive. Chelsea is making less than $5,000 per month in commissions, she is making co-pays each month, and she’s selling all her products at or near cost, so there are no profits to be had.

Chelsea has only 2 offspring directors. She is no closer to the 20 directors she needs under her for NSD than she was last year.

It’s all so sad. Chelsea and her husband have been living in her mommy’s house for the last year after being evicted from the house she pretended to own. She’s allegedly moving out soon. I guess the big money she’s making (LOL) finally allows her to get a place of her own.

Chelsea is going to grind and grind, and in the end she’ll be one of the never-NSDs. The sales directors who are constantly talking about how THIS IS THE YEAR. Who name it and claim it. Who put the goal out there so they can be accountable. And every year they wash, rinse, and repeat with pretending that THIS is the year.



      • Lol, it sure is under your watch (and the rest of PT)! We will ALWAYS make sure that the masses see what their MK idols post, even when said MKIs attempt to remove their posts.

        • laughs because last year one of my children found a photo dated early 1998 of one of mine and DH’s rather obvious highly specific niche pet. It was a scanned photo of a set I still possess.

  1. Also I cringe at that video of Jamie Taylor, where she admits that two of her directors CARRIED her team to production that last month of qualification. That people on her team ordered to help her finish her goal – sacrificing their own PROFIT for her, their prophet!

    • Isn’t one of those directors that carried Jamie already out of directorship? I thought I saw that somewhere on here.

  2. “Chelsea is super excited because Tehrie Brinkley made it to NSD”

    From what I see on the net, Tehrie Brinkley-Ned is also a Nurse Practitioner. She’s obviously a smart woman with a large, professional network, and with an income that — more than likely — helped fund her NSD title.

    • I just checked the Texas Board of Nursing website — Tehrie Brinkley-Ned isn’t licensed in the state of Texas as an acute care NP or an RN. It’s highly probable that she let her license lapse at some point in directorship-NSD.

      • Well, that’s interesting. She needs to update her LinkedIn profile.

        I have two NPs as personal friends, and I can’t imagine either woman giving up her profession for Mary Kay.

      • Did some more digging around – Tehrie still maintains an advanced practice nurse and RN licensure in Texas. She is licensed under Tehrie Riane Ned as an acute care nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority (meaning she can prescribe meds). Both her RN and APRN licenses expire on 10/31/2023. (All of this is public record.)

    • NPs can easily make $120,000/year at pharmacy clinics. Even more elsewhere. She’d have to do at least $800K Prestige Trip to hit that and STILL have expenses to subtract out, which the NP doesn’t.

      It’s a complete farce that makes people believe everybody in a suit makes good money in MK. Do the simple math, and one discovers they’re not.

      • But hey as a #bossbabe she gets to make her own schedule, work as few hours as she wants, and she doesn’t have a “pyramid”-shaped corporate structure above her wherein one CEO makes all the money. Ooh and she is empowering women by sharing the opportunity! Plus, when she retires (if MK still exists and I doubt that) she will get those awesome NSD benefits.

  3. It makes me sad and angry that Mary Kay – and MLM companies in general – encourage this whole “name it claim it” culture cycle. Year after year, over and over again, telling people to make these huge goals and proclaim them publicly. Get everyone all excited, get the team motivated to recruit and place orders, not make the unrealistic goal, and start all over again.

    Ya’ll. This isn’t God’s will for your life. This is Mary Kay Inc’s will for your life.

    • One way we can help combat the “name it, claim it” culture is to find older posts where “future” whatevers claim that they’ll hit that whatever in the future, and show how they did NOT “claim” it.

      Every last one of these claims is important here, because unless they’re “claiming” a future title that can be gained with ZERO recruiting (and that’s super unusual), their future title requires recruiting. And often then, inventory orders. Bottom line is, for someone who “names it” to “claim it”, that requires recruiting. and not just signing women up, but GETTING THEM to place significant initial orders.

      • Oooh that would be a FANTASTIC article! All the screenshots of now-deleted failed “name it and claim it” posts …

  4. For someone to want to attain the premier position in a business while using “tippy top position” in ANY manner – I am so embarrassed that anyone in a position to WRITE TO LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE is even IN that influential of a position.

    And I haven’t gotten any farther in reading the article yet!!!

    • Jeff Bezos the “tippy top” of Amazon, Felon Musk, the “tippy top” of Tesla and Sir Richard Branson, the “tippy top” of Virgin just doesn’t have that professional ring to it.

