I wanted to bring back this Instagram post by Jamie Taylor in 2020. She was a sales director then, in the constant cycle of trying to get the numbers to add up to “nsd qualified.” Jamie eventually got there when enough of her downline maxed out credit cards. But now her national area is dwindling right before her eyes.

Yes, Jamie, we mock you for calling this elaborate scam a career. You might be making some money (not as much as you thought you would, huh?) but it comes at the expense of all the people in your area who are losing money. But you’re selfishly happy, because you’re still making money!


  1. “No matter what the numbers in your bank account…say…you are more than okay”

    Um…no. If you are losing money for Jamie’s sake, it is NOT okay.

    • Yeah, that was a major “WTF did I just read?!” moment.

      In other words, you’re telling your team that they’re OK because they’re raising you up at the expense of their own financial stability. You selfish, self-absorbed, self-centered jerk.

      You get to live your life of vapid contentment because these women spend money they don’t have every month to meet “production” requirements. There’s no other reason why they’re buying inventory; no one sells that much MK in a month. You get to watch your savings account grow because of these women going broke in order to support your. You get to drive that car without copays because these women who don’t even get to sit in the thing find a way to “stretch production” on YOUR behalf while they gain nothing from it except a few trinkets and hollow accolades.

      A real team works together for the benefit of everyone on it. A sports team pulls together from the coach on down to the kid with the Gatorade squeeze bottles. A business team pulls together from the manager on down to the data entry temp. You’re not a team leader; you’re some B-movie Cleopatra being carried around and fawned over by her army of slaves, all of them as faceless and replaceable as the members of your so-called team.

      But without those women, you are nothing. In fact, because of the way you hold yourself up as being Really Something while your vaunted “success” comes from those you exploit, in my eyes you’re really less than nothing.

      • PS: Where the eff does the bit about the scale even factor into this? Body-shaming of women is pernicious enough without you adding to it, though it does fit right in with the internalized misogyny of this “woman empowering” company. Don’t project your own weight issues onto others, and if that was a stealth way of hinting that your gals might be chonking up a little, you’re just nasty.

      • “…you’re some B-movie Cleopatra being carried around and fawned over by her army of slaves…”

        Boy, you write well, Popinki! Such a great turn of phrase; it conjures up the perfectly apt mental image. I wish I could write like that.

          • Writing “absolute garbage”, eh? (Pulls at chin whiskers, stares contemplatively at ceiling) I must be well on my way by now!

          • I have a B.A. in English and am embarrassed to admit that until recently, I used the phrase “for all intensive purposes” instead of “for all intents and purposes”. Some days I wonder if I should send my diploma back to WVU.

      • I must disagree, Popinki. You are way too easy on Jamie.

        wait for it…..wait for it………..yes I am kidding!!! And just in awe you found all the words we all can relate to!!! Bravery Award, dear Popinki!! Being too nice costs lots and lots and lots of money. Bravo! xoxoxoxox

  2. Because I know. I know that no matter how many people are committed to misunderstanding it, I am happy and fulfilled and I make a difference. For every person who has made fun of it, there have been two more people to support it.

    r/antiMLM has 795k subscribers, illuminaghtii’s YouTube had 1.6 million subscribers while Chelsea Suarez has 98k. There are countless pages on the book of faces which are antiMLM content.

    The antiMLM movement is growing as inter-connectivity grows. Pink Truth maybe one of the first but the movement is growing slowly but steadily.

    Several companies have been forced to change their compensation structure such as LuLaRoe. Body Shop is closing it’s MLM branch Body Shop At Home.

    Maybe Mary Kay Wagner Rogers Eckman Weaver Louis Miller Hallenbeck Ash’s company can survive intact, who knows. But given the reported numbers for Ms Taylor’s part of it, I’m doubting how successful she and her down-lines actually are.

  3. “I feel 0% defensiveness rise up in my body.”

    —Says the woman who wrote a 100% defensiveness post.

    A self-centered and rambling one, at that.

  4. Jamie, how many times a day do you think about the fact that you don’t currently meet 1st and 2nd line requirements to keep your NSD title (and most likely aren’t meeting the commission requirments too)?

