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More Evidence That Mary Kay’s 100% Product Guarantee Isn’t Really 100%

Mary Kay has apparently changed the rules of the product replacement system, but hasn’t bothered to tell anyone. In theory, Mary Kay has a 100% satisfaction guarantee… that means a customer can return a product at any time and get their money back or a replacement product. For any reason. At any time.

Well check out this information from a sales director who tried to do a replacement on a (now obsolete) compact:

Did you know this?  I sat with a customer yesterday and she mentioned she had the color palette and had never filled it completely.  It was too big, and didn’t serve her needs.  So I took it back and gave her the $38 credit towards her order.

When I tried to do a product return today, the system would only give me $19 toward new product.  I called Product Return and spoke with “Marilyn” who has been with the Company 20 years and she told me:

1) That was all I was going to get because after a year, the compacts are considered wear and tear and are not replaceable at full price.
2) That if a brush set breaks after a year, they may or may not replace the single brush

I tried to work thru several scenarios with Marilyn because I was always taught that customer satisfaction means just that — and that there is no time limit.

Marilyn said that was true on product — and I said well, the palette was a section 1 product — but I was told that was different.

In 10 years of steady business, I’ve never run into this before.

I certainly don’t mind abiding by the rules — but first I’ve got to know them.  I begged Marilyn to have an article written in Applause or something put on the website to explain this difference in return policy.

And I told her I didn’t like taking the hit in my pocketbook……

Is Mary Kay trying to limit its losses on old compacts… while sticking it to the consultants and directors? You decide.

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  1. cindylu

    Considering the constant changes in product in MK, once again, they don’t care one iota about their IBC’s or directors. This was one of the first betrayals I felt from this greedy company. The mostly male CEO’s, the heirs and a few NSD’s profit. At the top of the pyramid these few elitists exploit and profit on the backs of their ever dwindling sales force. Constantly changing the products is the norm. It allows a select few to continue to profit. The IBC and customer are conned into believing in the buy back. Since it doesn’t truly exist anymore, better to shop else where. Our landfills are already polluted from the cosmetics industry obsession with un-recyclable and often toxic products and packaging.

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