The Cliff Notes Version of Allison LaMarr’s Training

Written by Raisinberry

Do you know what the Mary Kay message STILL IS? YOU do not have enough information to achieve the top. YOU do not have enough self discipline. YOU do not have the proper image. YOU do not have accountability. YOU do not take “personal responsibility.” YOU do not have good presentation skills.

This is the greatest smoke screen of all. What would be the best way to make Directors feel like they needed to HANG ON, because there is a “chance” they can FIX SOMETHING and achieve the top of the top.

This is the CORNERSTONE of the FRAUD. As long as we are all trained to believe it is NOT the Multi-Level Marketing structure, but in FACT…Deficient skill sets that need to be improved upon – you will HANG ON AND HANG ON AND HANG on to MK in a never ending attempt “to arrive”… until your credit lines are maxed and you are second mortgaged to cover your cards, and you finally stop recruting because you have no more faith in the opportunity. Which will of course, drop your production, which will cause you to quit, which will move all your people back into your Senior’s Unit, who will GRATEFULLY take them to save her own behind from collapse, and on and on and on.

And high at the top the pyramid is your NSD saying, “MUSH!!! MUSH! Doggies!” Because she never loses the consultants when the Director quits – they move up a notch in her production commission!

Want the clift notes on Alisons Seminar? I’ll give them to you real cheap.

1. Focus on the Money.
2. Get in front of as many people as possible.
3. Move Unit members into RED as quickly as possible
4. Parrot every word you ever heard so you dont have to think.
5. Award prizes for STAR ORDERS that can’t be refused.
6. Make relationships with local lenders or create your own to bankroll consultants start up inventory.
7. Remember cream rises to the Top but has to float on a bunch of milk. Don’t concern yourself with the catastrophic debt of the milk.
8. Success has a price. The cauterization of your soul.

See you at the Top!