Overcoming Objections courtesy of Deanna Spillman

Written by The Scribbler

You’ll be able to pick up a great sense of urgency in this script.  A smart woman would do well to remind herself that great mistakes happen when important decisions are made hastily and without additional research.  Do not allow yourself to be bullied into hurriedly making a decision about a Mary Kay business!

Overcome objections!  Use Feel, Felt, Found method and ask questions to overcome objections.  Listen more than you talk!  After overcoming each objection with a question, say “So what would keep you from getting started right now/today?”

After you overcome all objections, say, “Assuming you decided this is something you’d like to try, let me tell you what will happen from here so you’ll get an idea of what to expect.  The next step would be to fill out your agreement and submit it for approval to my Director; then we would get you scheduled for New Consultant Orientation. This will include an opportunity for her to discuss individually with you what you want from Mary Kay, and help you tailor it to your life, you schedule and your needs. There are no “have-to’s.”  Unless you have any more questions, it sounds to me like you are at the fun part, which is just deciding. Have you decided this is something you would like to try, or do you need more time to make your decision?

If they say, “I think I want to do this….”, you say, “Great. When is a good time today or tonight for me to swing by and pick up your agreement? (Pick up that day or evening, no exceptions!)  If they say, “I need to think about it…” use the following:


(Ask for a decision)  “Great…Take the time tonight that you need to make your decision!”

(Minimize the decision) “Remember, it’s not brain surgery and don’t make this a bigger decision than it really is.”

(Explain your reason for asking) “Even though I’d love to work with you, I won’t pressure you to do Mary Kay. I only want to work with you if you really want to do this. I will, however, ask you to make a decision, because I hate to see you agonize over it. I would not want to become that “pesky” Mary Kay lady.”

(Take away the pressure to say yes)  “After you have though about it, if you decide to do this, I’m going to love working with you. If you decide not to, I’m going to love having you as a customer. Either way, we both win, so you just decide what is best for you. I’ll call you tomorrow and find out what you have decided.”

(Leave her with food for thought) “Two things to consider…the very worst thing that will happen is that you will decide this is not for you and you’ll be right where you are now (state current situation). You’ll be able to say, “I tried that, but it wasn’t for me,” instead of wondering, “What if?”  I’ll call you tomorrow for your decision. When would be a good time to catch you tomorrow? (Reinforce this: “I will call you at 2pm; I am going to drop everything at 2pm to call you, so you have to answer your phone and just give me a YES or NO – I won’t ask you again.  I will talk to you tomorrow at 2pm; be sure to give me a call if you have any questions between now and then.”