Early Implosion of Jamie Taylor’s Verge Area

[updated November 2022 to record 3 more directors lost – 1 first line and 2 second line]

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a never ending cycle of churning new recruits, big inventory packages, DIQs, and sales directors. It took Jamie Taylor many tries to get her Verge national area together. And the only way she did it was the way they all do it…. with consultants and directors ordering products they don’t need. Jamie even says it’s all trial and error.

Jamie finished her requirements March 31, 2021. This is what her national area looked like at that time. Names with stars are Cadillac drivers.

Jamie said that Gabby and Jennifer “carried this whole area.” Those two HAD to finish DIQ in order for Jamie to have enough first line directors to qualify to be an nsd.

But now, a year and a half later, how is the Verge area doing???? Our friend ParsonsGreen did a little research and found that 36% of Jamie’s directors at the time of the formation of her national area are no longer directors. 18 months later, and she’s lost more than 1/3 of her area!!!! She’s got 35 more years that she has to keep this sinking ship afloat!

Here’s what ParsonsGreen found about Jamie Taylor’s sales directors:

  • Megan Wilkes Coleman had a Unit Goal for Seminar 2021 of $800,000 but fell short with $775,000. In 2022, her Unit Club was $450,000.
  • Chelsea Adkins Chelsea had a Unit Goal for Seminar 2021 of $1,000,000 but fell short. She did achieve the Top Directors Trip with a Unit club of $650,002. She also missed her goal of a January 2022 NSD Debut. For 2022, she achieved a Unit Club of $300,000. She is currently not even meeting her minimum production to keep the Cadillac.

In 2022, the Verge area first line directors did the following unit clubs:

  • Rachel Ryan $400k
  • Taylor McKnight $500k
  • Kayla Watts  $600k
  • Michelle Bailey  $300k
  • Gabby Blanton – no unit club

None of Jamie’s second line directors did a unit club.

Jamie has lost the following first line directors since her debut:

  • Lacey Littleton
  • Cora Bowler
  • Jennifer Witt
  • Gabby Blanton (as of November 2022)

And she’s lost the following second line directors:

  • Carrier Zuberer
  • Haley McGuire
  • Taylor Newcomb (see here how MK changed her life… before she lost her directorship)
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Cheyenne Reading
  • Robin Wilkes
  • Marylei Applegate (as of November 2022)
  • Maddie Towe (as of November 2022)

So to recap… Since her appointment to the position of nsd, Jamie has lost 3 4 first line and 6 8 second line directors. She only added 1 new first line (Sarah Burgette) and 1 new second line (Teanna Sowers)…. but Teanna quickly lost her directorship too.

Brooke Racer used to be in a Cadillac, but has been demoted and is now trying to finish Equinox production. Carrie Zuberer (former director) was in a Cadillac.

None of Jamie’s directors made Top Director Trip Status ($650k or above) for the 2022 seminar year.

Mary Kay by the numbers. Any way you slice it, this is a bad, bad opportunity. Just ask the 9 former Verge directors. Surely they can’t all be lazy losers who didn’t work the Mary Kay way?



  1. Well done parsonsgreen, Pink Truth Supersleuth!

    Numbers don’t lie, MK, no matter how much you do.

    • Yes, there was a big rules change a few years back and the newer NSDs have production requirements.

      They have to stay NSD for 15 years before they can “retire” (I think), so she’s got a long slog on that hamster wheel

  2. This is an incredible bit of research ParsonsGreen. Wow…very impressive!

    Now just imagine if Mary Kay’s compensation and reward structure was build around actual product sales to outside customers, instead of orders. PG’s lists would look very different indeed! Does anyone believe these SDs would be selling enough product to outside customers in their units to justify those car allowances? Not a chance.

    But if consultants received no incentive or reward for themselves (or their upline) for placing a big personal inventory order, why would they do such a thing? Well…they wouldn’t. It is well known in economics that when you subsidize something, you get more of it. In Mary Kay, the subsidy is tied to the order, not the sale. This likely results in an overwhelming majority of the product Mary Kay produces rotting in the homes of the sales force (and ultimately donated and/or sent to the landfill).

    Someone should tip off the environmentalists to all of this!

  3. How many of those SDs were “miracle place-holders”, just to get Jamie over the top? (For one, Robin Wilkes, daughter of Megan Wilkes.)

    I never understood the name “Verge” for a National Area. Is it because she was so often on the verge of making NSD? (Now on the verge of losing the title?)

    A Google search shows “verge” is French slang for penis.

  4. I just came across Pink Truth and I am really blown away. I am a MK consultant – for several years. I always wondered HOW IT REALLy WORKED. I knew there was no FREE CAR!
    That should of told me to RESEARCH the Mary Kay Company.

    What a sad outcome to learn………..

