Scheduling Innerviews

Written by The Scribbler

I’m particularly amused by the line, “…will enable you to determine if Mary Kay is right for her or not right for her!”  As if any recruiting interview ended with an IBC telling the prospect, “I’m sorry; I don’t feel you’re a fit for this company – your talents and strong sense of morality are wasted here.  You’d do much better continuing to work on your Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree so you can fulfill your dream of opening an art studio.”

You can’t sell the Basic unless you first give someone a facial. This same principal holds true with recruiting! You can’t recruit someone without first doing an “inner” view. I use the word “inner” view because it really is just that! A time for you to examine (through the questioning process) what is on the inside of her! Determining what’s inside will enable you to determine if Mary Kay is right for her or not right for her!

After all, you don’t won’t to recruit someone just because you talked her into it! There must be a motivating factor for her or otherwise once she is recruited, she will have no reason to work. You do however want to learn the art of getting the innerview because you cannot and will not recruit “on purpose” unless you build your skills in this area. Recruiting is nothing more than a skill building process. When you’ve asked enough people in the right way, you will get the innerview, every time!!

Approaching someone about an inner view that you’ve just met at a class:  You profiled her and found from talking to her over the phone that she has good communication skills and easy to talk to! You then meet her face to face at the class and find you really like her and want to talk with her about MK.

First close her product order. Even if she does not buy, if you liked her, think she has possibility, here’s what to say:  “You know after having a chance to talk with you first over the phone and now having met you in person, I can’t help but feel compelled to talk with you about what I do. You are so friendly and easy to be with, people just take to you!! (I find something to sincerely compliment her on) Could I buy you a coke or a cup of coffee just to have a little time to tell you more about Mary Kay? Of course I have no idea if Mary Kay would be something that would interest you or not, but I also know that you won’t know that either unless we talk. Having coke or coffee together won’t obligate either one of us to anything, it will just give us a chance to explore the possibility! Could we get together tomorrow? (You want to try to see her within 48 hours)

She will probably give you an objection: Oh I don’t know enough people, I could never sell anything, I don’t know when I’d have time, My husband would kill me, I just moved to this area, It’s too close to Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, school getting out, school starting (whatever other excuse they give you).  This is usually a fear, afraid of the “unknown” excuse and one you need to acknowledge, but not accept. We are all afraid to make changes!!

Listen thoughtfully to her objection and acknowledge it!  Even agreeing with her, but not letting go of the fact that you want to sit down and talk further!  Say, “You really may not have the time, but all I want us to do is sit down and talk about the possibility.  After we talk, we may both agree with that wholeheartedly!  Let’s don’t decide that until we look at what’s involved and what your schedule is!  You may not know enough people; that was one of my biggest objections when I looked at Mary Kay. I’d love to share with you what I found out!!”

Or “Time is a factor for us all, I hear you loud and clear! And, you may be right, you may not have time.  But until you know what’s involved, you probably really won’t know how much time it takes. Let’s talk about it and then decide!”


Once you sit down with her, you may find you don’t want her anymore than she wants a MK career. But you need the innerview to decide that!

Scrib’s note:  You’ve chatted with the prospect on the phone, you like how she talks, you meet her face-to-face, overcome her heartfelt concerns, and shower her with compliments.  Once you sit down with her, however, “You may find you don’t want her anymore than she wants a MK career?”  Don’t be too surprised, friend; such is the depth of relationships borne from ulterior motives.    

If you’re approaching a customer about an innerview that you’ve always wanted to talk to and have just never asked, say, “While I have you, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that you are someone that I really admire. You are such a kind person, always doing for others! For sometime now, I have wanted to buy you a cup of coffee in order to give you some of the facts and information about my business with Mary Kay! I just have never taken the time, and I regret that, but I’d love to ask you now…could we get together over coffee tomorrow or Wednesday with no obligation to either one of us?”

She will probably give you an objection!  Refer to the information above and follow the same process! Remember, you simply want the appointment, not to recruit her now. You need the appointment to find her needs to see if Mary Kay could be right for her!!