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Primerica Financial Services Scam

Primerica Financial Services is a multi-level marketing company offering financial services such as life insurance, investments, and the like.

Online Scams did an excellent post which summarized Primerica. The problem with the company is that most of the representatives have little to no expertise in the products they’re selling, and the fact that it’s an MLM means they’re really recruiting people to sell the business opportunity.

The company bought itself some legitimacy when Citigroup bought it. However, it seems the Citigroup name is being exploited to try to recruit new representatives. Many people have stories of posting a resume online, being contacted about a “job” with Citigroup, and showing up for an “interview” which is really a Primerica recruiting event. Talk about misleading!

Some of the details noted by Online Scams:

  • The company has about 100,000 associates in the United States
  • One of their services is “debt reduction,” so low to middle-income people are primary targets
  • There is a heavy focus on recruiting people to become associates while selling them financial services


We’re looking for more information on Primerica, so if you’ve been involved with them, please send your information our way.

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  1. toolbelt

    Primerica-The real numbers! Primerica’s big earners list is not only cumulative back to 1977, but also cumulative by level (ie: a $1M dollar earner also counts as a $100+k and $50+k earner, etc). When you factor out this accumulation, here are the true counts as of 12/31/14. (Primerica “Destiny” Book)

    $50+k earners-3067 reps
    $100+k earners-2845 reps
    $1M+ earners-51 reps
    $2M+ earners-16 reps
    $5M+ earners-1 rep

    That is a grand total of 5980 reps who surpassed the $50k level, at least once, during their best 12 month rolling window, including any advances, since 1977. Many on the list achieved that level only once. When you consider the number of reps who have worked there since 1977, remembering their rep force in earlier years was in the 240,000+ range, and factor in annual turnover rates (currently in the 30+% range), the percentage of big earners is quite low. For argument sake, assuming a force of 100,000 reps, it represents a mere 6% who ever achieved “greatness” during at least one best 12 month period, at least once. In reality, its less than half that.

  2. cindlylu

    It seems that the 1960’s and 1970’s were the beginning of the end for business that got away with snake oil scams. Everything from overpriced products to over priced financial or other services. Will be so glad when these snake oil recruiters are shut down for good.

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