      • Thank you for very clearly illustrating the professionalism of Chelsea, which certainly seems to fall within normal range of MK Directors, really renders important positions ABSURD with “tippy top”! OMG, can you imagine these men stating “Being that I am THE TIPPY TOP REPRESENTATIVE OF MY BUSINESS” lololololol

  5. “Yes, MK Inc….. I do have the recognition numbers because people send me these things.”

    I bet this just aggravates MK Corp to no end! PT has moles all over the place (super props to parsonsgreen especially…his/her contributions to the board are without equal, plus I love the Joyce DeWitt avatar).

    And not only does MKC probably just HATE it when such info ends up here, they CANNOT STOP ITS PUBLICATION because it’s all true.

    For example, it is not an “opinion” that Princess_Chels didn’t make Cadillac production, as stated above; it’s an actual FACT.

    That is just one of thousands of FACTS that Tracy et al have shared in many years of PT. Thousands of simple FACTS shared here, and not a single slander or libel accusation from MK Corp! The only such accusations are those proffered by the ‘lowest-rung-on-the-dual-marketing-ladder’ new IBCs who show up here every Friday.

    May I be so bold as to challenge Chelsea (and/or any of her downline, supporters, followers) to provide proof that she somehow DID make Caddy production in the time frame claimed above, and that somehow we just have the wrong figures or info?

    • I forgot to add that, if questioned about why exactly Chelsea didn’t promote herself to NSD by January 2022 like she proclaimed she would, I bet she’ll offer a string of excuses (including but not limited to):

      I had a bachelorette party!
      I got married!
      I bought/am building a MANSION!
      God decided it wasn’t time!

      I’m sure there are many more; the takeaway is that she’ll spin it in a way to convince her downline that, while they spent tons of money in orders to support HER (not “their”, no matter how she tries to present it) 2022 NSD dream, the Dream is still in the cards and they just have to keep on spending.

      She’ll set a new date to achieve her (yes, HER, not YOUR, downline,) Dream of NSD, and she’ll tie God into it. She will continue to involve God and Jesus and Divine Intervention when, and only when, it works for her, and only in the ways that it fits her narrative.

      To Chelsea’s downline: do you want to keep planning your orders, your “sales”, your inventory, your attention, your dedication, your time away from family, your family’s INCOME around what CHELSEA wants and WHEN Chelsea wants it?

      She is not the roaring success she presents to you. She is NOT making “executive income”. She is NOT “living her life in a way that is pleasing to God.” She lies about how much she sells, she lies about how much her unit sells, she lies about making Caddy-level production, she steals coffee from Starbucks for crying out loud.

      She proclaims that she wants to empower women to be their best selves and be successful. So help her achieve those goals: take control of what you spend, where you spend it, and on what. And if what you decide to spend your time and money on is NOT necessarily helpful to HER goals, she shouldn’t be upset; if she really wants you to succeed for yourself, she won’t be unhappy when your path to success takes a different path than buying makeup when you don’t need it or don’t want it.

      • And Jamie had to beg their friends to Venmo money to them for Chelsea’s “bachelorette” drinks fund.

        • I don’t understand how both of their downlines are comfortable with that blatant begging without legit explanations.

          Even if Chelsea didn’t have the funds to cover every aspect of her bachelorette, there is NO legit reason why Jamie “moneybags” Taylor couldn’t pick up EVERY SINGLE TAB during that weekend…if not out of the goodness of her heart, then at least to keep Chelsea from having to beg for money via social media.

          The fact that Jamie didn’t skip a beat before creating a post that BEGS for money tells us what we need to know: that she is NOT a six-figure-earning “executive”. If she were REALLY earning six figures, she’d have had NO problem covering basically every tab during their bachelorette weekend. In the very least, she would have/could have picked up the tab for that particular outing…if not out of the goodness of her heart, then at least because she would have been embarrassed to see Chelsea beg for funds on social media. Instead, Jamie herself begs for help on social media.

          I might be wrong, but I believe that Jamie is BARELY bringing home six figures, if anywhere even close to that. If she is, she is either a shrewd miser who’s unwilling to support the women who put her there to begin with, OR she is so far in debt that her six figure income isn’t coming close to supporting her needs and lifestyle.

          Really, either is equally possible. All I know is that if I were bringing home over 100,000k per year, I’d be making it rain (not “reign”, Chelsea) money over EVERY SINGLE PERSON below me in the pyramid…ie those who got me to the money-rain position to begin with). Surely I’d be doing that instead of posting excuses as to why I didn’t get to that point.

