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Surely Gloria Mayfield Banks is Teaching Her Consultants to Sell!

It seems that Allison LaMarr isn’t teaching her consultants to sell Mary Kay products. And neither are these top units and areas in Mary Kay. I’m sure a longtime nsd like Gloria Mayfield Banks is teaching her consultants to sell. Don’t you think?

Below are the numbers for the personal unit of Gloria Mayfield Banks. On her site, she lists all consultants who have ordered more than $600 retail from Mary Kay Cosmetics. That’s a total of 317 consultants.

Of those 317 ordering consultants, just over 3% ordered enough products from the company to profit more than $500 a month from product sales. (If they sold everything they ordered, which is not the case.)

It looks like one person from Gloria’s unit will actually make Court of Sales this year. One. out of 317. Yep. Lots of retailing of products going on.