How to Get the Customers of a Dead Mary Kay Consultant

I’ve seen a lot of terrible things in Mary Kay. None so terrible as a discussion about how to go about getting the customer list of a deceased Mary Kay consultant. These women should all be ashamed of themselves. A woman has passed away, and what you’re concerned about is getting her customer list before Mary Kay Inc. locks it down. Disgusting. Shame on all of the women participating in this conversation.


    • Maybe she could set up a table at the funeral and get names for a raffle. It would be an ideal place to display all the new holiday products–I mean obvs those customers haven’t gotten the chance to see all the AMAZING new things MK put out for Christmas. She’d have to be pretty sneaky about the drawing though, or she’ll get rumbled fast that EVERYONE wins a free facial and NO ONE wins much else.

      Just when I thought they could sink no lower….

    • That happened to me and Destiny Angel. At my mom’s funeral viewing, a couple I didn’t know gave condolences and then handed me their card saying if I needed anything to contact them. As they walked away, I looked at the card and saw that they were in an mlm. They were literally using my mom’s viewing as a means of trying to get a customer. I didn’t know them and they certainly were not close to my mom or dad. I was fuming. I had to step away from the line to calm down because I was so distraught by their actions.

      KNOW THIS, HUN…they can easily google to find a new MK hun. The ONLY reason to contact the family is to help though with the buy-back. That’s it. If you are wanting that customer list to enrich your base, you ARE greedy and opportunistic. Shame on you!

      • What’s the life insurance it Primerica? I could totally see them soliciting business at a funeral and justifying it in their minds. Or Doterra reps claiming that they have an oil that could have saved the recently departed.

        I’m sorry that happened to you during such a hard time. You’d have been justified in absolutely clobbering the heck out of them with a heavy urn. Such bottom-dwellers.

  1. Beth Treacy Curcio wow she needs to see if the family will let her try to get in from her computer. I know this is all because of HIPP (sic) laws.

    HIPAA??I’m not sure what laws protecting medical information has to do with MK.

    Donna Scott Her dad refused to give the company a copy of his will — said it was none of their business.

    He’s right, it’s not.

    Poor Carol being the voice of reason..

    Carol Mouradian I mean give the poor people a chance to get affairs into order before asking mk for pcp list.

  2. this struck me as being so odd as I read it all. People “needing” a MK rep to buy something. When I shop at sephora, I dont need to find a sephora rep, I can just buy it easily. The MLM model seems so outdated,

  3. a sea of vultures is all I can picture. Grab them before someone else does. What if no one has “shared the opportunity”

    And with no sense of irony at all, these women invoke HIPAA? are you KIDDING me?

    • A link to Anna’s “$900,000 circle of excellence unit”. Rather than being just a concerned sister consultant, she’s a senior SD. So if the consultant who had the fire was one of hers, of course she wants everyone to buy more MK from the fire victim. I mean these vultures don’t even try to hide their self-centered greed.

      • Sure they do! In a tornado!

        (I’ve overused the whole “products fly off the shelves only in an earthquake” one-liner so I’ve *pivoted* to “tornado”. Once I’ve worn that out I’ll need a new “shelf-shifting” natural disaster to use…tsunami maybe? Landslide?)

  4. These are a bunch of greedy harpies looking to cash in after a death. Swoop down in because now there is one less person in the competition and I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE NAMES BEFORE THEY MOVE ON TO SOMEONE ELSE. I’m angry reading this. It reminds me of family members who keep granny (or dad or mom et al) a full code (knowing her wishes would be the opposite) because granny has a nice home and money. If we keep granny alive as long as possible, we won’t have to execute her will, meaning we won’t have access to her bank accounts anymore.

    • It is titled “BEGINNING A MARY KAY CAREER IN YOUR 20S, 30S, 40S, 50S, 60S…BY MARSHA MORRISSETTE” (caps lock courtesy of Marsha lol).

    • OMG it’s a gold mine! [my snark in brackets]

      “Should I tell her that her own childrens lives will be forever changed as a result of a Mary Kay career – that they will be heard telling each other, You can do it! and I believe in you! when trying to learn how to ride a bicycle. [They’ll have to encourage each other, because Mommy’s busy text bombing the women she warm-stalked at Perkins and chased them out of the house.] You will drive by a car dealership and hear your 4 year old son say, Look at all the free cars. You will smile – and not tell him any different. […as the thoughts of how you owe a copay worth far more than that month’s “love check” will deplete your bank account even further gnaw at your innards but keep that smile up, boss babe!] That your childs outlook on life will be different than that of their friends. [Because their friends’ mommies eat dinner with the family, and go to all their baseball games, and watch movies, and tell them stories, and kiss them goodnight while you’re at a unit meeting trying to beat a few more thousand dollars production out of your dwindling team.] They will have witnessed the power of a dream fulfilled, the importance of a work ethic and that those who really gain in this life are those who give of themselves. [If they’re lucky enough to find a mentor who gives a damn about them.] Her children will grow up and seek for a career they love, just as mommy did, rather than settling for a job they despise. And they will believe that mommy can achieve anything – because she chose to face her fears directly and conquer them one by one. [And meanwhile, back in the real world…]”

