Mary Kay sales director Chelsea Claytor Adkins has named it and claimed it! She will be a national sales director in one year… in January 2022.

Now. Let’s remember this is the woman who bought her way into a pink Cadillac in June 2019.  She then proceeded to miss Cadillac production every month until April 2020.

But somehow she swindled a bunch of women into signing up for MK during the pandemic and she frontloaded enough that she did the $550k unit club for Seminar 2020 (with the help of a bunch of double credit, of course). Here’s how her year worked out:

Note: She did not make $650k unit club, she made $550k. And it’s not $650k in sales. It’s the amount of ordering, and it’s much less than that because of double credit and because the number is suggested retail, without factoring in the many discounts that consultants offer.

Chelsea is allegedly on her way to “doing a million” this year.

The goal has always been NSD, but now Chelsea has turned it up a notch. It’s now going to happen in ONE YEAR.

That’s all lovely but for the fact that on the Lynnea Tate area site, Chelsea is shown as a senior sales director. That means she has 1 or 2 offspring directors. She needs 20 total between first line and second line to become an NSD. So she’s going to add 18 new directors below her in a year? Sure, Jan.

Also, the stuff about God telling Chelsea that she’s going to be an NSD in one year? That’s offensive. God’s going to do it for her, and God’s going to get the glory. I’m sorry, God has nothing to do with the defrauding of hundreds of women to get to NSD. God does not call you to be part of a giant pyramid scheme that preys on women and their pocketbooks. (Preys, not prays.)

The “goal” is laughable, and saying God will make it happen for her is silly.

Oh, and if you were wondering about our friend Jamie Taylor, she is apparently 2 first line sales directors away from meeting the NSD qualifications.



  1. “This is something that I will bring you through so that I can get glory.”

    Chelsea, you need to stop listening to the pastors and church people you’re listening to. God doesn’t say this. God doesn’t need or want to get glory. God certainly doesn’t make a woman an NSD so he can get glory. This is just a disgusting twisting of scripture to fit your desires.

    • beautiful, beautiful, thank you so much Tracy. Putting little human wants onto God just seems like the height of narcissism and the lowest possible dimunition of God’s true nature and place in human lives. Letting the light of God shine through us is our blessing and in my heart, I know all the credit goes to God which to me is where giving Him the glory comes from. Thank you for highlighting the stupid human tricks this twisted thinking promotes that is so easily overlooked by those who are seeking God but finding humans.

  2. “Jamie is apparently 2 first line sales directors away from meeting NSD qualifications.”

    1. Jamie becomes NSD.
    2. Jamie et al. then help Chelsea become NSD.

    Is that how the miracle works?

    • What is well-known in MK: Momentum creates momentum. It’s easier to sign women up when they see that you (or someone close to you) has “met a big goal.” That’s why Chelsea had to buy her way into the Cadillac. That Cadillac causes some to sign up, as sad as that sounds.

      So yes, if Jamie makes NSD, that helps all others in many respects. Look! Jamie is young, cute, and unprofessional! If she can do it, you can too!

      Jamie may need 3 more sales directors, now that we’re aware that one of her first line that she was counting in her 8 (Karhlee Zambos) lost her directorship.

  3. Having made this so public, she’s going to do WHATEVER it takes to scam, buy, trick and lie her way there. Frightening. Stay at home moms, strap on your brains.

  4. I’ll humor her and go with it, since God told me to make this post this morning. Oh my!

    If I am to believe that Chelsea is telling the truth, that God told her to do it, then I must also believe this woman:

    “God told me to kill boys, says mother”- The Independent

    “A Texas woman who stoned two of her children to death and seriously injured a third on Mother’s Day last year told psychiatrists she was driven to kill by a message from God and that she was sure they would rise again from the dead…….”I felt like I obeyed God and I believe there will be good out of this,” she explained in the interview, looking wide-eyed and sometimes smiling. “I feel like he will reveal his power and they will be raised up. They will become alive again.” Ms Laney added that she felt connected to Andrea Yates, the Houston woman who drowned her three children in a bath and who was convicted in 2002. She and Yates, she explained, were chosen to see the end of the world together.

    “She’s separated psychologically from all the horror of it and she’s simply a woman on a divine mission carrying out the Lord’s will,” Mr Resnick told the court.”

    Point is, people can use a God however they choose, as people can ‘say’ whatever they want. And thus, “belief” is a dangerous game. Facts, proof, math and science, matter.

    70% of Earth’s humans aren’t going to hell because they don’t “believe” in some man-made religion called Christianity, or any other religion. And seriously, why would a God want that for all his people anyway? It makes no sense.

    Her pastor says, “Share them as a sign of your faith”. Faith, there’s that convenient word again. Definition: Faith – a belief that is not based on proof.

    Acting Christ-like is an entirely different conversation. If Jesus was a kind, humble, and loving Jewish man, no harm in aspiring to be like him. There are many good people we should aspire to be like. Do we really think that a God would only create one man as a “savior”, a mere 2000 years ago when the Earth is how old, and only from one part of the world? And then have a select few “followers” condemn all his other creatures to hell. Ay yi yi. That God is not what my God would represent, but let the dislikes begin. I’ll pray for all those who dislike the notion of loving all humans on Earth equally.

