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Pink Truth Doesn’t Help Mary Kay!!!

Mary Kay consultants still get so butthurt at the existence of Pink Truth, even though we’ve been around for 16 years! SoMeOnE tElL lEgAl AbOuT tHeM!!!!!!

But they can’t seem to ever get the story right. No, Stephanie Springer, I wasn’t an nsd and Mary Kay has never gone after me in the 16 years I’ve been doing this site. (And I was an outspoken critic of MK for 5+ years before that and they never went after me then either.)

Well, Amanda Sue Trimble, it’s actually NOT against the law. Ask me how I know?

And Gayle Peterson Moore – GOOD! The site is doing exactly what it was supposed to… warn potential consultants of the evils of a predatory company.

I always love the “they were not successful” stuff. I’ve owned a real business for over 22 years and I do so well that I put almost everyone in MK to shame. Not to brag or anything….. LOL

And it’s not 8 years. SIXTEEN years. Get it right. Pink Truth has been around for 16 years, and we started out as Mary Kay Sucks. Heather has it right. Glad she’s keeping track of us!

“The more good you put in the world…” LOL. No. If Mary Kay was putting good into the world, we would have nothing to talk about. Instead, they’ve been swindling women out of their hard-earned money for the last 60 years.

No, Peg Johnson, we worked very hard. We found out the truth. We got out. We’re helping to warn others. And most of us work very hard in our real careers.

Yes, Anita Bowyer, it’s a hate group if you consider that we hate the lies told by Mary Kay and their independent contractors.


  1. CarolAnne

    And yet regardless, they all keep stumbling onto this site.

    It’s okay, Pink Huns, one day you’ll stumble and read something that sounds like it’s you saying it.

    Because for the most part, truth is not hate, it’s just the truth.

  2. Kristen

    Mary Kay: DO NOT visit Pink Truth!!! There is nothing there for you to see.
    Consultant: Nods.

    One hour later: consultant opens laptop and immediately searches Pink Truth.

    Keep on warning women not to visit Pink Truth, Mary Kay.

  3. Destiny Angel

    Well, Amanda Sue Trimble, it’s actually NOT against the law. Ask me how I know?

    If Ms Trimble is the CEO of her own company, why isn’t she getting her in-house lawyers to sue?

    Oh, wait, she isn’t the CEO of anything.

  4. NayMKWay

    I must say, I think Wendy’s comment (the first one in this article) really sums up the schizophrenic (which means: split from reality) nature of MLMs like Mary Kay. Wendy likely thinks of herself as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, yet she’s complaining that people are looking for any excuse not to help her promote herself. (At least, I think that’s what that grammatical disaster is trying to convey. It’s pretty tough to parse.)

    Wendy, if you’re reading this, you need to understand that this attitude is why no one is eager to buy what you’re selling. You’re trying to promote yourself? So what? No one owes you anything, and they feel put upon when you try to bully them into buying something. They’re not looking for excuses for any reason other than you’re bothering them and they want you to stop. Real business do not try to bother people until they finally give in and make a pity purchase. Real businesses attract customers with fairly priced, quality products. Mary Kay doesn’t have that. Sorry, but they don’t. That’s why nothing is “flying off your shelves,” despite what you were promised. It’s time to wake up and smell the face cream, Wendy.

    1. Destiny Angel

      Along with Peg saying some disillusioned consultants who are upset that they actually had to work at their business to to get anywhere

      and Robin No free rides.

      MLMs push the idea of part-time work for full time pay when in reality it isn’t. On the subreddit r/antiMLM, there are frequent posts of women “working thier bussiness ” while in labour, waiting at the vets or dentists,

      if you are scrolling your social media feeds while in the bathroom, you can make money on social media instead

      It just sounds so exhausting, constantly pushing to get yourself noticed amongst the crowds of other women pushing the same or similar products while hoping that this one customer is going to join up and be among the throngs of competitors taking away potential customers or downline oppotunities.

  5. Destiny Angel

    Karen Blake Typically it is people who were in Mary Kay and for one reason or another were not successful or in some cases their recruiter or director convinced them that they had to a ton of money (sic) on products then they couldn’t sell them or they got no training. As a result they are quite angry and they post in this group with others with similar experiences.

    Stephanie Springer like any organisation, there are people with good intentions that lead with bad practices and it gets passed down unfortunately

    So they openly admit that the company is riddled with bad practices but do not lobby to get corporate to change their ways because these people know that MK isn’t going to give up all that money wrung out of the abandoned and disillusioned.

    1. NayMKWay

      …like any organisation, there are people with good intentions…

      Or, to put it another way, …like any evil organization, the rottenness spreads from the top, just like a fish rots from the head.

      Because, let’s face it, it’s not a few bad apples ruining it for everyone else, the whole set-up is a scam. People who are victims of a scam come away disillusioned and resentful, unless they’re too brainwashed to know any better.

  6. Peggy

    I’ve never been in MK, but I once belonged to a high-control church with a heavy emphasis on recruiting new members. (Some might call it a cult.) Parts of my “church” experience are eerily similar to the things many of you describe about MK. I now post regularly on a web forum for former members of that group. Current members drop in from time to time to tell us how awful we are and to drop the occasional hint of a lawsuit, just as current members of MK do here. Soooo…. If it looks like a cult, quacks like a cult, recruits like a cult, and vilifies whistleblowers like a cult, maybe it’s… a cult?


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