1. Did I read that right? Kim Drain is trying to sell overpriced, mediocre Mary Kay scam makeup to fixed-income people on SS and disability? Ewwww.

    And Kim is a single mom. What vulture signed her up to profit off of her pyramid scheme inventory purchase? Kim is seven months in and needs to send it all back, quick.

    Imagine being told to stalk people in grocery stores and doctors’ offices.

    “I can’t book a facial.” — Would that be a facial using the generally accepted definition? Or some loose and misleading usage that doesn’t offer what we all think it is? If I’m offered a “facial”, I better be lying back in a chair getting products applied to my face, and a little massage too. And I’m going to be incredibly angry for wasting my time if it’s anything less.

    “to do in person stuff” — I don’t want people coming to my house where I’ll feel trapped to buy something. Frankly, I don’t want any commission sales person in my face. It’s so much easier to research product on the net and order, or pop into Ulta and leave empty handed without guilt. They have a great return policy if I do buy something I don’t like, also sales, and points.

    “My Director is trying so hard.” — Her Director made a profit off her being recruited. She wants more of Kim’s money and efforts to make HER, the Director, more money. It’s not about Kim.

    Mary Kay is an endless-chain recruiting product-based pyramid scheme, aka an MLM company. MLM means you *can* be recruited, and you *can* also recruit, endlessly. Recruits are often referred to as upline and downline, or team members or unit members.

    I hope I’ve helped explain to Kim why people are avoiding her. Do you think she knows she made the front page of PT?

  2. Kim have you tried shopping with your name tag upside down? When people point it out, it’s an excellent way to warm chatter and share the opportunity! Lead boxes in businesses and doctors offices! Get 100 nos!! Also make sure your wagon is full. Customers love instant delivery.

    • Kim as your director these are tips that have worked for me. If they don’t work for you that is not my problem. You need to work harder.

      • Careful, Parsonsgreen. Someone is liable to think you’re serious.

        Beware the Ridiculous Down Voter! (RDV™}

        • As the Inventor of The Ridiculous Downvote ™ I DEMAND payment of royalties every time anyone uses it!

          (But hey, I don’t expect actual cash payment…several long-expired Mary Kay items will do, since that’s all you have at this point…just dust off those boxes in your basements and pull a few out!)

            • Lol I seriously hope that it was one of you guys that bestowed a Ridiculous Downvote ™ on my comment about trying to monetize said Ridiculous Downvote ™ with comic intentions. But if it’s from a hun or other PT critic, that would make it even funnier.

  3. Dear Kim:

    You don’t need to get excited; you need to get OUT.

    Your director isn’t helping you in any way that’s contrary to her own self-interest in keeping you from returning what you can to cut your losses, so how can you trust her advice? What’s she saying, keep trying and things will get better? They won’t. You’re trying to sell overpriced make-up to people on tight budgets in tough economic times.

    The only way to make anything in this scam — and it is a scam — is by recruiting others and convincing them to buy inventory that they won’t be able to sell, either. You’ll get a small cut, and they’ll be out a lot of money, experiencing the pain you are now. Feel good about that? You shouldn’t.

    You know what you will feel good about? Getting OUT.

  4. I’m gonna give you a pro tip here. Nobody – NOBODY – wants to be chatted up at the doctors office. Ew. Don’t do that

  5. News flash: There is no retail demand for these grossly overpriced MLM/MK products.

    The only “demand” that can be drummed up is for the phantom “opportunity”. And that, my friends, means the only way to make a net profit in Mary Kay is not through direct retail sales, but rather through downline consultant orders. And these orders are only possible if you recruit.

    So, if the only way to make a net profit in Mary Kay is through recruiting…well, go see what the FTC has to say about such businesses.

  6. “There is no retail demand for these grossly overpriced MLM/MK products.”

    Exactly. This post is another example of someone with a real job who likely was talked into selling MK for some side income. The real job ends up funding the MK “business”, which is nothing but a money-sucking waste of time.

  7. Your directors is pretending to help to string you along to get past 12 months so you can’t return product. Trust me, send it back.

  8. Can anybody look up Esther Paul Adkins and see if she’s made ANY court of anything in her time with MK? Since she’s so clearly a pro in her stalking and booking stats? I’d love to see if she’s even possibly making minimum wage. (My magic eight ball says “probably not”).

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