Rachel Ryan Will Recruit 100 Consultants By June

Rachel Ryan, a sales director in Jamie Taylor’s national area, should offer a master class in audacious goal setting. Per her social media, she’s going to recruit 100 new consultants by seminar. We’ll ignore the fact that she only recruited 11 new consultants in the entire first six months of the year. I’m sure she’ll be able to double that each and every month for the remaining five months of the seminar year.

And what about these consultant celebrations? $400 in sales, $326 in sales, a couple of new recruits. Do you think she’s walked her consultants through real profit margins? Ya’ know, where you have to pay off that initial investment BEFORE you consider any money into the business as profit? I’m positive she hasn’t, because no one in MK ever does.

Rachel, you keep shooting for the moon and hoping to land among the stars. Me? I’m keeping my feet firmly on the ground, standing by with popcorn to watch the fireworks when the whole thing explodes.



  1. The problem with landing amongst the stars is there’s no oxygen and no food or water and no way to get back home. Your withered husk will float on through the void for all eternity.

    Unless you hit it lucky and land on Sneebdorf Beta, where all their makeup was destroyed in a freak square-dancing calamity and without eyeliner they cannot appease the dreaded Blorflebeast. But what are the odds of that, really?

    (Oh, come on, is it any sillier than a bunch of grown women calling themselves the “Confetti Unit”?)

    • But if she comes under hard times, and needs to use some of her “profit” to pay some bills, word on the street is that’s considered “embezzlement” 😱

    • I noticed in white print: “From the sky, drop like confetti”. Kind of ironic. They will fall and crash. It’s inevitable.

      • Especially when you think about the life cycle of confetti. It looks pretty for a few seconds while it’s falling, then it’s just more garbage on the ground until someone sweeps it up and throws it away.

  2. “joined to have a reason to build new relationships and start conversations with new and old friends.”

    Yep, nothing makes a person feel more special than to know you reached out because you see them as a mark. If these people were *truly* important to you you would have reached out before this and you know it.

  3. Guaranteed financial harm for 100 ladies in your downline is nothing to be proud of.

    Since the average number of direct downline-consultants per consultant in any MLM can never reach one (this is a mathematical certainty), if she adds 100 directly under her, then 100 somewhere in her down-line must have zero under them. There is no way around this reality, since the average can never reach one. If someone has 5 directs under them, then 5 others somewhere in the down-line must have zero.

    This is why signing up 100 is far from good news. Yes, the one doing the recruiting gets a benefit…but at the expense of 100 others. This is an unavoidable reality in endless-chain recruiting systems like Mary Kay, and why it is a lie that “Anyone can do it.” The math says otherwise. Yes, “some” can do it, but only at the expense of others.

    • Exactly. We really need a full article entitled “Why Recruiting Is Bad”.

      “Recruiting” is another one of those words that MLMers have twisted to make it sound so good. They describe it as “sharing the opportunity with others” as though it is so selfless. Not.

  4. Everyone who is at an mlm party is only there because they think it will be fun and they buy something to be nice so that their friend or family member who is throwing the party will be happy BUT then after the 1st party they are avoided completely from their family and friends!

    Mlm people are begging for party’s and for you to buy something. Ok once but I avoided my friend after I bought a few things for her because she was asking every month for me to buy something. It gets old after a while.

    That’s why those mlm jobs start off strong and then quit.

    You have to ask your friends to share their friends and their friends to share their friends. It’s like don’t they understand people are just being nice and they are left with zero friends around them except their higher ups who will then stop being there friend as well when they don’t make a monthly goal.

    Mlms are a ponzi scam and those companies should be in jail!!!

    • “That’s why those mlm jobs start off strong and then quit.”

      Exactly so. And it’s that strong start that keeps some of them from learning their lesson. They keep coming back, succeeding at first, then bombing out. A few days ago we saw someone who was restarting her pretend MK business for the seventh time.

      New Consultants: When those pity buys dry up, don’t blame yourself. And don’t think fresh attempts will fare any better. Cut your losses; get out and stay out. Return everything you can. Wipe the pink dust off your feet.

        • Aunt Abigail, I’m pretty sure.
          Then cousin Alice.
          Then aunt Amy.
          (Whoever can write down the most contacts wins a prize!)

  5. Free products and free donuts! Rachel will have 100 recruits in no time.

    Her Feb. 10 FB post:

    I’m doing something super fun the week of Feb 20-24 and I’m hoping you want to be a part of it!
    🍩I’m calling it my First Annual “Office Appreciation Week!” 🍩
    I’m looking for offices all across the State of Georgia who would enjoy free donuts for their entire office! I mean… who wouldn’t right?!
    I’ll come by and drop off donuts and a basket of goodies you can look through full of free beauty products for the women in the office. This helps me build connections, network, and honestly just put myself out there!

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