      • Right? I can imagine that every “business” relationship she has is wrought with issues. And I don’t even know where to start about how her personal relationships might be. Her babble makes no sense and her business acumen is dismally nonexistant. She’s be the absolute last person I’d entrust with my money for any “business” opportunity.

        Based on what info we have access to, she is at best a relatively harmless and totally unsuccessful low-level cosmetic pyramid scheme participant. At worst, she’s managed to trick a few young women for a short amount of time. What a lousy MKM participant.

    • Dying over here.

      “I should tell her that her relationship with her husband will change. He will look at her differently – respect her for the discipline, tenacity and motivation it takes to do what she does. [No he won’t. He’ll be annoyed that what he thought was a partnership is getting tossed aside for a new obsession.] She will over hear him bragging of her success on phone conversations to his father and his friends. [For god’s sake, it’s 2022. Women, don’t need patronizing paternalistic pats on the head to matter. They didn’t need them 60 years ago, either, but were to conditioned to think that they did.]”

        • OMG I legit spit out my wine (such a tragedy)!

          Then I pictured your comment with even more exclamation marks (if Chelsea and Jamie haven’t already used every available exclamation mark on the planet) and with “dyeing” instead. Plus typed in a hideous conglomerate of tween fonts, and bookmarked by every ‘Immature Emoji’ available…

          …And risked losing even more wine via snorting laughter. Thank you PG for another great laugh!

    • As a woman of 46…

      “B. A woman in her 40s is fun and confident about who she is and she attracts people to her. [It also helps when you hang out with people because you enjoy being around them, not just to throw makeup at them.]

      C. A woman in her 40s isnt afraid to take a chance on herself . . . she knows that to start a MK career she only needs $100. [And she knows how to get on the internet and find the truth about that “career.”] And it is easy for her to compare that to the time she went on the shopping spree . . . bought and new outfit . . . wore it to a party . . . got a stain on it . . . sent it off to the dry cleaners . . . and when it was returned, the outfit had shrunk! [Hah! I don’t buy stuff that has to be dry cleaned! So there! Plus I rocked that hypothetical outfit’s face off during the time I got to wear it.] Or the time she went out for a very special dinner . . . and the bill was over $100 . . . and was disappointed in the food! [I can stand losing a little money and an evening of my life because it was at least an experience I got to live out, and have something new to talk about.] At least with her Mary Kay Go Kit she gets to demo Timewise sets, every shade of foundation, Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover, mirrors, trays, demonstration glamour products . . . nearly $400 worth of items that she can use with her friends or to build a business or on herself!

      Or, in my 40s, I know myself well enough to know that I don’t have the temperment or inclination to start a business, because I have the wisdom to know that it takes more than pink fluff and wishing upon a star to make a successful business.


      • As a woman of 37, I couldn’t resist.


        A.  I would want to start a career in my 30s because if you have children, they are beginning to hit the years where they really need you home . . . and they really need your time at their events.

        Well…we decided not to have children and the pets don’t need a stay-at-home mom.

        B.  I would start a career at this time in my life because I know what it is to look forward to financing college educations and buying new homes . . . and your MK career can be just the way to do that.

        I already own a house, thank you, and if I choose to pursue another degree, my current J.O.B. will reimburse me.

        C.  It is the time that you spend many hours sitting on bleachers, benches and committees with other parents . . . and it became my favorite way to build a customer base.

        Sitting around with local mommies my age is the epitome of hell for me.

        D.  Mary Kays values of Faith 1st, Family 2nd and Career 3rd are so important in life at this time.

        I’m a heathen, so no. My family and career are pretty important, though.

        E.  By this point in a womans life, she knows how valuable she is. She knows what jobs are willing to pay . . . and she knows that she is worth far more than what someone else will give her. And MK is her way to be paid what she is worth!

