How to Get to NSD in Mary Kay

A woman in a “sales director only” group on Facebook wants to know Jamie Taylor’s secret to getting to NSD. The responses do not disappoint. They give great insight into how it’s done. If you don’t want to have to read the entire article, it’s this: churn recruits really fast with big orders and have a lot of luck because the stars need to align *just so.* Jamie says trial and error, which means she kept getting her downline to recruit and pull big initial inventory orders, but she had to get the configuration just right to qualify for NSD.

Here is where Jamie talks about 2019-2020 being a bad year because she “wasn’t doing trip numbers.” (i.e. $650k retail) Unit size of 120 is not enough to do $650k or get a national area. So Jamie’s unit needed to sign up 100 new consultants in 6 months.

Virtual parties and recruiting calls? This works for some.

It was all trial and error. In other words, how do you get enough bodies, with enough initial inventory orders, in the right configuration? Remember that “promotions” in MK are not done with consultants who sell. It’s done with consultants who do large initial inventory orders. So it is all about recruiting and frontloading. Period.

5 offspring this seminar year propelled Jamie to national. She says “we did trip too, and our unit wasn’t big.” Well of course. WHen you have 5 offspring, they each have large production to finish DIQ. That DIQ production goes toward Jamie’s annual total, which is what pumped up her numbers and commissions. So the unit size isn’t large because sales directors keep spinning off, but she keeps getting big production every time someone does DIQ.

Here it is: IT’S ALL ABOUT MORE PEOPLE. Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting… and the big orders that go along with it. What more do you need to know about this pyramid scheme? IT REQUIRES LOTS OF NEW AGREEMENTS. You get about 1 new director for every 50 new recruits.



  1. Haha, I love that the first reply is “work!” It’s the all-purpose answer for when you haven’t got a clue in Mary Kay.

    • Think of those 9,000 sales directors. And nearly all of them are working hard and will never get to NSD. And yet the answer is WORK.

  2. I like that Marisol chick. She’s not here for the vague answers and condescending tones. When the first answer was “she worked!” Marisol cam back with “um EXCUSE ME but a consistent half million dollar unit sounds like work to me”. I wonder how much trouble she got in for her sass. Marisol, I love your sass. I hope you decide one day to bring your sass and your fire to the Truth side. Mary Kay doesn’t deserve you.

    • Not dumb. Director in Qualification. Someone who is recruiting a bunch of people and getting them to place large inventory orders so they can move up to sales director.

  3. Kayla Kaurich was so quick to answer with NO ANSWER, of course. And when rebuked, Chelsea Claytor Adkins was to come running to the rescue lmao and just reinforced there ISN’T AN ANSWER that can legally and ethically be stated for HOW TO GET TO NATIONAL.

    It truly does make me ask myself how would I handle the rat race to build up a unit like this, would I be able to sleep at night, truly? For me, hell no, absolutely not. There’s no way even squashing my conscience with money, material items, alcohol, drugs and who knows what other addictions could shut up that inner voice telling me how wrong I am to be exploiting others for my own personal gain. Could explain why all these “leaders” give off very bitchy personas in my impression. Can’t live with themselves but they forge ahead anyway, yay.

    • Lynnea is the one that boggles my mind – she is married to a minister and always posting about her charity work – when it looks like her family finance’s is her favority charity.

    • Juliet, did you see Jamie’s recent insta story ?
      She is trying to correct “adrenal fatigue” and talking about starting with a therapist this week. That is what that rat race does to a person . Always on, never off!
      Constant adrenaline at month end and the day after it’s back on the hamster wheel.
      Not only that it’s the never ending “ you are not good enough feeling” even if you are successful the next carrot is dangled.
      I’m sure the nationals have told her that within 2 years her area will have replaced themselves and originals gone . You never ARRIVE in MK and certainly “can’t rest on your laurels” EVER!!
      Looking forward to my 2 days off from my JOB and NOT thinking about work.

      • Admitting she’s sick because of MK. Wow! I love my days off and the complete ability to not think about work then. Never in MK!

        The Mayo Clinic says “Adrenal fatigue isn’t an accepted medical diagnosis. It is a lay term applied to a collection of nonspecific symptoms, such as body aches, fatigue, nervousness, sleep disturbances and digestive problems.”

        It’s funny. I had a lot of that when I was a Director!

        Now she’s got NSDs to compete with, and I hope she steers clear of the strict, demanding, and ridiculous mentorship of Pam Shaw. All the potions and rigid processes. Yikes!

      • Mayo Clinic: “…adrenal insufficiency caused by chronic stress…adrenal glands are unable to keep pace with the demands of perpetual fight-or-flight arousal.” Do they mean the last day of the month over & over? Could it be??

      • Very interesting information, Ruby! The exhaustion that must come from ratcheting up the adrenal gland and then crashing after the end of the month is done, month after month. And with Jamie, the didn’t make NSD crashes omg. It sounds like drugs, the more you use them to get the initial out of this world escape, the harder it gets to reach that level, and so when they wear off, you crash ever further down. A body can’t deal with that! I honestly got a sick feeling when I just had an image of Jamie, still so young, forever seeking a non-existent achievement. It is so sad.

  4. Numbers, numbers, numbers, with zero consideration that behind those numbers are actual people spending money on a false dream. How many of those “100 in six months” (or 333 in a year) will buy inventory, try to sell at least some of it, and mourn over their mounting debt and neglected family?

    The Mary Kay flyer says:

    “Book, Sell, RECRUIT, Repeat”

    [Yep, “RECRUIT” is in all caps in the original.]

    But for the majority of those who sign up, it’s more like

    “Buy, Try, Cry. Good-bye!”

    These are PEOPLE, not numbers. It’s not just about YOU, Nancy. You want to “think a new paradigm”? You want to “think differently”? How about sending a thought or two toward all those in your unit who are losing money and piling up debt? Maybe think about how you pressured some of them to s-t-r-e-t-c-h (read: buy stuff they didn’t need) even though you knew they couldn’t afford it, but you needed the production, so…

    Jamie crows about her “333 new agreements” in 2015. Statistically at least 300 of them lost money, yet Jamie’s proud of exploiting that many. More recently, she openly thanked her downline for buying product even though—in her words—they’d never profit by it. Hey, it got her where she is today, right? Top of the world, Ma!

    Shaking my damn head.

  5. They did large recruiting events on YouTube. I suspect they recruited through hype and placed people where they needed to be. No facials or product involved. ?

    • Yep, they offered a bunch of prizes and drawings were done for the attendees. They knew they could sign up enough women and pull enough large inventory orders to more than offset the cost of the prizes.

    • The prizes probably came from their “prize closets.” Old Star-order prizes like handbags, etc. I think they were also paying for signup fees.

      Not a sustainable business model, but enough to push Jamie over the goal-line.

  6. Ask a crowd how many have been in MK, and you’ll find a lot. Agreements don’t equal success stories. They just don’t. We were taught 1/3 are going nowhere, 1/3, are moving, and a 1/3 are quitting. That’s 2/3 of her agreements. That’s a LOT of attrition, wasted weekends and weeknights holding business debuts and parties for those people.

    Funny—if she put that much into a career outside of MK, she’d have a lot more net income and no fear of chargebacks.

    I’ll stick with my benefits, too.

  7. You can easily tell who your mole is in the group. Her picture is in the first pic next to ‘reply’ right above Chelsea’s answer. All they have to do is look for that profile pic.

  8. What does youngest ‘active’ NSD mean? Someone is younger than her but ‘inactive’? Huh?

    • She’s the youngest NSD at the moment. Dacia and Lily Gauthraux were the youngest debuting NSDs.


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