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After several years of not really taking care of myself, in 2019 I started to step up my game.  I began losing weight, starting dressing nicer for work, and finally got the right skin care routine for my perimenopausal skin.

For Christmas I asked my husband for a gift card to Sephora so I could have a makeup artist show me how to do some casual day looks, because I was still applying eye shadow like it was 1995.  I have been daydreaming for weeks about having a trained makeup artist teach me a few tricks and hook me up with products that fit what I wanted and needed.  I had planned a whole day around getting my nails and makeup done, having a nice lunch out, and scoping out some of my favorite higher end consignment stores.  After years of putting everyone else first, the one thing I wanted more than anything for Christmas was a day of beauty and self-care.

On Christmas morning I noticed I had an extra stocking hanging from the mantle.  Imagine my surprise (dismay) when I pulled out several Mary Kay products.  My husband then explained how our friend who “sells” MK reached out to him to see if I could use any beauty products for Christmas.  When he explained to her that I was actually looking for a makeover, she talked him into the stocking and told him to have me set up an appointment with her after the holidays.

I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I am!  I know my husband meant well, but this was the furthest thing from the gift I had anticipated.  I feel like I got a lump of coal in my stocking instead of the gift I truly wanted.  In my husband’s defense, he really thought he was doing something nice for me and helping our friend with her “small business.”

While it is the topic of another post, this woman had talked me into becoming a consultant back in 2018.  It was then that I found Pink Truth.  This Kaybot followed all the scripts posted on this website.  She told me the half truths that others wrote about.  She omitted important information that I never would have known if it wasn’t for Pink Truth.  Because of this, I’ve done my best to avoid her texts, calls, and FB messages for the past several months.  I am not interested in renewing my consultant agreement or continuing to use MK products.  Yet, now I feel totally obligated to go to this appointment with her, not actually learn new ways to apply makeup, and then buy a few things that I really am not thrilled with using.

Merry Christmas to me! More Mary Kay-related guilt.



    I did EXACTLY what you are saying at 24 or 25, found a woman who taught me skin care and did my colors, etc., and I took my then-15 year old niece to her for skin care training etc.


    and make it CLEAR to hubby, the sweetheart also, that you want nothing to do with pyramid schemes AND that mkbot/

  2. I’m so sorry that your hopes got hijacked by Mary Kay! I completely sympathize with your disappointment.

    If you can bring yourself to be honest with your husband, I think it would be best to thank him sincerely for the thought, but then tell him the truth (why you don’t use Mary Kay) after which you can contact his friend to get a refund on the products.

    But if you absolutely can’t bring yourself to do that, then I suggest delaying the facial indefinitely. Keep stalling, keep making excuses, keep ignoring calls and texts, and just wait it out until she eventually gives up trying. It will be easier in the long run to keep putting her off forever, than to live with the resentment you’ll feel if you make the appointment and end up wasting even more money.

  3. Dear “Peachy”:

    You are under NO obligation to submit yourself to more abuse at the hands of Mary Kay or anyone associated with it. Kindly inform your husband that you were once scammed by Mary Kay and that now, so has he. Tell him that MK reps get zero training as make-up artists, even though they imply otherwise. Tell him Mary Kay products are sub-standard, which is why you asked for a Sephora gift card .

    Tell him you love him and you appreciate what he tried to do, but that you’d rather light your hair on fire and put it out with an ice pick than go anywhere near anything or anyone associated with Mary Kay ever again.

    Then throw that crap the heck away. Mary Kay has already ruined your Christmas; there’s no sense in letting it ruin your New Year, too.

    • Can’t she return the products to the consultant and get her money back, rather than throwing them out?

      • I doubt it, but maybe. To me, it’s worth the expense not to have to deal with that person again, but that’s me. I’m not great at confrontations.

  4. Many people just don’t know…they just.don’t.know! You are not obligated to go to her for a “facial.” Go to Sephora anyway and enjoy your day.

  5. Let the MK rep know that your husband MISUNDERSTOOD your intentions and you have no intention of making an appointment or buying any more product from her.

    And then hang up as many times as it takes.

  6. Can you ask the rep to take the products back and give a refund because you’re husband didn’t realize you are allergic to Mary Kay products?…

    You also are a much better woman than I, I would’ve been in full crying mode, it’s one thing if you requested Sephora and they got confused and got an Ulta gift card but this rep prayed on your husband’s lack of knowledge and used friendship guilt to make a sale.

    As already stated by Lazy Gardens – you are under no obligation to book an appt with the MK lady and or buy anything just because your husband said you would.

  7. “More Mary Kay-related guilt.”

    MLMs peddle in guilt. Don’t give them that power. Put them on the defensive by demanding your money back. You should never feel guilty for setting a boundary with someone who SHOULD feel guilty for exploiting a personal relationship for financial gain.

  8. “I feel totally obligated to go.”

    You’re an adult. You don’t have to do this. You can always tell her you were already an IBC and you just don’t like the products. Of course, she’ll come back with, “Oh, but our products have changed since then!”

    You’ll hate yourself if you go.

  9. “…..this woman had talked me into becoming a consultant back in 2018…… She omitted important information that I never would have known if it wasn’t for Pink Truth. Because of this, I’ve done my best to avoid her texts, calls, and FB messages for the past several months. I am not interested in renewing my consultant agreement or continuing to use MK products.”

    Whoa, hold the phone. Are you telling us that after all that, she went around you and called your husband to buy her MKrap? As a Christmas gift for you?! When she knew you didn’t want anything to do with it anymore?! There is a saying for her, “Lower than whale shit.”

    • Which is why I would not have any qualms about dumping that crud on her desk and demanding my husband’s money back. And then going for my planned day of pleasure.

      The older I get, the less I am inclined to play “nice” and “not rock the boat” .

    • I would bring my lawyer with me, lay it all on the line what she has done to you (lying about things back in 2018, etc.), and tell her she will be sent a cease and desist letter if she doesn’t give your husband his money back and stop contacting you. BE TOUGH!

  10. Please let us know the outcome…as Paul Harvey would have said “the rest of the story” !

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