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Verge National Area in the Making

Jamie Taylor is trying so hard to become a Mary Kay NSD. Currently she needs 20 total first and second line sales directors who each have at least 24 people in each unit. Later this year that changes to a minimum of 30 people in each unit. So the race is on.

Jamie needs 2 or 3 first line directors (depending on who you believe) to finish. Every month is THE month that she is finishing. But she just lost a first line director, Karhlee Zambos, and I’m sure others are not far behind in losing their units. That’s why everything has to be done NOW… because the attrition rates are terrible.  (Mary Kay herself used to say that moving up in MK was like filling a bathtub with the drain open…. people are falling off nearly as fast as you’re adding them.)

Friday night Jamie V. Taylor had a big recruiting event. In true Mary Kay style, Jamie lied about how many women were attending her event:

She didn’t have 2,000 guests. She had less than half that, as ratted out by her friend Chelsea:

Oh, I know what happened. Jamie offered $2,000 in cash prizes if 2,000 people attended:

She showed a winner of $600. I bet this was like all of the carrots that are dangled in MK. The prize of $2,000 isn’t given away unless some unachievable goal is obtained. So, no $2,000 for you ladies!

This recruiting event with 862 people (including Jamie and all the MK directors and recruiters who were also on) resulted in 75 women saying yes.

There are three big questions after this event:

  1. How many women will actually follow through with signing up?
  2. How many will place an inventory order to activate?
  3. How many will do their homework on the internet and find Pink Truth before they spend any money?


  1. Wasrings90

    A Dyson thing? Was it the original hair dryer or the airwrap with all the fancy attachments?

    I have the original hair dryer, love it… got it a year ago bought it with my Ulta points, it cost me out of pocket about $24. The points had been accumulated over about 3 yrs, because I get my brows done there & buy quality make up. There was no pressure to buy low quality products every month, ask my friends to buy products attend meetings or go into debt to get a fancy hair dryer…. altho I will admit I do love it and how it makes my hair feel.

    1. Heather

      I actually returned the Dyson hair dryer as I was not a fan. I have fine hair, and it did nothing for me. The air wrap thing has my attention, though… I have a TON of Ulta points right now, yet I’ve been saving them for my annual NARS foundation purchase.

      1. Wasrings90

        That’s interesting my mom got hers as a gift and she has really fine hair & loves it. I also have fine hair and love it, I probably would still be sitting on getting it or not tho if I hadn’t tried my mom’s out.

  2. Ruby Slippers

    Dangling incentives and carrots ? like MK always does. When “goals” don’t happen in MK or at Corp it is brushed under the rug. Just like the 1,000,000 hostess challenge ,it was scrubbed from Intouch .
    Secondly, if DIQ goes to 30 active it will be harder to achieve NSD and MK Corp will benefit also from units going into MK National area with no “commission” to pay to National . A win win for Corp.

  3. Juliet

    So these are 75 direct to Jamie new consultants? I am recalling how she was saying at another time to sign up for $30 and place a $225 order, then in six months return to being a customer lol. Not ashamed to admit, I have high hopes that she doesn’t succeed prior to the 30 minimum coming into place because this is a vile “achievement” and hence, evokes vile responses in people. Enjoying the thought as well of how few of those 75 will hit the inventory purchase amount that is ideally desired. What a waste of such an engaging young woman’s potential.

    1. TRACY

      No, it’s mostly (if not all) downline. Direct recruits don’t help Jamie right now. My guess is that even if she did get her own recruits, she’d put them under a DIQ who needs to finish so she can get her 20 units.

      1. enorth

        “she’d put them under a DIQ who needs to finish so she can get her 20 units.”

        So common in MLMs. Recruit new people and place them where they would benefit YOU, while making it sound like you’re helping the other person. “I’m passionate about helping my team succeed!” Yeah, right.

  4. Kristen

    It’s fascinating to read all the former directors on here. They know what goes on behind the curtain. All the scrambling. All the cheating. The lying. I guess if you were already rich, you could literally just buy yourself a team and NSD position.

  5. Heather

    A Zoom/online event with 862 people… okay, thinking back to in-person recruiting events and who was there:

    – Easily HALF of the attendees were IBCs at various stages in the “career path.” That brings us to 431.
    – Out of that 431 people, another half are directors. That’s 215 people (rounding down since you cannot really have half of a person, but we ARE dealing with MK math here).
    – IF 75 said YES during that event, that is a 34.9% success rate. Three and a half people out of 10 said yes. Let’s say three because of that half of a person thing.

