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Trouble in (Pink) Paradise With Mary Kay’s New Products

Written by SuzyQ

Oh oh. Could there be trouble with Mary Kay’s new mineral foundations and eye shadows? Yikes.

I mean in addition to the fact that they are very small… I know, I know, they are hyper-pigmented and all, so a teeny tiny amount works like a whole lot of the old stuff did, but then there’s the smearing of the colors thing, and the compact may be a little difficult to open, and the blushes are “sparkly, ” —what I am talking about right now though, is the “rumor” that the products are causing some not so pretty reactions and some pretty major concerns.

Yikes. Say it ain’t so. MK Corporate, would it have been a bad thing to offer a mineral line in addition to the formerly current line? Giving the consultants and their customers a choice? And while we are talking about this, please explain why the new colors cannot be used with water? All of the other (perhaps less cutting-edge) mineral products from other companies can be used with water.

What is so special about your formulation? Too much talc? Between you and me, I think it’s the talc. There’s A LOT of talc in your products.

So I am telling you this, just so you know. The sales force is reluctant to report “issues” with products for a couple of reasons. 1) They aren’t believed, and 2) They don’t want to be negative. I am advocating for them. Maybe devil’s advocate? Not really, but if that’s what you want to think so you can dismiss this whole thing, I’ll be SHOCKED.

Have a Mary Kay day, MKC, and we’ll be getting on with the rest of our lives here. Thanks for asking.

Note: For anyone who’s wondering, this email from a director illustrates the kind of problems referenced here.

Good morning ladies, I want to encourage you to PLEASE call the company if you are experiencing any sensitivity to our new mineral powder eye colors. I personally have broke out and experience  burning flaking and pain and have quit using all mineral colors. I got out my huge compact and filled it with new colors, new brushes, mascaras and liners, so I will not have any minerals in them at all. I called again this morning and they still say that no one is calling!
Now if I as a director am going this far to correct it, just know that by now our customers would be at the make up counters at the mall.
This is what I feel will be the solution. I know Mary Kay is too far into this color launch to stop. So please ask the company to give us some options, we need another color line. After all we have SEVERAL foundations, creme to powder, liquid,cream , tinted moisturizers, Mineral Powder foundations,etc, We NEED OPTIONS.
I am so afraid we will lose customers over this, I love Mary Kay and can’t believe that they havent heard from more of us. Lots of you have emailed me since I sent this out. I have seen Mary Kay listen to us in the past, so lets be sure to tell them now before it brings devastating results to our business’.