1. As for the word “Work”…

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
    – Inigo Montoya, Princess Bride

    I wonder if they want you to work the numbers the way they work business terms:
    – Profit (A term Mary Kay often uses for gross commissions–before costs)
    – Consultant (A Mary Kay term for “customer”)
    – CEO (Another May Kay term for “customer”)
    – Production (A Mary Kay term for purchases, not sales, in your MK unit)
    – Income (May Kay misuses this term to imply gross commissions equal personal income)
    – Business (Sorry, but Mary Kay consultants are not running a business)
    – Facial (A Mary Kay term for interactive make-up coaching)
    – Pamper (A term May Kay associates with an interactive sales presentation)
    – Spa (As in Mary Kay Spa Day…see “Pamper”)
    – Opportunity (A Mary Kay term for an engagement with a proven 99.6% loss rate)
    – Wholesale (A Mary Kay term for the retail price paid by Mary Kay’s consultants)
    – Retail (Mary Kay’s version of MSRP, which no one pays. MK wholesale is already well above market retail)
    – Make (See Profit. You didn’t make $150 from the commission check on your $1000 inventory purchase. You still have a $850 loss)
    – Work (A Mary Kay term for “fudge”, as in “Work the numbers so your hubby thinks you are making money”)
    – Work (A Mary Kay term for “spend”, as in, “You did not work enough to be successful with Mary Kay”)
    – Work (A Mary Kay term for “beg”, as in, “You need to work your downline consultants to meet production”)
    – Work (A Mary Kay term for “recruit”, as in “You need to work your family and friends to grow your business”)
    – Work (A Mary Kay term for “stalk”, as in “You need to work those strangers at Target and Walmart to grow your business”)
    – Working (It) (A Mary Kay term for “losing money”, as in “You are working it girl! You hit Star faster than anyone expected!”)

    You only need to work those numbers and business terms until they are unrecognizable. That’s the only way to make this MK “business” actually work (in the Mary Kay sense of the word).

    • Excellent post DJ. Here’s my contributions 😉

      – Working woman, slang for prostitute (noun)

      – Prostitute (verb), put oneself or one’s talents to an unworthy or corrupt use or purpose for the sake of personal or financial gain.

      – Prostituting (present participle or gerund) Example: The working women of MK are prostituting themselves with a number of people. 😝


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