It’s common to see Mary Kay directors and nsds flaunting their wealth. You see, it’s important to pretend that people make a lot of money in this MLM. No one is going to sign up for MK if they were told that almost no one makes money.

The luxury handbags are strategically placed in pictures to remind you that they are making lots of money. Sometimes they’re front and center. Other times they “just so happen” to have an expensive item in a picture they post on social media.

Like this one from Kristin Sharpe:

We pretend it’s a post about a visit to a building supply store for our home rebuild, but the real point is to put our “Louis Vuitton” bag in the picture to remind followers that we’re rich and successful.

Except a number of people have speculated that Kristin is carrying a FAKE Louis Vuitton bag. Here’s a side-by-side with an authentic LV OnTheGo bag. The authentic one is the exact same size and style that Kristin was carrying.

Do you see any differences that would lead you to believe Kristin’s LV bag is a fake?



  1. It’s hard to tell from this angle, but it looks like Kristin’s has square corners, suggesting the side and bottom panels are cut and sewn seperately. On a real LV the front, bottom, and sides are all cut in one continuous piece. The side panels of the real bag are curved and pooch out a little bit but hers sits flat.

    Other than that, Shay’s right. The print on Kristin’s is wonky. The monogram isn’t centered on the face of the bag and the spacing between the flowers is uneven – the four-pointed flowers should be aligned with the monogram’s centerline but they’re droopy.

    I wish to heck the LV website showed the lining of the bags. That’s usually a big hint as to whether the bag is real or not.

    Not to mention the real deal costs $3000+, and between the neverending remodel and making production, I doubt she’s got that much to spare.

  2. If it’s real, this would be a great opportunity for Kristin to prove it, by posting a (properly redacted) receipt of the purchase to her social media if not directly to Tracy. If it’s real, she ABSOLUTELY will have kept the receipt.

    Personally, I can’t tell a fake from a real one. But I CAN speculate that any Mary Kay NSD surely must be able to afford a real one. Right?

    • I’ve been thinking all this time that she was an NSD, but if so she’d have an area, not a unit, right? Or she is NSD and just didn’t update this graphic?

      • She is an NSD but also has a personal unit. When/If she is able to retire with MK, she can place her personal unit with one of her directors. (Like her mom did with her). The members of her area outside the personal unit would go to the MK National area.

        • Thanks! Now, if her personal unit is so bad, how bad is her overall area? Did she become NSD before the new requirements?

          (That second sentence has me wondering how bad Jamie Taylor’s area is…any more directors fall off lately?)

  3. That poor little boy is not upset about the home rebuild. He’s hopeless because his mother is stuck in an MLM and photos his emotional reactions to post on social media to recruit more victims.

  4. There’s an influencer called Sarah Tondello that would spend thousands on fake designer bags and we all noticed how fake they were.

  5. I love the website 1st Dibs. They sell antiques, jewelry, fashion, and more. They also have some of THE best folks out there who can teach you how to spot the differences between a real LV (amongst other brands) bag and a fake. This is clearly a fake. Look at the handles and how they are stitched, the hardware, including the corner rivets… and someone pointed out the bag body itself and how it appears there are too many pieces. Plus, the LV print doesn’t look right. Prove us wrong, Kristin, and I will correct my statement.

    Truly wealthy people don’t spend their money on “luxury” goods like this. They just don’t. People who WANT to appear wealthy will spend money on designer goods, like LV bags.

    • “Truly wealthy people don’t spend their money on “luxury” goods like this.”—

      Yes and no. The difference is that a truly wealthy person doesn’t make a big deal out of owning the luxury items. It’s their norm.

    • Truly wealthy people don’t spend their money on gaudily labelled goods, they get bespoke goods that last a lot longer. Those “no name” cowboy boots on a rich rancher are probably handmade to order by a custom bootmaker. My baroness neighbor had a great handbag from Hermes – she’d been using it for years because she liked the design.

    • From this post, I ended up wasting two hours yesterday checking out the entire bag collection on the LV website. I did see a few I liked, but I just kept thinking, why on earth would I pay 2 grand (and those were the cheaper ones) for a bag? I think most anyone who does is doing so for the label. But it did get me thinking about looking for a good quality bag from a smaller designer, not super cheap but under a thousand dollars. I used to like Coach but the quality isn’t there; I abuse my bags and the sprayed-on dyes wear off too quickly on those. Do you have any suggestions of a designer or a website I could try?

  6. Regardless if real or not, it is positively sickening to continuously post your children on social media like this. Children should be allowed to experience their lives and emotions without the watchful eye of social media. So many of these MLM “huns” use their children to create content and boost their business and it is sick. It adds no value to their children’s lives and creates pressure for them to act or behave a certain way to continue whatever fantasy their mother, sister, or even foster mother is trying to continue to cultivate.

    If the only way a MLM “bossbabe” thinks she can stay relevant on social media is by exploiting her family, she needs to rethink it.

    No other brand can get away with this level of child exploitation.

  7. I think it depends on what you like tho. Some of the truly wealthiest women in our area have LV bags. My Friend who runs a consignment shop has these women as consignees. I am not a huge fan of LV’s purse styles myself, but I will admit there’s one lady who seems to find the cutest least logo’d LV bags and after a season or 2 sells them at my friend’s shop & have been tempted by a few of them..

    There’s a girl I went thru all of school with,she married a guy with wealth and she’s all about the LV logo bags and restoration hardware home furniture, because she’s so into the where it’s from and the cost of it all. Honestly I don’t get it, probably never will…

    • I have a fake LV bag and there are only two signs on my bag that defined it as a fake. Everything matched up but for the length of the leather cords and the length of the inside zippered pocket. Literally everything else matched including the hidden tag behind the pocket and the stitching. When looking at a fake, you have to check every single clue because they can be really well made.

  8. I think the coloring and quality of the logos is off.

    The logos are not placed properly, and the bottom row of logos is not present on K’s bag.

    The bottom corners don’t look right.

    The color of the lighter colored handle is off.

    The hardware on the handles looks severely tarnished. Even if she used the bag a lot and the hardware showed some wear, I would not expect it to be this bad.

    The pieces holding the handle hardware do not appear to be exactly the right shape, in that they’re not pointy enough at the bottom.

    I’m a nitpicker. It’s a very good fake.

    • No disagreement here. Too much of the bag looks off.

      As I said earlier, prove me wrong, Kristin, and I will change my statement.

  9. Did anyone see the “Kristin Sharpe NSD” Facebook page last Thursday? She posted a joint video presentation which included her husband where they espouse the wealth to be made in MK. They discuss the “free” car they get every two years along with other advantages. Interesting listening if the video is still available.

  10. Louis Vuitton uses one continuous strip of printed leather to make bags, therefore the LV logos should appear right side up on the front side of the bag and upside down on the backside of the bag. If the bag was not made from 1 continuous strip or if the LV logos are right side up on both sides of the bag, then it is likely a fake.

    So if anyone can spot her LV bag showing the backside, check the logos.

    LV is FANATIC about pattern matching and placement

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