      • And it’s not like she is just barely missing the requirements…her “area” is in shambles. It certainly was in better shape as a unit prior to her having that one particular time where her “stars” aligned to get the NSD title. I doubt she’ll ever be able to find enough gullible women with enough credit to buy their way into directorship to get back to that level. But MK will give her a few years to try, so watch for more churn and credit card burn until the area finally flatlines, with a DNR.

        • “one particular time where her ‘stars’ aligned to get the NSD title.”

          And the SDs know how she did it. They watched. They participated.

          I wouldn’t be shocked if Jamie — eventually — quit MK entirely and got a real job/career.

            • horribly sad and likely true, Vanessa. How can a boss babe becoming a productive member of society but not THE BOSS????? Banish the heretical notion! I’m going to start losing weight from all the shuddering thinking about Jamie and Chelsea causes!

  5. “The friends really are real and and (sic) I’ve never experienced one ounce of pressure.”

    Jamie, just wait until you quit or have your title of NSD taken away. You’ll really find out then who quietly removes themselves from your life. And…oh, by the way, how many people who have quit and sent back product do you remain real friends with – not just friendly acquaintances or FB friends? You are TAUGHT not to associate with negative people. How much more negative can someone be than to quit and return product? While you may keep in touch with a couple of them, I would bet money that you are not real friends (REAL – like girl-time, dinner dates, and girl weekends away).

    While I find it hard to believe you’ve never been asked to “stretch” for the team from your higher-up, you certainly pressured your downline to buy more than they needed so that you could finish as NSD. You even reported about it on FB. So, please girl…don’t tell us about pressure.

    • Taken away? You mean it won’t be…

      “After lots and lots of thought and prayer and discussion with trusted people, I have decided to go in a new direction. I will be providing [insert fancy name for coaching] to many more women than I could have ever hoped to reach…. and MK is so wonderful that they’re letting me do the thing.”

      • “[insert fancy name for coaching]”

        Getting that National Sales Director title is a a gateway to other income streams. Jamie now knows the secrets to achieving business success, and she’ll share them with you. For a price.

          • Tracy, I have a question: if she has the Escalade (is that what NSDs get if they choose the car), and if so did Jamie go with the car or the cash instead? Because it would be interesting to know what the car payment is for that (if there even is one) and if Jamie has to pay it now since her area is in shambles. Like, as an NSD, even with that two year grace period or whatever, does she still have to meet a level of production to not have to make payments on the car? Or is the NSD car part of the NSD package and isn’t subject to production minimums and resulting car payments if such minimums aren’t met?

  6. Jamie may not have felt the pressure as she hasn’t quit, but I KNOW SHE HAS APPLIED IT TEN THOUSAND FOLD, against those who do dare to SEE THE LIGHT. I won’t call you a despicable human being because I call myself a human being and I CHOOSE TO BE ***NOTHING*** LIKE YOU. You are a cadaverous, money fueled kbot and I do pray you and your minions will rapidly lose all influence in this world. Enough have suffered at the hands of that filthy mary kay of a thousand faces and names.

  7. I grew up with a saying, “We don’t hide our crazy. We pour them a drink and sit them on the front porch.”

    Let me pour you that drink, Jamie. (I’ll make it non-alcoholic since you are likely breastfeeding your baby.)

  8. Um…Jamie…honey…I would venture to guess that if your team isn’t making money and have low numbers in their bank accounts, they are NOT okay.

  9. I recently left Jamie’s area and can say with 100% certainty she wrote this post as a way to make herself feel okay. Shortly before my leaving I had a very honest conversation with a few other IBC’s in my unit. Shockingly, or maybe not so shockingly, every single one admitted that their families were suffering financially at the expense of Mary Kay. One even elaborated that they were skipping bills in order to meet goals that our director had set.

    Getting to know these women on a personal level it absolutely breaks my heart to know that their kindness has been manipulated to the point of putting their families in financial turmoil to uphold a “friendship”. The biggest lesson I’ve walked away with is that no friendship (or even business relationship) will *ever* have to be bought. It terrifies me to think of how far these ladies will go into debt before, like me, they realize they’re only a paycheck.

    So, to Jamie Taylor, it does in fact matter what our bank accounts say. Those bank accounts feed our families, they pay our bills, they determine so much more than your feeble attempt at “togetherness” ever will.

