When a Mary Kay Consultant Dies

If you need to be reminded just how awful some people are, check out this thread from the Mary Kay directors only group on Facebook. A Mary Kay consultant dies, and the most pressing issue to sales director Nina Swank is not losing commission money because of it.

And sales director Lynette Bickley reminds us that you have to grab the deceased consultant’s information on her customers very quickly before you lose access to it. You wouldn’t want those customers to go to waste, after all.

But now there is a problem! Mary Kay used to refund money on all inventory in the possession of the family of the dearly departed. Now the refund is only on inventory that was purchased in the last year.

But now it’s cleared up. They don’t do a commission chargeback when inventory is returned for a dead consultant. Phew.

But director Jessica Cummings says WORK FAST. Again, someone who is more concerned about money than a death. And for some reason, she had to stop the family from selling the products. Why? What business is it of yours, Jessica?

But phew! No chargeback

Glad to see these “godly” women in MK who preach about Christianity can be so focused on their own pocketbooks at the time of death.



  1. So how does the vulture of a director swoop in and get the customer contact info? Do they have automatic access to that for all their team?

    If it were a real business there would have been a business survival plan explaining how to transfer the assets to the heirs (oh, you can’t do that?), sell it to someone wanting to start a Mary Kay business (oh, you can’t do that either?) or directing the executor on how to get the most possible money by sending product back.

    • Some directors would talk about walking a family member through downloading this info from In Touch for them. This was all done for “customer service” so that none of the deceased consultants customer’s would not be cut off from ordering their product from someone.

      Other directors would have their consultants share their log ins with them so they could help them order at month end.

      • After all, your director wants you to succeed (because if you don’t, she doesn’t get paid). You can trust her completely in all things. All those people who warn you to never never never give your login credentials to ANYTHING to ANYONE EVER are just being negative nellies who don’t understand your special rapport.

    • It’s a real tragedy. Some people give decades of their lives to this “caring” company and all they’re left with in the end is a pile of useless crap… and they and their heirs don’t even get to control what happens to that. It’s up to the whims of MKI, who are even willing to screw over the deceased in order to hang onto their money.

  2. Throughout all this, not one “sorry for your loss” or “she was so sweet and a good friend” or “I just want to make sure the family gets everything that’s coming to them”. No, it’s all “OHAI DO I LOOSE MUNNY” and “snatch up her customers before they close her OutOfTouch account!!!”

    That’s your pink sisterhood supporting each other through thick and thin. Your lifelong friends. They’ve got your back no matter what.

  3. If people were actually selling what they buy from MK (products fly off the shelves, don’t you know) this wouldn’t be a big deal.

    • The products are not selling because they’re nothing special…and are obscenely overpriced. $20 for a 3oz. tube of MK exfoliating scrub? LOL

      To top it off, I heard a Sales Director (her mom is NSD) describe the scrub as “liquid sandpaper for your face.”

      • “The products are not selling because they’re nothing special…and are obscenely overpriced.”—

        That depends on perspective. I think MK sold a few billion “direct to consumerultant” last year.😝

  4. Some of the families have no idea how much their deceased loved one “invested” in MK until all of the bills start coming due, and they find piles of useless MK crap all over.

  5. Wow. That was one of the most pitiful Facebook message threads I’ve seen in a long time. If only it could go viral and get picked up by a real news source. Total PR nightmare for Mary Kay and its “consultants”. Really really pathetic that when someone dies , they are concerned about their commissions and buyback policies. I would be ashamed to even be related to any of these people, let alone know them from some stupid MLM.


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