Mary Kay Legal Social Media Crackdown

Mary Kay Legal is apparently taking a hard line on the social media posts of consultants and directors. It’s unclear if they have employees actively seeking out violations of the company’s policies, or if their actions are a result of fellow consultants reporting their Sisters in Pink.

Either way, it’s interesting to see these women justifying their behaviors. The policy is the policy! You want us to feel sorry for you when this is the THIRD time MK Legal is contacting you over violations of their policies?

I do appreciate that some consultants responded that there is a contract and you have agreed to abide by certain rules. On the other hand, there seem to be those who think the rules shouldn’t apply to them.

The most interesting part is where the original poster says that she may lose her MK small business. This should be a clear hint to her that she does NOT own a small business. Mary Kay is not a business!!!! Not for the consultants, anyway.


    • WW1971, if everyone on MK did this, market saturation would become obvious. All the long-running MLMs have strict rules about advertizing for this very reason. Same with opening and advertising a store front. Even Herbalife health shops cannot put “Herbalife” on the store front.

      But you point to a greater issue. Why don’t Mary Kay consultants ask questions about MK policy? They should be demanding that MK legal provide the “why” on everything. Including qualifying minimum purchases, which after double tax approaches $1000/yr to remain elligible. This is arbitrary and clearly put in place to drive front-loading.

      No MLM will ever answer these questions, which should be the red flag that steers consultants to look elsewhere for business opportunities. True franchises have policies as well, but the franchisor will be quick to explain why each is important to both the franchisor and the franchisee. And franchise rules are easy to understand and make good business sense.

      These May Kay policies protect only MK Corp and the up-line. There is nothing in there to protect the IBC.

      • “But you point to a greater issue. Why don’t Mary Kay consultants ask questions about MK policy? They should be demanding that MK legal provide the “why” on everything. “

        This is the brainwashing. Ask your director is what they would tell the consultants. And the director would slime out of the questions.

    • “why cant they post about an open house?”

      Yet, on her personal FB page (Oct. 24), Heather Daniel-Kent advertised an upcoming “Product and Wine Pairing.”…” a Happy Hour with a wine tasting and product demos.”

      I assume this is OK because she did not use the words “purchase” or “buy.” (But I’m sure she’d sell to attendees if they wanted something.)

    • While there’s nothing wrong with her holding an open house, what got her in trouble was using the words “Mary Kay” in her advertisement. End of story. It’s spelled out in the contract consultants sign, & the woman who’s gotten in trouble with MK Legal for the third time is either very ignorant of the rules or is trying to see how far she can go without crossing the line. And as others have said numerous times over the years PT has been in existence, consultants don’t own their own business. Not even close. It’s actually unfortunate that MK hasn’t pulled the plug on this woman. She’d be out of the pink fog & would be getting her life back, whether she realizes it or not.

  1. Hmmm. If you break the rules, you may lose your elibility for prizes, awards etc. But no mention of losing your discount. Even if you are breaking the rules, they want you to keep on ordering!

    It appears the only way to lose your discount is to stop ordering and fail to meet your minimums. If you keep ordering, you can do whatever the heck you like, regardless of the rules, and never lose your discount. But no kick-backs for you!

  2. In my dream scenario, these ladies wake up and realize that THEY have the power. THEY can band together and tell MK, “You change the rules or we boycott. We stop ordering, en masse, until you (MK) stop undermining or efforts to sell our inventory.” If enough of them did it, they could force MK to change.

    I know this sounds impossible and idealistic, but isn’t that how change starts, by people waking up and realizing, “It doesn’t have to be this way and we don’t have to put up with this”?

    Dear Reader who is still trapped in the Pink Fog, you really do have more power than you realize. You may not be able to organize enough Pink Sisters to challenge the corporation (but how do you know, if you never try?) but you do have the power to remove yourself from a toxic situation where you’ve been set up to fail. And, yes, you really are being set up to fail. How else could you have been working so very hard and sacrificing so very much, for so very little in return?

    • “We stop ordering, en masse, until you (MK) stop undermining or efforts to sell our inventory.”

      I don’t think upline would agree with that dream scenario. Unfortunately, it’s not only MKC, but it’s every woman who is a participant in the endless-chain recruiting scheme. Anyone who has recruited a team/unit member for a commission is part of the scam and an accomplice.

      Mary Kay is actually about selling dreams, not inventory. The products are merely tools to help execute the MLM scam. They also act as vehicles to transfer money in the con game.

  3. “That’s not the Mary Kay Way.”

    Hate to break it to you, but that absolutely is the Mary Kay Way. The idea that it’s all rainbows and butterflies and that you’re a special princess to them is an illusion they designed to cultivate your loyalty to the company. Mary Kay Ash knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She knew how to get women to buy into this “company based on the golden rule” bullsh!t and sign contracts that protected the company above everything else.

    “What confuses me is how Mary Kay says that it’s our business and then dictates how we conduct it.”

    EXACTLY. And this doesn’t just apply to advertising on Facebook. They dictate product development, pricing, how and where you can sell products, how much volume and recruiting you have to do to maintain your rank, even how you f*cking dress. They have you believing you “own your own business” while you are treated like an employee. LESS than an employee. No benefits, no health insurance, no Human Resources protections, no paid protected medical leave, nothing. The contract you sign gives all the power to Mary Kay.

    Take back your power. Stand up for your rights. Break free from the pink brainwashing. Trust me, it’s better out here in the wild where you can express yourself without being gaslit back into pink submission. Are we negative sometimes? Sure! Because IT IS A NATURAL HUMAN EMOTION THAT DEMANDS TO BE PROCESSED. Properly hashing out all your thoughts and feelings makes the good stuff even better. And honestly, some sh!t just plain sucks and there is no way to spin it positively.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

  4. I love how Heather posts that she will turn in directors she copied from in case she gets in trouble.

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