    • What a difference a year makes! I went to Jamie’s area debut last February, but I was already feeling the pull away from MK. Of course I stubbornly held onto the dream that my director dangled in front of me, and that all those other NSDs dangled in front of all of us. But I can honestly say that MK almost brought me and my family to financial ruin and it could have destroyed my marriage.

      I can absolutely relate to the anxiety felt over paying bills vs. making production for the month to earn a “reward” or help the team. And once I quit? Those “lifelong friends” dropped me immediately. I’m learning to count that as a blessing.

        • We got to drink pink lemonade and they had waiters walking around with appetizers, but you had to practically chase them down to eat anything. Then there was this roped off area for the ones paid extra, but the dessert table was also conveniently hidden around the corner so half of us thought we couldn’t go in. Then they had all these nationals speak and all of Jamie’s directors speak. It was about 2-3 hours long, lots of emotional hype and “you can do it” type speeches.

          I’ve never felt so alone in such a crowded place though. So to anyone reading this…when your heart and gut feel all churned up inside, and not from butterflies, run as fast as you can!

          But one funny thing…this random girl in front of me was sexting with her husband the whole time and I could see every word🤣🤣🤣

  10. “families suffering financially at the expense of Mary Kay.”
    “skipping bills to meet goals our director set.”
    “kindness manipulated to the point of putting families in financial turmoil to uphold a ‘friendship’.”

    STOP! Stop the insanity!

    • Those were the phrases that jumped out at me, too, enorth. This is horrifying stuff.

      Absolutely HORRIFYING!

      Skipping bills to “reach goals”? To spend money on crap you can’t sell because your Director said to? (Shudder.)

      What happened to being your own CEO?

      • All the accolades, the photos of themselves and their pink sisters at MK events. We’re Mary Kay Lifers! Friends forever! Our blood runs pink! Tears of joy! Hugs! Cars! Trips! Diamonds! Recognition!

        “I’m so excited! I got a Certificate of Recognition for being On-Target for Fourth Runner-Up to the Third-Highest Most Improved in the Eastern Half of South Carolina!”

        • I got to go to Lynnea Tate’s Mashed Potato in a Champagne Class reception cause I ramped my business up!

          • Good lord, that’s a funny mental image. Women in pink sparkly evening gowns and rhinestone tiaras and too much makeup, sticking their tongues down into the glass trying to get a taste like an aardvark trying to nab a stubborn termite.

        • “I’m so excited! I got a Certificate of Recognition for being On-Target for Fourth Runner-Up to the Third-Highest Most Improved in the Eastern Half of South Carolina!”

          And probably complain about Participation Trophies tm in schools on social media.

      • They boast about impacting lives. Instead of “hands-on-the-hips-wearing-a–sash” photos, post those skipped bills.

        THERE’S your impact.

  11. “ Even though I pay taxes”

    Man, I’d love to know if she is paying her appropriate self-employment taxes. You know, the daunting amount that most self-employed people must pay, since they don’t have the employer withholding like the rest of us loosers with sorry J.O.B.s have.

    Well, at least MK Corp will crush her with taxes on her career car and whatever prizes and trips she “earns” from MK. I bet Tracy would love to get her hands on Jamie’s tax returns…I am clueless about taxes (thank goodness for a great CPA, mine is president of my state’s CPA association chapter) but I sure would love to hear Tracy’s assessment of what Jamie is NOT reporting. Oh, and to see her schedule C…surely she’s well over 100k because NSD = Executive Pay!

  12. Oh my god I know Jamie! My best friend worked for her and lost a ton of money….she was so pushy..

      • 🎵Tell us more, tell us more🎶
        🎵How much dough did she spend?🎶
        🎵Tell us more, tell us more🎶
        🎵Did she recruit all your friends?🎶

        If I have to suffer this earworm, so do you.

  13. I’m glad that people who know Jamie keep popping out of the woodwork to criticize her and that this article keeps climbing up and up in the “most popular posts” column. It’s is a reminder to everyone that she hurt real people for the sake of a title that means nothing outside her little pink world.

    (And if she wants to give me a stuffed skunk for my stinkin’ thinkin’, I’ll happily knit a little sweater for it and take selfies with it everywhere I go.)

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