Lynnea Tate Area Top Sales Directors

Written by Frosty Rose and Parsonsgreen

I have to apologize in advance for beating a dead horse. Well, not really. I’m always happy to talk about how little sales directors are earning as Boss Babe CEOs of their own Mary Kay business. And this time, thanks to Pink Truth Super Sleuth Parsonsgreen, we can back it up with hard numbers straight from the horse’s mouth.

Check out senior national sales director Lynnea Tate’s January newsletter. Lynnea (wisely? selfishly?) only shows the commission checks for the top five sales directors, and even then, we see a commission check of just $1,400. Let’s stop and repeat that. A director in the TOP FIVE for the area made $350 per week for the very prestigious and lucrative position of Mary Kay Sales Director!!!!

Sheri Purvis didn’t do too bad, but, counting her high check of just over $6,000, the average pay for these five women was $2,658. I wonder what would happen if we included the bottom half of her top 10? Executive pay for sales directors? Not today, Lynnea!



    • That’s not even the lowest! $51.66. It’s bizarre to me that they ranked them by “production” instead of “commission” amount. More proof that the focus is on consultants purchasing products from the company, NOT on consultants actually making money.

      • Also just a random thought, but top earner Sherrie Purvis “celebrated” her “director anniversary” this same time…any chance she ran some Chelsea-ish “anniversary” sales?

        Perhaps our own Pink Truth Super Sleuth can do a dig into Sherrie’s SM accounts?

      • Plus look at the percentages. That means either small teams or consultants are purchasing a lot.

    • Yeah that’s f$&*ing ridiculous. COME ON, KAYBOTS!

      This isn’t “negative”, nor is it uncommon. You will be LUCKY to make $77 dollars in commission, just look at this particular national area. YOUR area, and YOUR “nashy-nash”, do NOT make up some Special Snowflake area that is any different from Lynnea’s.

  1. Subtract expenses from those amounts. (What about chargebacks?)

    So much time and effort for so little money. It’s embarrassing. They obviously have other income to help pay for their Mary Kay hobby.

    • The production quotas are only for directors, and I’m not sure of the dollar amount. This document doesn’t list until production for directors; just consultants.

  2. Good grief! $6083 and that is BEFORE taxes, unit expenses and other deductions.

    For way less hassle, I could earn that much at a cozy, boring 9-5 and leave the job behind when I walk out the door.

    • Not only can you leave the job at the door when you leave the office, you’re undoubtedly getting medical insurance & a pension plan or 401K, which are not available to the sales force in MK.

    • Exactly! I am a 0.9 FTE (36-ish hours a week, which really works out to be closer to 37-38), and I don’t bring my work home (The stress is a different story), and I make more than that a month AFTER taxes and deductions.

  3. Is this for a MONTH? $1400 for one single month? That’s pitiful for how much they “sell the sizzle”!

    • And I’m petty enough that I would LOVE an NSD to publish my current earnings! My monthly income (thank you, contract nursing) would put me in Lynnea’s #1 position!!

      Go ahead and tell me that nurses don’t make good money.

      • If it wasn’t for birthdays and anniversaries, there wouldn’t be much to publish.

        I had been able to read newsletters of two particular SSDs; they’d link to the newsletters from the homepage of their websites. They included passwords in their newsletters, not only for their own website sections, but also for their NSDs’ websites. One even posted her NSD’s password on her public FB page. Brilliant!

    • The ONLY thing that matters is how much Mary Kay Corp. sells to consultants, not how much consultants sell to end-users.


  4. “Pink Truth Super Sleuth”

    Now THAT deserves a hard-earned trademark:

    ParsonsGreen, Pink Truth Super Sleuth(tm)

  5. So did Lynnea become an NSD before the new guidelines/rules (ie the new requirements for NSDs like our friend Jamie Taylor has to follow)? What does Lynnea’s downline look like as far as how many first and second line directors? And does the “senior” part of “senior national sales director” have even more requirements per today’s current NSD contract? I guess I’m asking if Lynnea is a grandfathered-in NSD with really no minimum requirements for number of directors in her downline?

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