    • Olivia- welcome. Keep reading here … we gain nothing monetarily for any of this information. We share our experiences and the truth about MK. We aren’t lazy, stupid, etc. We are women (and some men) from all walks of life, areas of the country, social-economic standings and belief systems. We represent practically all levels you could ever achieve in MK all the way up to on-target NSD. You will be amazed at how similar our stories are.

      I hope you stick around and gain valuable knowledge- then act on what you’ve learned. Don’t continue feeding the MLM beast- they don’t deserve your hard-earned income…. and that’s what they’re after… they don’t care if you succeed or not.

      Once again, welcome. 🙂

    • Actually Olivia. I was a consultant and had folks who wanted to sign up, I always made production too. I just decided that I didn’t want to be a red jacket or keep doing MK. After Seminar and getting my pink cowboy hat, cute earrings and other stuff I was done. I did what I signed up to do, prove to myself that I could do it. I didn’t want to sign anybody up to go through trying to recruit and having to keep their sales up too. I had found Pink Truth right after Seminar. I have no regrets and won’t discourage anyone else. They have to decide for themselves what is best for them.

      • They have to decide for themselves. But how should they decide? By listening to the lies that they are told by their recruiter? Or by getting the truth from a place like Pink Truth, where there is no vested interest in whether they sign up or not? You don’t have to “discourage” them. But telling them the truth that almost no one makes money in this scam would be the ethical thing to do.

  5. Public Service Message to new readers:

    If you’re here researching whether to join either Mary Kay or maybe some other MLM, just say “no” to any and all MLM companies. They all run the same broken model that enriches the company founders and maybe a few others, but everyone else gets the shaft.

    MLM encourages endless-chain recruiting, which inevitably saturates the market with too many sellers.

    Pink Truth focuses on Mary Kay, but they’re all fruit from the same poison tree.

  6. Does an NSD have to keep a certain number of directors under them?

    If they don’t make production do they get demoted?

    • Yes … the newer ones have to have a certain number of directors OR a certain production level or they are demoted.

      It hasn’t happened yet, but we are waiting with popcorn.

  7. Funny…since March 31, I’ve made money I don’t have to refund in a chargeback, driven a luxury car I don’t have to calculate whether I’ll have a payment or not, enjoyed my nights and weekends without wearing heels to some meeting or stranger’s house for an appointment, not had to pay my own way to Dallas for days in the horrendous heat of Seminar…

    I could keep going. NSD really should stand for “Non-Stop Directorship”.

  8. So this is off topic, but is anyone shocked at the birthing video?? I just can’t believe that nothing is sacred or private anymore. Why would she want to publicize this experience the whole world?? It should be a private family event. Not to mention I am personally appalled looking at placenta and umbilical . Not that it’s not natural and normal, but I did not need to see it.

  9. I just checked and Gabby Blanton, MaryLei and Maddie are no longer SDs…eeeeek.

    I can’t imagine the debt Gabby has after Jamie specifically praised her and Jennifer Witt: “they carried this whole area” and “putting orders on cards” and “didn’t keep a lick of profit”. I also don’t know if she ever recovered initially from her first run as an SD because she was in for YEARS.

    It look like she became an SD in Sept 2016 then in Dec 2020, no longer SD. Then in DIQ Feb 2021. I can’t imagine the financial and psychological impacts.

  10. This is the most pathetic website I have ever seen. Everything on this post couldn’t be more FALSE. How about you actually try learning the truth before posting lies. Who is doing the brain washing here?! Lmaooooooo just straight up SORRY. A bunch of pathetic women getting together to gossip lmao. Do better. Mind your own business. This site isn’t hurting Mary Kay in the least. You’re wasting your time tbh

    • Hi Jessica – Thanks for seeking out Pink Truth and taking the time to read and comment. You are the one posting lies. The information in this article has been verified. Why does it upset you that we’re discussing the facts surrounding women who were MK directors and are no longer directors?

    • Hey hun, why don’t you post the truth to counter our lies. We would be interested to see the full disclosures you can offer.

    • “Everything on this post couldn’t be more FALSE.”

      Really, Jessica? Either the women listed ARE currently directors, or are NOT currently directors. There is no grey area: each one either holds the title of SD, or each does not. Look them up yourself.

      Put down the two-liter of pink Koolaid and realize that these facts are neither “positive” or “negative”…they just “are”.

  11. 12 directors out, 1 director in. Jamie your bathtub is draining faster than you can refill it. 34 more years on the hamster wheel!

  12. So looking at the current lineup, it has to be worse now than it was for at least some period of time BEFORE Jamie was appointed NSD, right? And I’m curious about those NSD production requirements…I remember seeing something about a “two year” barometer, but I don’t remember what exactly. When her area hits the two year mark next year, if she at that time doesn’t have the minimum NSD lineup, what if anything happens? A probationary period?

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