          • “I don’t understand how both of their downlines are comfortable with that blatant begging without legit explanations.”

            It just goes to show how brainwashed individuals will follow a leader blindly out of pure unadulterated worship of their leader.

        • I don’t believe she HAD to beg. I believe she thinks she is so above everyone else they NEED to pay her way, it is their duty to her. And Chelsea will always remain in that category of one who OWES IT TO JAMIE to be serving Jamie’s wishes and wants, always. The disdain she holds for Chelsea doesn’t even reach “thinly veiled” but Chelsea can’t afford to see it and that willful repression is going to eat her alive.

    • Yeah I heard “Mary Kay is looking into taking legal action against That Website” a few times when I was still in. But guess what! IT AIN’T SLANDER IF IT’S TRUE. 😂

  6. And for the Downline, Please Please Please SEE how Chelsea finds EXPLOITING GOD AND JESUS to be …………business tools. ??? Business tools. She is not asking for you to spread your prayers for the damaged and in need. She isn’t asking you to help fund the reconstruction of areas flattened by natural disasters.


    Please see the light, this is so sickening and you don’t deserve this exploitation. Only YOU can stop it, by no longer playing the mk merry go round game, and to let Chelsea KNOW why you are no longer participating.

    • Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz


      Verse Three is appropriate for Chelsea’s post wedding bachelorette

      Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a night on the town
      I’m counting on you, Lord, please don’t let me down
      Prove that you love me and buy the next round
      Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a night on the town

      • Nicely put, and if Chelsea is making that crazy executive Pink Caddy income, she can easily afford EVERYTHING she wants, PLUS be able to support others of lesser economic status.

        She SHOULD need for nothing as a Pink Caddy executive (since that’s the pinnacle of Director status) and she should have so much money left over (after blessing her house and family with whatever they want) that NOBODY in her downline should want for anything.

        I mean, she DOES support ALL of the ladies in her unit, right? Like how she professes to do?

        Like, she ensures that EVERY lady in her unit has food on their tables, all of their bills paid, and gas in their cars…right? I mean if not, it surely must just be an oversight on her part.

        Because as a leader of women (who is proud to lead women to wealth and who proclaims to lead THESE PARTICULAR WOMEN in her downline), she MUST know the financial status of EVERY woman in her downline and MUST be actively doing whatever she can to ensure those women have their rent paid, their utilities paid, clothes on their backs, and children who aren’t hungry or cold.


    • IMO, Chelsea couldn’t give a flying flip about the sales success (or lack of) of her downline. She has publicly showed how her minions are only Important when they buy wholesale.

      Your description hits the nail on the head IMO.

  7. So when I’m on the PT home page, the photo that pops up for this story is one of the quite candid photos from Chelsea’s publicly shared social media. Her bachelorette party, with her in swimwear on a hotel balcony, looking like she’s about to vomit and with a drink with a penis-shaped straw at her lips. (No worries about her deleting that from SM; Tracy has a copy saved I’m sure).

    Most of us, if we’ve had any social media presence for a long time, have posted some cringy photos that we just wish would be erased from the minds of anyone who saw them. It’s common. But for most of us, the iffy photo was likely shared on a social media platform that is social for us and not for business but for a few coworkers that we are “friends” with.

    Chelsea’s photo is different; she uses her social media platforms almost exclusively as business sites; the bi-weekly (FYI bi-weekly means twice a week, not every other week, though I know she doesn’t *quite* post new sales that often) HUGE SALES she runs; the “motivational” posts; the “shout-outs” to: her downline/Jamie/MKC/God; pretty much everything she posts has at least a dash of MK in it, but more often, a heaping pile of MK in it.

    So her sharing the candid “bachelorette” party pics is just a huge professional guffaw. AND her “boss” was with her, who seemingly condoned all of this! “sure, let’s post pics of Chelsea with a penis straw at her mouth AS WE SIMULTANEOUSLY ask our PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS COLLEAGUES to send money to fund more penis straws in more fruity alcohol drinks!”

    There is nothing professional about any of this behavior; instead, it is so unprofessional and in such poor taste that I admit I hope it follows Chelsea (and Jamie) for the rest of their “professional” lives.

    I have had some seriously embarrassing things end up on my social media; but only on Facebook, never on the “professional” sites like LinkedIn. Since Jamie and Chelsea voraciously use Facebook (and insta and Twitter) to further their boss-babe businesses, every single post they put on those *should* be considered as “professional correspondence”.

    What Chelsea chooses to share with her colleagues is just gross. Unprofessional, uncouth, unattractive, and gross.


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