    • Pontification much! This is not a religious site for your liking to shout out. Do not care about your journey on this front. Twiiter is for that hon.

      • Chelsea brings up God, her pastor, and Mary Kay in the article, not me. And Mary Kay’s own motto is: God first, family second, career third. So it’s very much related today, thanks.

        Let me guess: Now, I’m a hater and negative, I don’t get it, am jealous, evil, and I’m missing an opportunity. I am to be judged, disliked, and banished for my critical thought and mentioning of facts, LOGIC, and my love for ALL God’s people. How dare I speak against hierarchy and ask questions. That tune sure rings familiar, doesn’t it?’

        On a more personal level, it was MLM that made me see the light. True story! I give full credit to MLM’s cultish ways and teachings for my aha moment. My critical thinking was always there, but suppressed by my surroundings. And, of course, my grandmother and other kooky family members threatening hell for doubters and the unfaithful. No more kool-aid for me. So, not only is it relevant to today’s article, it is directly related to my own MLM experience – which this site is about!

        MLM has taught me so much about belief systems, and that’s why it occasionally pops up in my posts when relevant.

        • Thank you very much Colleen. And if I may comment about the 9 and counting dislikes, I feel like a Mary Kay consultant who returned product and spoke negative about the MK cult. The girls no longer like me and won’t talk to me, because I simply focused on facts.

          My intention for bringing up “Christ-like” was actually to show and convey some RESPECT for the man Christians worship. But alas, there is no room for anything but complete conformity in a cult belief system. None in Mary Kay, and none in a person’s “chosen” religion. So, if the shoe fits….

          (Moving on now.)

          • lolololol Char, you are being very Christ-like indeed!!! Rejected for speaking, in HIs case definitely the truth, but rejected nonetheless. So you must have something right in there to get dissed, right??? I love your deep analyses of so many issues, Char, and am so glad Tracy doesn’t inhibit our tangents and off topics etc., as they clearly stem from whatever we are replying to. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought —- I have been getting so dejected from the intolerance of those who feel that I have freedom of speech only when I agree with them, and I seriously am so grateful for the wonderful places Pink Truth meanders off to.

      • Meh. I don’t have a problem with Char talking about religion. It’s a large part of the original post, after all. I’ve found that Char’s beliefs are a little different than many here, but I don’t mind her expressing them as long as the conversation is respectful.

      • Twitter is the sewer of the internet, I have wished for its demise for years, ever since I saw the poison that flows out of it like Chernobyl radiation.
        I am so surprised by the vehemence of your response to Char’s post. She explores so many subjects and I learn plenty from everyone’s posts whether they are in my belief system or not. I found nothing pontificating about it, just a collection of thoughts on a related topic as stems from the original post.

  5. Just hard for me to wrap my mind around the idea that God wants to get the Glory for Chels making it to NSD, by the only way possible; stating an unreachable make yourself sick goal, manipulate your team to be enmeshed in it, apply pressure using exclusive prizes and recognition, take advantage of deceptive accounting practices, recruit others with exaggerated claims and lack of full disclosure, promote financial debt in your downline and place 100% focus on things related to Earth…

    ‘Cause that’s how God rolls…

    • The Christian God I grew up with didn’t stick His nose in people’s business attempts. Nor did He make their sportsball team win because one player decorated his face with religious slogans and publicly prayed “to be seen by men”. (Matthew 6:15)

      The God I grew up with took the time to braid a scourge and drive out those who traded by using His Father’s name (Matthew 21:12-17, John 2:13-16)

    • Does MK promote things like The Secret? This smacks of such plastic thinking. She can focus all attention on her goals, make her goals everyone else’s goals, cause she is the actual God of her life and so all revolves around her. So she has to make sure everyone knows what to think in order for her to get her heart’s desire, which evidently must be God’s desires since inclusiveness must incorporate both MK Christianity and the “enlightenment” of self glorification from the Secret type thinking.

  6. This company is disgusting.It is very present in Latin America. Guess their U.S market has already dried up.

  7. “I literally want to throw up posting this”.

    Really, Chels? Really? You’re dry heaving as you press the “post” button?

    This sounds so incredibly disingenuous. Is she trying to be relatable or something? Is this what she thinks “vulnerability” looks like?

  8. “Being obedient is more important than being comfortable”
    Obedient to whom?

    I often hear/see the words “obedient” and “obedience” from MLM distributors. Someone is planting that in their heads. Very manipulative.

  9. “I literally want to throw up posting this.”

    I literally want to throw up READING it…?

    • Millionaire? Chelsea is in massive credit card debt thanks to Mary Kay. She didn’t qualify for a mortgage to buy the home she pretends to own. She is far from a millionaire. She likely has negative net worth (owes more money to creditors than assets owned). In this case, we are supposed to pretend the “million” is a million dollars of products sold by her unit. They will sell a small fraction of that if they are lucky.

    • I wasn’t saying that she was a millionaire. I was saying that if she was a millionaire, she’d get her nails done.

  10. Lol, “lezzzzzzzz do disss”…in what universe is that appropriate for an “executive” to say?

    She’s going to have so much fun when she eventually has to get a real J-O-B and phrases like that show up when a prospective employer does a little internet search.

    Good luck with that, Chelsea.


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