How Mary Kay Directors Can Get More Orders

This one speaks for itself. It’s not “help your consultants sell more.” It’s not “show your consultants how to manage their inventory.”

Nope. It’s all about the ORDERS.

Here’s an idea I had tonight to see if I could get in some month end orders.  If you use it, make sure you personalize it with your own unit promotions. I put my promos in here.


As a Director, I can order the new lipstick colors starting today!!  How would you like to be the first in our unit to have some of the samples of the new colors???

ANYONE WHO PLACES AN ORDER THIS WEEK WILL GET THE NEW SAMPLES FROM ME! (Orders must be in the Distr. Ctr. by 11/30 )  If you’ve already ordered (min. $200) and order again, I’ll double what you get below!!

You can see and try the actual color so that when you can order your own new lipsticks on Dec. 16th, you’ll know the ones you will sell more of and can stock up on those!!  (Those who did PCP can order on 12/10 and those finishing their Star Consultant order for the qt ending 12/15 can order on 12/15.  All others will order on 12/16 or later.)

Here is what you can get!
Place a $200 wholesale this week – get 6 different lip color samples plus one of the new LOOK Brochures!!

Place a $400 wholesale this week – get 15 different lip color samples plus one of the new LOOK Brochures!!
(For $200-$599 wholesale, you will receive one each of different colors in the numbers indicated – Director’s choice)

Place a $600 wholesale this week – get one each of all 32 different colors plus two of the new LOOK Brochures!!  You can see what all 32 new lipcolors look like!

Place a $1000 wholesale this week – 2 each of each one of the fabulous new colors – that’s 64 fabulous s amples to share or to use plus four of the new LOOK Brochures!!

This is in addition to the other promos running this month!!

Those who place at least $1000 wholesale in November will earn one of the specially designed Jumpstart Pillowcases – NEVER STOP DREAMING!!  This is a 5 color Pillowcase that has NSD on it for NEVER STOP DREAMING with the most adorable MK symbols around it, a bumble bee, pink car, tiara, diamond ring and more!  You can get the NSDs to sign it at Jumpstart after you write your goals on it!

This is the last month to get on-target for the special collectible MK Teacups!!!  When you order at least $200 3 months in a row, you’ll win your teacups!

5 INTERVIEW CHALLENGE!!  5 Interviews this month wins your choice of the MK Rocks jewelry – the ring, earrings or pendant!!  This is the last month you can win this for just 5 interviews!!

$100.00 IN GIFT CARDS!!  I’ll give away one $50.00 gift card and two $25.00 cards to your choice – Target, Starbucks or Victoria’s Secret – when our unit adds 10 new Dazzlers in November!  Your name and your new recruit’s name in one time when she signs up, then once again for each $200 whsl she places with 5 bonus times if her order is at least $600 whsl or more!

Thursday, 11/29 – Last day for you to do your own order on line on – until 1 am EST
Friday, 11/30 – You can do your own order on your website and assign it to me to send in.  Make sure you call or email me to let me know you are doing this.  Agreements must be finished by 8 pm EST, orders by 1 pm EST.

Let’s make this month one of your best ever and get you lined up to do all of the Holiday Sales you can possibly do!!

Jingle, Jingle!!