        Hey, that’s why I left my last job, because they didn’t pay me what I was worth. I doubt MK would come anywhere close to my current job, though. ✌🏽

        • Lol! Marsha’s entire post on her page about this kind of creeps me out. Obviously she can’t be a woman in her 20s thru 60s at the same time, so she’s basically writing fiction (aka promoting lies) that she thinks is instead a great tool to aid recruiting. It’s all just so weird to me. The age range she seems most “passionate” about is 40s. IMO something about her 40s and her MK career are sore spots for her.

      • Lol! Seriously, when I pulled up Marsha’s unitnet page I felt like I had fallen into a pink tunnel of misogyny, ageism, and just plain cluelessness. Thank you for going through it and finding the ‘finer points’ lol. To think that these “tips”…or rather, stream-of-(outdated pink)-consciousness thoughts are somehow legit in any “business” setting is ridiculous and delusional.

        That unitnet page is one of those things that, if Marsha were to try to gain a legit (read: non-MLM) professional position, might come up in a prospective employer’s Google search and put her application on a fast track to the shredder.

    • Mountaineer95, you need to be awarded Tracy’s highest commendation for seek and ye won’t BELIEVE WHAT YOU FIND!!!
      BUT! Is this explained, and I have just missed it in the Comments? “I look at my friend, trying to decide what to tell her. I want her to know what she will never learn and New Consultant Training.”

      Is it me? Or what does that mean, “I want her to know what she WILL NEVER LEARN and New Consultant Training”.??? It’s the 3rd paragraph on the opening page.

  5. Holy crap. These pink murder hornets have no scruples at all 🙁

    I have to kind of laugh (so I don’t cry) about the whole “get the husband to print her list from her computer!!!1!!!” thing; he’s probably been yearning for the day he can just toss all that Mary Kay junk and be done with it. And he sure as hell doesn’t need a swarm of pink locusts all over him while he’s grieving, trying to get the estate settled, looking after family, possibly looking at big medical bills or other expenses… in other words, the IMPORTANT stuff that goes with someone close to you dying.

  6. Reminds me of a time my friend had a ‘friend of the family’ who was a real estate agent come up to her AT HER MOTHER’S FUNERAL to ask friend if she had picked an agent yet to sell her mother’s house!


    A. A woman in her 50s values the fact every Mary Kay Beauty Consultant gets all the tax deductions of owning a business. She loves her country . . . but would like to keep more of the money she earns.

    No she doesn’t but keep on lying, it’s the MK Way.

    B. A woman in her 50s appreciates the fact that she can just stay home and give a facial at her kitchen table one day . . . and then fly to the other side of the United States to conduct a class with a friend the next.

    That sounds like a lot of hassle and wasted time and money to me.

    C. She values the fact that MK has been rated the #1 skin care an color cosmetic company in the world for the last 8 years . . . so the success of her product speaks for itself.

    And yet another lie.

    D. She is at a time in her life where she wants to use every product available that will diminish lines, dryness, blotches and whatever! And now she gets them all at 50% discount.

    There’s plenty of cheaper and better products out there. So I’ll use them and not worry about a faux discount, TYVM.

    E. She puts special value on the kind of women she associates with in this company . . . Happy, Positive, Goal Oriented, Love People and Supportive. And knows that her training meetings will give her everything she needs to be as successful as she wants.

    Only while you are pouring your money into their coffers. It’s a strictly transactional relationship money = praise.


    A. No one in the job market realizes what she is worth . . . but she does! Any (sic)Mary Kay gives her to opportunity to prove it!

    The first sentence may have a kernel of truth in it. Ageism is often a valid concern for this age group.

    B. She loves being her own boss and working whenever she wants . . . and never feels guilty about setting lots of time aside for travel, grandchildren, church and long lunches.

    When I worked I never felt guilty for taking time off to take vacations or just a lazy day. I worked flexi-time so taking a long lunch break wasn’t a problem either. I’m not bothered about having grand-children and so far none of my children are interested in having any other than a cat.

    C. She can earn extra income to help along with retirement.

    I mean if she wants a part-time job, there are some out there that pay better than MK.

    D. She gets to got to Dallas once a year and attend the world-famous Mary Kay Seminar . . . and play dress up in her fabulous evening gowns!

    I’d rather go to a ren Faire and play dress-up, thanks. It’s probably not much more expensive.

    E. She keeps herself younger than her friends because her spirit is young . . . she never stopped growing.

    I manage to do that by keeping my mind and body active. Learning new knowledge and skills. Not bothering people to buy my crap make-up.

    F. She can promote herself to management in this company . . . after all, there are no age limits.


    F. She can promote herself to management in this company . . . after all, there are no age limits.

    She’s… giggles.. serious…snorts Really???????

    • Why do I get the feeling that Marsha secretly wants to be an author of cheesy romantic paperback “novels”? Like the type that are ever only printed in paperback and have some low-rent Fabio-wannabe hunks on the cover?

