Mary Kay’s Inventory Charade Continues

Written by Raisinberry

What’s the Best way to make PinkTruth readers look like over exaggerating losers?

Print a public statement declaring your official policy concerning sales and ordering and make sure you LOOK like you are reasonable and cautious when it comes to heavy inventories! BRILLIANT MARY KAY! BRILLIANT!

Not that we thought we were up against any lightweights. No Siree! We know that Richard Rodgers is a cunning kind of guy who can anticipate any “next best step” required to head off the avalanche.

Here’s my take. I believe they sent out a private email to all the Nationals asking them to prepare to downsize. To reduce Pink Truth’s effect (which I am now gathering is sizable) and stop the bleeding, it would seem to be a prudent move to cut the talk of large wholesale inventories, accept less up front, and create enough positive reward activity to cause consistent orders of $400 to $600 every month. The effect is the same… you will extract the same amount of order off the recruit, but they will be spaced out over 4 to 6 months instead of the $3,000 POP followed by the $200… then the $400.

By seeming to be supportive of the $600 level, and printing in your material that if a consultant wont have that many people in her warm market, you should start with a smaller inventory like a $600, the company looks reasonable, helpful and definately not greedy!

My guess is the Nationals have been asked to swallow hard and ride out this attack on the Mary Kay Way, known as PINK TRUTH in favor of rebuilding their image. Suck it up as it were, Nationals, and try to make PT irrelevant.

But you forgot one thing. Just one tiny little thing.

You already have alienated the sales force with the Robin Dunda Firing. Who knows what the truth is concerning that! The bottom line is, We figured out we are NOT independent Contractors who own our own businesses if we can’t hold on to them, can’t sell them, can’t pass them down to our kids, can’t sell our client list, and can’t continue with them should MK get a flea up its butt about creative marketing ideas!

NOW you have printed in the Applause Magazine the suggestion to start with a smaller inventory when Directors are pushing to help Future Directors finish car and finish DIQ? And Finish UNIT CLUBS??

Imagine how TICKLED we all will be to open our Applause Mags and see that lovely disclaimer after everything in the business has taught us to go for MAXIMUM INITIAL INVENTORY POSSIBLE!

See you told the NSDs (I am guessing) to brace themselves…  and you hung the Directors out to dry. And you aren’t even worried cause you figure PT has already influenced this crop. Better to EJECT them now and start over and that way, The NSD’s can work with the New and slowly build back up to STAR LEVEL inventories and those big fat motivational checks.

We know all about survival Richard. We know how creative you have to be. This was a smooth move and accomplishes a whole lot in one stroke. Minimize PT, reduce inventory loads, which avoids further criticism, and request your NSD’s take a short term hit for long term gain.

Scary, isn’t it Richard? We’re positively psychic! And caught in the middle is that sweating, struggling, hamster known as the Mary Kay Sales Director who will look like she was the cutthroat greedy wench that was so self serving she wanted the commission on a $4,000 inventory… when Mary Kay expressly “frowned upon it”.