Leasing a Mary Kay Car of Your Own

 Written by Whiz

Many here on Pink Truth have commented at the seemingly exorbitant cost of earning a Mary Kay Career Car. Considering the full co-op payments (or full cash compensation in lieu of using a career car) range from $375 to $900 per month, many have posed the question, “How much would the monthly payment be if someone walked into a dealership and leased the same car?”

Keep in mind that the Intellichoice (http://www.intellichoice.com) Cost of Ownership ratings on 2006 vehicles estimate depreciation for five years, but most leases are for 36 months, so I have broken down the depreciation for a three-year period.

Also, considering the REAL costs of leasing these vehicles outside of Mary Kay, let’s not forget how much that FREE Mary Kay Car costs consultants and directors in wholesale orders.

Calculation Figures:
3-year depreciation estimates from Intellichoice
6% Sales Tax
5% Lease Rate

Pontiac Vibe MSRP – $17,215

Monthly lease payment with…
$0 down – $264.65
$600 down – $245.76
$1,800 down – $207.78
$2,400 down – $188.78

Mary Kay Monthly Co-Op or Cash Compensation: $375

Pontiac Grand Prix MSRP – $22,315

Monthly lease payment with…
$0 down – $330.36
$600 down – $311.37
$1,800 down – $273.39
$2,400 down – $254.40

Mary Kay Monthly Co-Op or Cash Compensation: $500

Cadillac DTS MSRP – $41,990

Monthly payment with…
$0 down – $603.91
$600 down – $584.92
$1,800 down – $546.94
$2,400 down – $527.94

Mary Kay Monthly Co-Op or Cash Compensation – $900

Even with the additional money Mary Kay is paying toward the auto insurance, Mary Kay is certainly gouging consultants and directors with the co-op payment values of $375, $500, and $900 per month.

Doesn’t it seem like those star-level orders would better used as a downpayment on a car?

Really, don’t waste your time on the career car. If you happen to qualify, take the cash option and buy yourself a vehicle!


  1. Nichole

    This is great information to use when speaking to those who really, really want to EARN their career car. Could it be dusted off and updated a bit to include the new mustang as well as insurance costs. You could do a breakdown by age–say 20, 30, and 40 years old. On a side note: has the co-pay scale changed? Could that information be included?

  2. Lazy Gardens

    Tracy – It’s worse than how you explain it.

    Mary Kay gets a discount for leasing multiple cars, so their cost per car is going to be less than any individual can negotiate on a single car.

    1. BestDecision

      If you don’t produce enough wholesale orders in that 3 month window, you’ll owe a co-payment that is subtracted from your commission check. Those payments can be as much as $900 a month, even if you produced over half the wholesale required. (I think if you produced half the maintenance amount for the quarter, you should only have to pay half of that $900, but it’s way more unfair than that. Look it up on the “Advance” brochure on InTouch. It’s ridiculous!)

      1. MLM Radar

        I wouldn’t even go that far. They don’t “win” anything. They pay for the use of a car, by persuading others to buy inventory that won’t sell, or buying it themselves. And then they get a 1099 for their trouble.

        Winning implies you wind up with more than you had. Most Mary Kay car drivers wind up with less. A lot less.

  3. Thank you BestDecision I don’t have to look it up,I believe you. What happened if the loose their caddy? Cause Charlet Man tooth just lost her caddy she is one of those top directors. And her unit just went to retreat. Now how did she stand in front of her unit and teach knowing what happened.

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