      Sad that even unsuccessfully pursuing such a dream would still probably cost her less than her MK fail.

  8. Sandra Kay Conner I would be careful with that. I understand what you are trying to do but if it’s too soon it could be viewed as greedy and opportunistic, especially if they don’t know you at all.

    Greta Eichlin-Bell Sandra Kay Connor I think they’d be grateful to have some-one take care of them and relieved that they don’t have to find some-one else.

    It’s all in the wording and their attitude.

    I’m guessing Greta has had “attitude” from former customers who no longer want anything to do with MK since their family member or friend stopped selling and couldn’t be bothered to support Greta instead. However, Sandra is right, it is greedy and opportunistic to try and sell to people who maybe in mourning or might not have been told yet of the consultant’s death.

    • Notice that Sandra says “it could be VIEWED as greedy and opportunistic.”

      No, Sandra. It’s not that it could be VIEWED that way. It’s that it IS greedy and opportunistic. It’s disgusting and predatory and awful. That’s what it is.

  9. “You’re a pack of vultures at the feast! Knives out; beaks bloody!”

    – Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc in “Knives Out”

  10. “MLM Funeral Crashers”

    Might this have happened before, or did I just give them an idea? Imagine how disgusting that would be to crash a stranger’s funeral to look for prey. Could they stoop that low?

    Mary Kay Training: Be sure to read the obits everyday and look for funerals near you. Make a list. Don’t wear pink to the funeral because you’ll want to blend in. Learn the names of immediate family by heart; it should be listed in the obit. See if they had a FB page to learn about the deceased interests; you can use that as a conversation starter.

    • Well they do suggest that you just so happen to be wearing your director’s suit when you attend a funeral…

      • My late lamented gossipy aunt would have had a field day with less than sotto voce snubs about her being too poor to buy an appropriate mourning dress for the occasion. She had delusions of Dowager Duchessness which made her cutting remarks rather petty at times.

  11. Talk about macabre, ghoulish, & predatory!! This is way beyond the pale. If I was at a relative’s funeral & a MK (or other MLM) consultant approached me, I’d make them wish they hadn’t by the time I got done throwing them out & giving them a piece of my mind!! There’s NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for this outrageous nonsense! None! Nada! Zip!

    Concerning MK corporate’s requirements for buyback of a deceased consultant’s inventory, a certified copy of the death certificate along with a certified copy of Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration should be all that’s required. Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration are proof that the individual named as executor or administrator of the estate in fact has the authority to settle the affairs of the decedent. The latter document is issued if the decedent died intestate & the estate has enough assets to require going through probate proceedings. The administrator could be a family member or the county administrator if there’s no family. And there’s no way HIPPA laws apply here. They pertain to health insurance & who has permission to receive information on behalf of another.

    Question for Tracy: Is a consultant’s unsold inventory taxed as an asset? What about after death? I’m a retired probate paralegal but have been out of the loop when it comes to changes in tax laws for about 40 years. I remember probating the estate of an individual who owned a business & his inventory was subject to federal estate taxes & state inheritance taxes, but I’m sure that’s changed now.

    • Estate taxes are owed if the value of your estate exceeds a certain (very high) amount. Yes, the MK inventory should be included in calculating the value of the estate. But I doubt many MK ladies have the kind of wealth that would make them owe estate taxes.

  12. The letter to a stranger that says: “so and so passed away recently. I told her I would take good care of her clients”. Because I am sure that is what people going through their last few days of life are concerned about…who will sell MK to their customers. Kind of interesting for those in MK to think about…if they had an untimely death, their ‘friends’ would make a pretense of waiting an appropriate amount of time before hassling their family about getting their customers. What is next, visiting a terminally ill consultant at the hospital to harvest her customers?

  13. I think we should tag these helpful consultants so anyone searching for this topic can find this post easily!

  14. I’m still stuck on this since I’m closer to 60 than 40.

    She gets to got to Dallas once a year and attend the world-famous Mary Kay Seminar . . . and “play dress up in her fabulous evening gowns!”

    Could this be more patronizing? What are we, 12?

  15. Looked in DTG (earlier) & since the last comment by Donna (Bayes) Scott was posted (as it is in the screenshots above); i.e., “Her dad refused to give the company a copy of his will–said it was none of their business. …”; the comments for this post have since been turned off, either by the admin of the group or the person who originally posted it; Anna Morris Sempeles. However though, only after seven more additional comments after Donna’s, was it finally shutdown. It’s d$mn despicable & disgusting to the core!!! 🤢

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