Liquidating $21k of Mary Kay Inventory

How does one end up quitting Mary Kay … and having $21,000 of inventory to unload?

THIS IS HOW. She was “queen of sales”… which is code for queen of ordering. In Mary Kay, any time they talk about “my team sold _____” or “I sold ____ to make it into the Court of Sales,” it’s a lie. No one sold anything. They simply ordered products from MK.

I don’t think this man is so proud of his wife anymore.

This is what happens to so many women. Mary Kay die-hards will now say, “She wasn’t doing it the Mary Kay way! She shouldn’t have been ordering if she wasn’t selling! No one forced her to order!”

But the dirty truth is that her director likely kept pushing and pushing for her to order. You’re so close! Just order a little more to put you over the finish line for [insert random MK goal or prize]. And little by little, you suddenly end up with tens of thousands of dollars of inventory on hand. And no one really wants it, so you discount it by 75%.

The consultant couldn’t send any of the inventory back because she purchased it more than a year ago. And her director, Cadie VanTongeren, was apparently unhelpful with what to do about this.



  1. Curious how he states “My wife and I” and not just the wife has $21K in inventory. Unless he is being gracious and not blaming only her, or he was in on it too?

    • My guess would be he was supportive in the very beginning, especially with all of the acolades she was receiving. It is theoretically possible that she was actually selling product (at what price is unknown), yet she was probably over ordering at the suggestion of her director. Something must have happened — between the spouses or between the consultant and director (maybe even the husband and director). Or one of them woke up one morning and realized what an endless scam MK is and decided to be done.

  2. I wonder if they were able to send any of it back to the company to at least recoup some of the money spent on it? Unfortunately, this happens all the time. Keep ordering to “earn” prizes and awards, and get stuck with tons of products they can’t sell and credit card debt they’re unable to pay off.

    • According to the thread on the message board, most of it is approaching a year old and the director isn’t helping which is no surprise given how we’ve seen other directors talk.

      • “…the director isn’t helping…”

        Mary Kay xSDs have a strong financial incentive to impede the return process within their own downline. Just imagine the chargeback on that $21K returned!

    — Mary Kay Corp: sold the inventory to the consultant
    — Director and rest of up-line: all made commissions from the consultant’s inventory order
    — Shoppers: buy the consultant’s inventory at 75% off

    — The consultant

  4. It would be interesting to see what “unit club”, or what total retail sales amount, her director claimed for the year. Did she use this consultant’s $21k number in her total? My guess is ABSOLUTELY.

    They all do.

  5. Even worse, assuming the Consultant ordered this all in one year, she’d be in the National Process Court of Sales which starts at $20,000 retail. She’s a national superstar, y’all!

    Also, posts like this do not appeal to me as a customer to buy at all. I wonder how much she can actually off-load at 75% off. None of this looks professional or like a real business owner.

    • If I were a customer who didn’t know what kind of business Mary Kay is, it wouldn’t appeal to me as a customer either. If the products are good, why couldn’t she sell them? Why couldn’t she return it to the vendor like normal retail places do with stuff that doesn’t sell? Out of season or discontinued items at clearance, sure, but liquidating your whole inventory?

      It would make me think there’s something wrong with the products and that the company doesn’t stand behind them.


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