Money Is the Top Priority at Mary kay

It’s time to mention it all in the Mary Kay directors only group on Facebook. On the thread about dead consultants and returning products to MK Inc for a refund, sales director Pamela Anderson posted this bit about how it’s only about the money at Mary Kay now.

I had a gal that had been III Forever die suddenly by choking. I called to review before I helped them return the product to insure 100 was still honored. I was not @allowed@ to discuss it. They wanted to talk to her husband of 62 years. I told them that would not happen. He was devastated. I gave a daughter’s number to them.

Directors have been removed from the process. I was livid. To not be able to help a family for the first time in 43 years. I was shaken. It was as though I just walked away. Because she had gone through cancer, surgeries, and various illnesses she had not been active enough to finish moving her product. The family has a significant loss. Let’s face it.

Anything that will save money is happening. Ryan is a financial guy. Car program started probably 40 years ago gone. Reason. New consultants prefer instant wins. Not wanting to wait to win. So instant gratification is placed above work ethic. When these new gals aren’t winning fast enough…. Well, the turnover will be astounding.

If you heard one of the speeches from the other top guy. Can’t place his name. Speech about advertising at career conference, he showed what is happening. I am paraphrasing…. “advertising will make the company more money Hum …. Aaaaa will make you more money Will make you and the company more money”.

I prayed my girls that had registered wouldn’t pick it up. Well, they picked it up. Chatted with other unit members and it became an unscheduled topic on our zoom meeting. If you read the article about Ryan and having Mary Kay’s dna you may have picked up on some major issues we will see in the near future.

The product would never had changed under Mary Kay. For 60 years it has been the policy. It didn’t change under David Hall. It changed when money became the number one priority. The jewelry values are down 7000 on the half million. Down to just a few hundred on court of sales. All the care Mary Kay gave to prize selection goes through the finances first. Some will disagree. If you did not meet or know Mary Kay

Didn’t we at Pink truth say approximately 18 years ago that was REALLY about the almighty dollar at MK Inc.? And directors are just now figuring this out? Talk amongst yourselves on this.



  1. Mary Kay is in the business of recruiting salespeople who will over-order the product at levels too great to use or sell, then encourage these folks to recruit others to do the same, and so on.

    At the heart of this is the “over-ordering” part. If it were about retailing product, Mary Kay’s incentives would reward retailing. But they don’t. All the incentives in Mary Kay are built around pressuring the downline to over-order the product, and then to recruit other to do the same.

    Not only is Mary Kay all about the money…it was never about actually retailing the product!

  2. The Pink Curtain moves aside. We know what it conceals. It reveals deceit, heartbreak, poverty, and devastation.
    Perhaps a bit dramatic 😂💜
    Grateful to be on the other side of it. ☺️
    If you’re here, just nosing around out of curiosity, indulge yourself. Questions stifled by “leadership” are out in the open here.
    Post a response. Use a fun handle, like mine (Intrigue – a perfume discontinued by MK in the 90s).
    Skip the part about our negativity, bad attitudes, our “failed businesses.”
    We invite you to participate. Join the discussion.
    You won’t regret it.

  3. It does feel like there’s been a shift with Ryan. Not in the core values of the company, which we all know have always been trash. But he doesn’t seem to be as adept at and/or interested in love-bombing the consultants. Hopefully, that will be enough to finally let the consultants see the light. It seems like it’s happening, slowly but surely.

    • Ryan isn’t stupid. I believe he’s been trying to pull this company out of the 1960s and modernize it, and he’s been getting a ton of resistance from the consultomer sales force. He doesn’t appear to be a love-bombing kind of dude.

      • I agree he’s not stupid. I guess the fundamental question he needs to answer before he tries to modernize MK and bring it out of the 1960’s is, “Is that possible?” Is it possible to bring a misogynistic, abusive, broken system that preys on women’s finances and spirits into the 2020’s? Or, because of the amount of information we have at our fingertips, because of sites like Reddit’s AntiMLM and Pink Truth, does Mary Kay face the unfortunate choice of staying in the 60s and scraping a few more years out of the gullible, or modernizing, losing its loyal base and more quickly dying out all together?

        Either way, the implosion is inevitable.

  4. I’m not sure if I am more angry at the company not wanting to refund the consultant’s money or Ms. Anderson and her willingly exploiting a gal woman in her late 70’s or early 80’s.

    • I had a gal that had been III Forever die suddenly by choking.

      Exploiting a sick old woman is worse.

      • And why did she have so much product in the first place, even though she was sick and even undergoing chemo? Because her loving director Pam was exhorting her to keep on ordering to keep up unit production, so she could keep her title, perhaps? Because her love checks are more important than the consultant’s health?

        This Pamela Anderson sucks. I’d be happy to hang with the other one.

    • There are no clean hands here. At least Ms. Anderson has just enough decency to express some concern for the deceased and her family, but you are absolutely right about the exploitation. Truly nauseating.

  5. And if these products truly fly off the shelves, why doesn’t Pamela and the rest of her team buy them from the consultant’s husband to stock their inventory? I am not aware of any company or industry where it is a practice to buy anything back from someone who has died. And Mary Kay only took product back because it was required to by Texas law.

  6. And here I was under the impression that MK folks were “doing life together.” And no, that’s not aimed in anyway at any deceased folks. Aimed at the living/exploiting folks. It seems MK corporate is looking after solely their interests; how original.



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