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More Mary Kay Training That Is NOT Free

Allison LaMarr’s not-so-benevolent “Sharpen Your Edge” sessions that she calls “training” are really draining pocketbooks of Mary Kay sales directors and consultants.

If Allison wants to go out and charge people money to be around her, and Mary Kay sales directors are stupid enough to pay her, so be it. That’s capitalism at work.

I just find it laughable that women will pay hundreds of dollars to be around the likes of her. Allison and Dacia got lucky in Mary Kay. Yes, I said it. They got lucky. They became masters of recruiting (selling a false dream) and frontloading. And they just so happened to recruit some suckers below them in the pyramid who would work their keesters off to recruit and frontload inventory too. Add it all up, and you’ve got one lucky ride to the top of the pyramid.

Now Allison has found another way to get more money out of unsuspecting consultants and directors. She’s going to be giving seminars on how to succeed in Mary Kay. Her first one is a 4 day seminar for Mary Kay sales directors, done with two sessions of two days each.

But would you really pay $300 to be herded into a room like cattle, and hear Allison blather on about herself for two straight days? NEWSFLASH: She’s not going to tell you anything you don’t already know about Mary Kay. Stay home. Save your money.

Here’s why Allison says she’s doing these sessions:

Since my schedule will not permit me to travel and work with individual groups as much as I would like to, this workshop is my way of honoring Mary Kay Ash’s request that we all share ideas with each other. It is open to any Consultant or Director who wishes to participate. If you are a Consultant, please discuss this course with your Sales Director before registering. Directors, if you have a National Sales Director, please discuss your attendance with her before registering.

If women still want to pay this woman money to hear her talk, let’s at least be honest about the event. Allison is not doing this to honor Mary Kay. If she was, she wouldn’t be making a profit on this event. (Allison – notice your own word – “share”.) So let’s cut the bull, shall we?

Profit, you say? Yes, profit. $300 per person, times what… 100 people, 200 people, 300 people, more? You’ve got a few thousand dollars to rent the room and probably $60 per person for the 4 rubber chicken meals. There’s a whole lotta lovin’ left over for Allison’s pocketbook, for sure.

Plus you get to waste FOUR DAYS of your life. You can’t ever get that time back. And some directors are willing to give up four days for NOTHING… rather than spending that time with their families?

Allison has figured out that Mary Kay consultants and sales directors are desperate to hear “it”. “It” is that one thing that will make Mary Kay “work” for them. They don’t know yet that the MLM system Mary Kay is based upon fails for 99%. They don’t realize it’s not so much “them” as it is “the system.” They don’t know that there isn’t an “it” that will make them a Mary Kay superstar.

Instead, they’re going to line Allison’s pockets even more. No matter that her big paychecks come at the expense of those ordinary women at the bottom of the pyramid. The women destined to be part of that 99% who have no chance at succeeding in the pyramid scheme.

Here’s what Allison is offering for $300:

Allison LaMarr’s
Sharpen Your Edge
Director Workshop Series

A knife is a knife, right? Well, have you ever tried cutting steak with a dull knife? With enough repeated effort, you would probably get through the meat eventually, but if you can sharpen the edge, you’ll have much more success!!!

During her journey, Allison began to understand that in addition to the “meat and potatoes” business building skills of booking, coaching, selling and team-building, there is an entirely separate skill set required to experience success in today’s competitive market. It’s that second set of skills, referred to as life-skills, that can be the elusive “critical inch” between good and GREAT. They’re given the name “life-skills”, because once mastered, they can help propel you forward in life far beyond the walls of business. Under the umbrella of life-skills fall the topics of work ethic, discipline, ownership and accountability, image and etiquette, presentation and public speaking skills, just to name a few.

These are the topics that Allison will focus on as she helps you “sharpen your edge” and details exactly what she did, step by step along the way. Along with these topics you will find out, in detail, what Allison did to achieve accomplishments like:

Not only did Allison break the record for fastest to NSD in company history, she demonstrated that you can do it with speed AND strength, proven by her Unit’s outstanding achievements and culminating in her being crowned Queen of the Pearl Seminar in her final year as a Director!

Dates & Times: April 24 & 25 (Session 1) and May 15 & 16 (Session 2). Each session will be 1 PM-9 PM on the first day, and 8 AM-3 PM on the second day.

Location: Near Houston, Texas at the Humble Civic Center, 5 minutes from airport: www.humblecc.com.

Cost & What’s Included: $300 includes both two-day sessions (4 days total), all training materials, first day dinners & second day lunches (4 meals total).

Session 1 Topics:

  • “How I Did it” – Allison will share exactly what steps she took and the changes she made from starting her business in 2003 to debuting as an NSD in 2006.
  • “Designing the Cover to Sell the Book” – Why the total package is important. Is your message being lost in delivery?

Session 2 Topics:

  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • “Traveling the Road from Knowing to Doing”
  • Strategic Planning
  • “Grand Finale” – Allison will conclude the series with proven strategies for June to help you finish the Seminar Year with a BANG!