    Now let’s talk about those 75 so-called-said-yes ladies.
    – I would guess that two-thirds will sign an agreement and pay a consultant fee (either the $30 or the $100 one). That’s 50 ladies conned into an IBC agreement, probably done to get that MK lady to shut up.
    – Out of that 50, HALF will likely not do a darn thing with it. They will play with whatever is in their kits, and maybe, just maybe they will order a hundred bucks or so online. Doubtful, but who knows really? That leaves us with 25 ladies.
    – From that 25, 5 will place star consultant orders at varying levels, 5 will place $600 orders, and the rest will order the minimum $200 to become active. From the 15 who order $200, you will lucky to have 5 who order again in the future.
    – From the 10 who place star and qualifying orders, you will find 1, maybe 2 hotshots that stick around for a year or longer.

    SOOOOO…. out of 862 people online, you had a 2.9% success rate. And you have three months before those 25 all go inactive. Better hustle.

    1. Juliet

      wow Heather, thank you for the breakdown! I had those questions for sure, but I am surprised at the stark numbers. I guess I did think out of 862 people 75 kind of wasn’t bad but the falling off of the various outcomes you noted sound so likely. Honestly feels shocking to see it laid out like that. Again, thank you!

    2. Pinkiu

      Heather, that’s chilling. Your breakdown just goes to show how much work is required in this sham of a business. I wonder if you had to submit that form that night in order to be in the drawing. I also wonder if they can submit online without a paper form. I bet there was an additional incentive for those who did submit that night.

      I really feel sorry for those who said yes. You know that those SDs are going to hound them like CRAZY over the next week to not only get them to sign the form but to convince them to order $625 wholesale at minimum. Why? Because the end of the month is fast approaching.

    1. J

      I was cringing at the heavily pixilated blue word art. It didn’t have to be there. It’s one of my pet peeves of these faux businesses; they can’t see the glaring differences between professional and unprofessional.

      If they were really as big as they put out on social, they’d have a design team that reviews everything before it’s posted—if not create the content themselves.

      1. Mountaineer95

        I hated that blue font post too. So unprofessional. Real world “executives” don’t motivate their teams using cutesy middle-school-slumber-party-styled social media posts. Good luck for when you one day have to get a real JOB, Jamie, because that stuff will be searchable online for all eternity.

  6. JW

    So, I did a quick search on Jamie Taylor on this site and there are over TEN “blog posts” about her. Seems a little excessive – maybe you’re obsessed with her?! ?

    I know enough about Jamie Taylor from looking at her IG that she loves Taylor Swift’s music – I’m sure y’all know that as well! I’m sure if she saw this post she’d just “Shake it Off” cause you know …

    “’Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
    And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate (Haters gonna hate)
    Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off (Whoo-hoo-hoo)”

    Have a great day! ??

    1. TRACY

      Hi, friend of Jamie! Thanks for checking in on us. What we hate is women who lie…. that would include Mary Kay sales directors. Jamie is victimizing hundreds of women with her MK scam, and she loves to use FB and Instagram to do so… which makes great material to discuss here. Please visit again soon!

    2. Destiny Angel

      “So, I did a quick search on Jamie Taylor on this site and there are over TEN “blog posts” about her. Seems a little excessive – maybe you’re obsessed with her?! ?”

      TEN posts in over 300 posts since the first one was published in October 2019. And TEN posts in the eight years Ms Taylor has been in MK . Doesn’t sound very obsessed to me.

      Oh and it’s TWELVE posts not TEN.

  7. JW

    #1. You’re wrong – NOT a friend of Jamie. I don’t even know the girl. ??

    #2. Believe what you want but I discovered Jamie when I ran across your site. Thanks for introducing me to Mary Kay though – my skin feels AMAZING! ?? I’m a happy customer and my consultant is FABULOUS!

    #3. Tracy, you shouldn’t make assumptions – I’m sure you’ve heard what they say about people that assume, right? ?

    #4. That’s all I have to say … Bye Felicia! Have a great day! ??

    1. ran4fun

      Wow, another person who just “ran across” (aka stumbled on) this site. She knew nothing about Mary Kay or Jamie. She “ran across” this site and “discovered” Jamie and found all the articles about her, whom she admits she doesn’t know. And now, thanks to us, she’s a happy customer with a FABULOUS consultant. Yeah, right. Her use of the Taylor Swift song is a dead give-away. She’s a Kaybot.


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