For Pink Truth Critics

Written by Happy and Free

To all of our critics… We were once you. We know it seems hard to believe that we could ever say anything against Mary Kay. We know your director, your Sr. Director, your National Sales Director tells you this website is for losers, to block out the negative, and that we failed because we didn’t work. We know that you think our failure was our own fault. We thought the same thing about… and then our pink bubble popped.

Don’t believe us?

  • We were your star consultants every quarter, because that $25 prize was worth it (it wasn’t).
  • We were your DIQs, because we believed when our director told us we were called to leadership (they say this to everyone).

  • We were your free car drivers (until the co-pays start rolling in and the $200 insurance payment… They do not pay 80% of your insurance like so many of us were told).
  • We were your directors, living the “dream” in the “big girls club” (and then our hours increased, our stress increased, and our integrity began to falter).
  • We were your Cadillac drivers, because that is the pinnacle of success (only to realize it your empire was still fragile).
  • We were the ones who walked the stage, won the bumblebees and the coveted diamond rings (only we realized that these numbers aren’t based on what you sell, but what you order; and directors can order for recruits and have it sent to themselves… we didn’t think it was true either, until we saw it done over, and over, and over. And yes, we did it because we were told that this is what you do.)
  • We believed our NSDs and our Directors would never do anything or ask us to do anything that would affect us negatively.
  • We believed that Mary Kay is run only with the highest integrity and that Profit and Loss should mean People and Love.
  • We believed that we could get where we wanted to go if only we worked harder and took God as our business partner.
  • We did everything right, and it still didn’t work.
  • We worked more than the 20hrs a week we were told it took, and it still didn’t work.
  • We won the cars, the rings, the bees, and still the money wasn’t flowing.
  • We bought the inventory, the limited edition, the Christmas products, and our sales barely broke even or led to significant debt.
  • We believed our Sr. Director when she said, just invest in one more month and everything will turn around, and then it all still crumbled.

Please hear us when we tell you, we know why you think we’re crazy. We know why you think Mary Kay is your safe place. We know some of you stay in simply because you feel trapped. But there is a way out, you can start over. It is hard and painful, like surgery (or a car crash if you just jump off the Mary Kay train) but it is possible.

And if you still don’t believe us, do your own taxes (a practice that is discouraged because you’ll see the money isn’t there). Check out your schedule C from last year, or calculate it this year. And remember, we don’t get paid for this… But when you do what you director tells you is best, she most definitely does.

Just be honest with yourself… And know that there is life after Mary Kay. And that life is abundantly sweeter on the other side.


  1. Thank You to Happy and Free! I have nothing to add but my wish that this WordPress site provided a “like” button for articles, not just for comments.


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