Why Be a Star Consultant?

Mary Kay sales directors are hurting. The orders are going down, and the new change to black comapcts may not help them…. I’m hoping it may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many consultants. They will decide Mary Kay is one big pyramid scheme and they will come to the light.

Can you hear the panic in this sales director’s voice? She’s ranting about the new color cosmetic display trays, which are only available to be purchased by consultants who place orders of at least $600 wholesale:

“The display tray is an incentive for consultants to order. Many of my consultants also place $200 w/s order and much fewer have been placing $600 w/s orders. This is totally inappropriate for the company to limit in this way. I personally ask each of us to call the Company today and ask that this be reconsidered. We all need as many orders as we can get these days and our $200w/s consultants are every bit as important in making it happen for our units and our company.”

Yes, Mary Kay directors are feeling the pain of product returns, decreased recruiting numbers, and smaller inventory orders all the way around. (Go Pink Truth!!!)

So they’re all pushing “star consultant” status. There are a couple of weeks left in the quarter, and this is always a crucial time in convincing consultants to order more than they need. Here’s a script for turning the screws on a Mary Kay consultant:

Mary Kay Ash describes the Star Consultant Program:

“Most people start out with good intentions and want to make significant achievements. But too often they fall short of their ambition because they lack discipline. Because it takes true commitment to fulfill a long-term goal, Mary Kay Cosmetics has a Ladder of Success, with the way to take each step clearly defined in black and white. Each person, through her own efforts, promotes herself.”

Consistent Start Consultant Status Goal causes you to:

  • Earn the beautiful ladder with genuine jewels (the “report card” that we wear on our shoulder). The ladder represents our Star accomplishments.
  • Mary Kay Inc refers only Star Consultants to Customers who call in looking for a Consultant in their zip code area.
  • Smart time, money and gas management.
  • Professionalism; immediate delivery defines a professional Beauty Consultant.
  • Make a commitment to your business and servicing your customers.
  • Consistency. Stay on track to grow your business.
  • Reach minimum profit level to take a paycheck right away (starting at least $1800 wholesale to begin taking a paycheck). Get your inventory up to Company-recommended $3600 wholesale minimum.
  • Set weekly goals (I.e. $300 sales per week),
  • Focus on meeting more people, warm chatter, etc; looking for new customers constantly.
  • Company and Citywide recognition as an achieving professional!
  • Join the BIDIA Club – “But I Did It Anyway.” Book,…even when you don’t want to. (You’ll always be glad you did!)
  • Stay motivated. Stay on course.
  • Stretch!
  • Have confidence that you have enough product on your shelves to service your customers.
  • Have a reason to get out the door and sell those products!
  • Qualify for Company quarterly prizes and awards, just for being consistent in your business.
  • Heighten your sales and customer service senses. Become creative in every way! Always be conscious and sending out “feelers” for getting in front of as many people as possible.
  • Qualify for Seminar Awards Seating!
  • When consistent at the Emerald level status you will qualify for the National “QUEENS COURT OF SALES” to select an incredible prize!
  • The Star Program can also help you to achieve the National “QUEENS COURT OF RECRUITING” where you’ll receive a 14-karat yellow gold bee pin with emerald eyes and diamonds.
  • Reach Star Consultant level all 4 quarters and show your Star Power
  • Get your name placed in the Ovation Magazine, depending on Star Consultant Level.
  • Stay hungry for growing your skills.
  • Build a strong customer foundation by consistent Star Consultant Status every quarter.
  • Meet enough people to build your team! As you meet more people you will want to share this awesome opportunity.
  • Bump up your Prize Status to the next level with every NEW qualified team member (initial wholesale order min. $600 placed by team member) in that quarter!
  • Be a BELIEVER once you have experienced what consistent Star Consultant Status has done for your business. What you Believe in with all of your heart, from your own personal experience, you teach, encourage and lead with!
  • Lead with an excellent example that your team members will follow!!!!

Make sales – recruit new team members – and as your team members follow your example, that leads to earning your car!

These points all have one thing in common: They are based on false assumptions about a “Mary Kay business.” “Building” inventory doesn’t help anyone except the company and your director. It doesn’t increase sales noticeably, and it doesn’t help encourage you in any way. It doesn’t help you meet anyone. It doesn’t help you with goal-setting or recruiting.

Adding to your inventory helps only your upline and Mary Kay Inc. It doesn’t help you in the least, so don’t fall for it. The occasional extra sale you make because you have a product on-hand can never outweigh the cost of that huge inventory: the money tied up, the interest on your credit card, the guilt of having all this stuff you’ll never sell. Just don’t do it.