Why doesn’t Mary Kay just admit that they’re multi-level marketing? They continue this “dual marketing” charade as if the world at large doesn’t know that they are MLM and any other term is just meant to distract and confuse.

No middle man? You ARE the middle man, Joy Rentz.  You don’t really have a business, though, because Mary Kay can yank it out from under you at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. Read your contract.

And to the woman saying cosmetics are not safe but Mary Kay is different… Mary Kay is not any different and Mary Kay Ash’s family is just in this for the money. If they weren’t in it for the money, they’d stop lying to you, dear consultant, about their business model. And yes, the cosmetics industry is regulated by the FDA.

And by the way, Joy, Mary Kay’s products were not “just ranked #1 in the world.”



  1. No middle man? Just the IBC, the recruiter, the director, and the whole upline all the way to the NSD is “in the middle”, getting their cut of the money the IBC paid when they bought that product. That’s more middle than a triple-stuffed Oreo.

  2. Lori Hogg Not one sales rep sees the big profit from Corp! Trust that!

    Yup, Lori admits that Mary Kaybots don’t see a profit.

  3. “I’d prefer to do my research and stick with a company that not ONLY [has] a successful base, but [makes] sure each extension of MK representation is [financially] stable and growing.”

    Lori, your research was not very deep. If by “extension” you mean “downline”, your statement could not be more wrong. No MLM downline, not even in MK, is financially stable. The extremely high churn rate alone demonstrates the true instability in MLMs like Mary Kay. Then the fact that every MLM down-line loses money in the aggregate. How you missed these two foundational data points shows that you did little if any research at all on the financial viability of selling for Mary Kay, or any MLM for that matter.

    Everyone who works for the other companies you mention make positive net pay, and are unlikely to lie about their pay. In MLMs like Mary Kay, less than 1% of participants can make that claim honestly. Meanwhile most MLMers lie about their net income…at the request of their upline.

  4. Lori makes a lot of money as a makeup artist who endorses Mary Kay products. Just an FYI. She’s a contracted MUA for them whether it comes to artistry videos, seasonal makeup looks, etc.

    A quick copy/paste from her site:

    Lori is currently booking VIRTUAL events only. She is available to be a guest speaker at your virtual jumpstart, advance, as a prize for Star Consultants, etc. The possibilities are endless.

    Lori’s current rate for a 1-hour event is $500/hour per Director.

    • She’s found out how to REALLY make money! Sell to the MLMers instead of being one. “Lori’s current rate for a 1-hour event is $500/hour per Director.”

    • Sounds like Lori’s money source is the same as Mary Kay’s…the pockets of the xSDs and consultants.

  5. “33 years experience in skin care…”

    No, no ma’am, 33 years experience as a salesperson for ONE brand. That does not make you a “skin care expert”, it makes you a Mary Kay sales expert.

    I’ll listen to ACTUAL experts like Caroline Hirons, Cassandra Bankson, Dr. Dray, labmuffinbeautyscience…

  6. Do you know who else color matches you for free? Any department store. Got my perfect Lancôme match that I’ve used for years and I never once was then stuck listening to “wouldn’t I like to drive free and be your own boss?”

    Oh and for someone who is so invested in their company not being MLM, you sure bit back at that post quickly. Defensive, much?

  7. As a certified aesthetician and makeup artist of over 20 years and an ex IBC I can tell you that you are not a “master” at skincare. I did my MUA certification at the same college I did my aesthetics cert. and there is no skincare training in an MUA cert. Mary Kay doesn’t teach you skincare that comes even close to what you would learn in college. I had better training as teen working a skincare counter at a department store then I ever learned at MK. MK teaches you how to lie and manipulate first and foremost and what order you should layer MKrap on your face.

    The sad thing to me is if you spent a fraction of what you’ve spent on MK on an aesthetics diploma you could be working at a salon making real money or better yet (especially after 33 years) you could own a fantastic salon which would truly be your own business.

  8. Because IT IS DUAL MARKETING MaryKay to consultant and if stops there – we know there is no market for MaryKay. This is why people buy their way up the ladder.
    LOL so keep saying Dual Marketing Huns. We see you.

  9. From her Instagram. Does she really think she is a “Mary Kay Executive”? That’s kind of like a United Airlines frequent flyer Premier member writing on a dating site, “I’m an executive with United Airlines.”

    Joy Hammock Rentz
    – GirlBoss -ENCOURAGER
    – Wife & Mom & G’ma
    – Mary Kay Executive

  10. I mostly lurk, but Lori’s comment reminds me so much of a Chick tract, I startled the cat laughing! I think it’s the gleeful, breathless perpetration of bald face lies with the Random capitalizations of Words!!!

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