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Chelsea Adkins Will Exploit You to Become a Million Dollar Director

Chelsea Claytor Adkins wants to be a “million dollar director,” and she will exploit you to get there. A Mary Kay sales director gets to “million” through lots of recruiting and getting women to order inventory packages (we call that “frontloading”) and by making their own purchases of products they don’t really need.

Chelsea likes to name it and claim it! She’s even going to be an NSD by January! (Just kidding.) I guess the idea is to keep talking about being a million dollar director over and over, and then it eventually happens.

The saddest part of this is that a unit doesn’t get to the nonsense million dollar mark (nonsense because it’s not a million in sales, it’s about $400k or $450k in wholesale orders that sit in basements and garages) without exploiting women. Unit clubs are done with initial inventory orders, NOT with sales of products. The orders placed by existing consultants to replace products they’ve sold? Those orders are very small each month.

So to get to “million,” a sales director has to recruit and frontload A LOT. Chelsea is up for it. A few years ago she was trying to finish a Cadillac and found a bunch of names and numbers that had been sitting around for years. (Note: She didn’t finish Cadillac that year. She did finish it is 2019, but it was done using her own credit card.)

And now Chelsea is doing the tired old “portfolio” booking trick. Do a pretend portfolio of working woman face models and get someone to represent each profession. Tactics like this are so dirty. Women feel like they really are part of something special, but they’re nothing more than recruiting targets. (She also uses the classic MK tactic of “asking for help.” Women always want to help each other, so tactics like this work.)


  1. enorth

    “$400k or $450k in wholesale orders that sit in basements and garages”

    So, how DOES all that inventory eventually get moved? Even deep discounts can’t always move it. As of today, nearly 70K Mary Kay products are listed on eBay. Maybe lots more on their way to foreign countries where MK doesn’t operate?

    Gotta think outside the box.

    1. TRACY

      It doesn’t get moved. Women quit MK. They are talked out of returning the inventory to the company. They end up selling a bit of it at very deep discounts, and they throw the rest out.

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