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ImageOne common gimmick to get women to hold skincare classes and facials is a “model portfolio.” The Mary Kay consultant asks you to be a “model” and do a before and after photo. Mary Kay Inc. has created a contest this year that uses this booking tactic.From promotional materials:

 Mary Kay believes every woman is a “model of beauty” – and that deserves to be celebrated! This contest offers a fun and exciting way for you to reach out to all new and existing customers in a whole new way! Customers must meet with you for a color appointment, where they will obtain an entry form from you and take a before and after photo. Talk about limitless booking and color sales opportunities!

Just by booking a color appointment with you, your customers can enter the Mary Kay® Model of Beauty Search.

Four grand prize winners* will receive:

  • A professional photo session and the opportunity to be featured in a 2008 edition of The Look.
  • A makeover by a professional makeup artist at the photo session.
  • A trip for two to New York City for the photo shoot.
  • A $500 shopping spree.

What’s more, the Independent Beauty Consultants of the grand prize winners will receive a $500 shopping spree!  Plus, in honor of Mary Kay Inc.’s 45th anniversary, 45 first prize winners will receive products from the new Mary Kay® Body Care Collection.

Customers will read about the Mary Kay® Model of Beauty Search in their Summer 2007 issue of The Look that begins mailing June 25 – so that’s even more reason to give them a call! The Summer 2007 Month 2 Mailer also focuses on the contest and begins mailing on July 21. Click here to see more promotional tools that you’ll want to be aware of so you can follow-up with your customers.

*Three (3) U. S. Grand Prize winners and one (1) Canadian Grand Prize winner.

Don’t know how to promote that to women? Here are a couple of scripts…

  • Hi, (customer’s name). This is (your name), your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Do you have a moment to talk? Good, how are you and your family? That’s wonderful! I was just calling to see if you received the Summer issue of The Look I sent you? Great! Did you happen to notice the Mary Kay Model of Beauty Search? The trip to New York City looks like so much fun. You always have such a wonderful attitude and an adventurous spirit, I immediately thought of you for this contest. This is a perfect excuse to try a new look! Can we schedule some time to do a color makeover for you? I’ll take some before-and-after photos and we’ll submit them and see what happens! It would be so exciting to see you in a future issue of The Look. What day would be best for you?
  • Hi, (customer’s name), it’s good to see you! How are your kids? As always you look great, before I forget I want to tell you about this fabulous consumer contest sponsored by Mary Kay. It’s the Mary Kay Model of Beauty Search and I think you would be perfect! Even though you are always on the go, you never look flustered and always look happy. You project not only outer beauty but inner beauty as well which is why I think you are a great candidate for this contest. Can we get together and try it? I can teach you how to apply some new color shades and we’ll take some before-and-after photos and send them in. It will be so fun and you could win a trip to New York City and have the opportunity to be featured in a future issue of The Look! What time next week would be best for you?

And here are a couple of questions about promoting the contest and getting women to participate:

How can I make the color appointment successful?

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the new Color Insider book and DVD. Both feature lots of great tips you can use to make your customer’s color appointment and experience a success. Remember to take before and after photos and make sure your customer fills out the entry form completely including the “I feel like a model of beauty when ……” statement (don’t forget to attach the photos!).

For additional tips on conducting your color appointment, click here to access the Color Consultation Guide.

How can I get my customers excited?

To help spread the word and encourage customers to enter, you can send the Beaut-e-News™ e-newsletter and an MKeCard® available to support the contest, both feature a Behind-the-Scenes video. Your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site also highlights the contest with great value added fun for your customers – exciting quiz and color tips, a downloadable wall paper and the Behind-the-Scenes video. Why not get together with several team members and hold a guest night with a New York theme and fashion show to get them excited about holding their own color appointment to enter the contest. You’ll also want to bring their attention to the promotional ads featured in the Summer issue of The Look and the Model of BeautySM Search Summer Month 2 mailer brochure.

How can my customers nominate others to enter?

Your customers can share the news with others by referring them to you for a complimentary color makeover. Also available on your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site will be fun MKeCards® you can send to your customers to share the news about the contest. You could give your customers extra business cards or The Look brochures to pass on to their friends. Do they know a teacher, a neighbor, or mom whose inner beauty shines through every day? By referring them to you for a color consultation and entering the contest, these potential customers can also have an opportunity to win.


  1. Do you have to be 18 or older for a mary kay model and do u have to sell ure product before u can be a model how does it work

    • Being a “Mary Kay Model” is not being a real model. (that contest was in 2008!)

      They use the phrase to get you to listen to their speeches and recruit you to pay them money.

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