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Attack of the Pink Locusts

Written by Raisinberry

The lack of response by corporate to all that is brought out on Pink Truth is a sure indicator that they have no intentions of changing their ways. If integrity governed Mary Kay Cosmetics, they would first stop here and admit the wrongs of the past, offering whatever regret they have for allowing the abuses to go unchecked.

Since they care not… I think we can all safely and accurately assume that we here, who are part of the hardest working sales force in America and who have contributed IMMENSELY to Mary Kay’s Bottom line, are inconsequential to them.

India represents at least another 40 years of MK prosperity. By then, most of todays players will be dead and who gives a crap at that point. Mary Kay Cosmetics is nothing more than a swarm of pink locusts, so pretty to look at, but in reality, devouring all available resources out from under any new market. Sure the top pyramid dwellers will LOVE Mary Kay! But without a return to integrity in presenting the business, honest reporting, and a dismantling of the Multi-level model, Mk is MLM, a disaster to 98% of the participants.

Think how simple it would be to turn Pink Truth into an ally. One simple well written post or fax from Richard or Darryl acknowledging unethical practices, a plan to convert to a retail selling business, salaried Sales Managers who visit and work with franchisees, opportunities to advertise and co-op radio and television spots, halting Personal use “consultants” so that a real consultant can have real customers, creating a market for SELLING the product etc, etc…

We are affecting Mary Kay’s bottom line, there is no doubt of it. I wonder if it has occured to them yet how focused and committed we here are? Mary Kay is all about “trends”…have you considered the trend of picking up another 200 consultants a day here? Have you considered the LOSS of production from all who read and who no longer want to be considered “frontloaders”? Are you watching how most new consultants do NOT believe this is a negative site? Or Pink porn? Can you feel how angry we are that MK Sales Leaders are DECEIVING PEOPLE…DECEIVING EACH OTHER. And Do you HONESTLY think we will ALLOW MK to go to INDIA , and in the name of the Judeo-Christian GOD, RAPE these people?

Has it not occured to you, Mary Kay Cosmetics, that what you wrap up in a package labeled “opportunity” is nothing more than your hand built Altar to GREED?

Go ahead, think we are “inconsequential”. The PinkTruth truth detectors are growing everyday…and one thing YOUR NATIONALS taught us, will now be your undoing!

We WILL, “FIND A WAY OR MAKE A WAY”…… We will NOT ALLOW Mary Kay as presently constituted, to gain a foothold of deception in India. Ever hear of David and Goliath? You have pissed off your 2% ers, Mary Kay. We WILL find a way.


  1. NoMoMK

    Honestly they just have a churn em and burn em mentality. They burn thru so many people there is nothing left so now they are expanding in China and India with this garbage!

    The candle that burns at both ends burns twice as bright but burns out twice as fast. This phrase truly describes the Mary Kay business model.

  2. raisinberry

    A Message from Darrell Overcash
    Published 02.18.13

    Dear Independent Sales Director,

    After extensive thought and discussion, I wanted to make you aware that we have made the difficult decision to close Mary Kay India. The decision to close our operations in India comes after great consideration and an extensive evaluation of market performance and future potential for long-term sustainable growth.”

    Gee…but that had nothing to do with access to internet information about the true nature of Mary Kay and mlm….Nothing to do with testimonials from pinktruth.com…

  3. Scrib

    “Think how simple it would be to turn Pink Truth into an ally. One simple well written post or fax from Richard or Darryl acknowledging unethical practices, a plan to convert to a retail selling business…”

    If Corporate truly cared about their headhunters, (it’s kinda hard to call them “saleswomen,” since the only way consultants can move up the career ladder is to recruit) they’d implement changes that were in the consultants’ best interests and not their own. Like telling the ENTIRE consultant force about product changes months before they happen instead of limiting that information to a select few.

    “B-but Corporate gives us the privilege of carrying inventory and not having to deal with territories!” some might say. To that, I say it’s high time Corporate gave their consultants some REAL privileges, like the privilege of being led by NSDs who don’t lie about their income or teach that lying is okay to being with.

    Oh yeah, and let’s give consultants the privilege of not having to deal with religious manipulation by removing that damned “God First’ garbage out of MK’s motto, too. The phrase (as is applied to MK) is about as hollow as a Dollar General-brand chocolate bunny.

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