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Calling all Mary Kay NSDs (Please do not read this if you have not attained this status)

Written by SuzyQ

Because the directors in your area have obeyed your command and are not looking at the negative website (unless they stumbled upon here accidentally) we know YOU are reading almost as much as the regular readers on Pink Truth… this is for you!

Some helpful hints for Mary Kay national sales directors:

  • Avoid talking about the new MLM you, or more probably, your husband is involved in now.  We know it’s more lucrative and you don’t need to carry inventory and all that, BUT Mary Kay is a little upset about the defections.  You were supposed to be MK through and through, remember?
  • You know that annual “automatic” renewal clause in your nsd agreement?  Maybe not so automatic any more, I’m just sayin’.
  • Have you heard that silly rumor about having to EARN the nsd trip?  My sources are not all that reliable, so this may not be true.  Time will tell.
  • Speaking of time, gosh, this year went fast and my goodness, all those directors who are not directors anymore.  What is up with that?  According to the lazy, malcontent “loosers” who post on here, it was always the “I’m not making any money” line.  You know the truth—if they had some credit card room and some discipline, they could have done so much better!  Just look what you did!  You gave people the opportunity to fail!  What a life-changing experience for them!  After all, Mary Kay is not for everybody, so at least they know that now!  Better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all, right?
  • Be sure to keep the pressure on those remaining directors in your area.  They can handle it.  They just need your motivation! Most of them need “new units,” so much better to give birth than raise the dead, right?  You might consider letting your directors know exactly what you are offering for consistency prizes this year, you know, give them a heads up, so everybody is on the same page and all. And in case you haven’t yet noticed, your directors are dropping like flies.  And speaking of perpetual niq’s in your areas, cut them some slack, and realize that your $10K annual off-spring nsd bonus is looking doubtful.
  • About those wonderful area events, specifically area banquets at seminar, and those all day director meetings that require another night’s stay in your hotel, scale back wildly.  Really.  It’s too expensive and boring.  Directors are overwhelmed with seminar expenses already, and an extra night might just push them over to the dark side.  And new consultants may not even know who you are, what area you have and what a seminar affiliation means.  I know that’s hard to believe, but work with me here.  Between you and me, the only seminar attendees are the newbies, some of the directors and a few others who like to get all dressed up and climb the stairs in high heels.  The snottiness that many of you employ to keep consultants and star-struck directors at bay?  Bad idea.  You are looking to these women to maintain your mortgage payments, your children’s “education at any university in the world they wish to attend,” and some groceries, and when you treat them badly, they react badly.  Your dismissal of them hurts deeply and is remembered for years, and, is often posted on the discussion board here for you to read.
  • Quit selling books for other people.  On one hand, you tell us there is no secret to being successful in Mary Kay, and on the other, you talk on and on about the next wonder book that has touched your heart or spoken to you or whatever phrase you are using…  anyway, when you endorse a product, it does not help your directors or your area.  It does, however, increase sales of that product by lending your “credibility” to yet another needless expense. For example,  The Secret was the be-all end-all, and before that it was The Prayer of Jabez, and who can forget Joel Osteen, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer and Jack Canfield? What are you thinking?  Stop it!
  • Quit selling books and services that you author or offer.  It’s pretentious, over-priced, and again, if you keep telling everyone that there is no secret to being successful in Mary Kay, why are you selling something else?  Really.  Why is that?  And, as an aside, charging women who provide the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed is beyond tacky.  I am talking about time in your house or your farm or your ranch or your cottage on the beach or your home in the mountains.  This behavior is widespread, and is also tasteless, insensitive and boorish.
  • Please realize, you may be hot stuff in Mary Kay, but the rest of the world does not hold its breath wondering what you will do next.  You know your ‘I Story?”  Every time you tell it, it gets a little more dramatic and a little less believable.  You are a motivational speaker, a pastor, an author, a talk show hostess, image consultant, day planner designer, etc. etc. or Mary Kay national sales director.  Pick one.
  • Last, but not least, stop the religious abuse. God does not hold Mary Kay in the palm of his hand, this is not your mission field, you are not the only Bible some women may read, and pink cadillacs do not bring people to God.  You are using God, and your area’s belief in God, as a bargaining chip that benefits only you.  If you want to start a church, or begin a ministry, then do it and leave Mary Kay out of it.  (The tax benefits will be better.)  The manner in which many of you abuse and use God is morally reprehensible.  Get a grip.  If you must cite Scripture, use the entire verse, not just the part that suits your need.  And if you must call on Jesus to help your cause, please, please remember that Mary Kay is an “inclusive” organization, and this means that women in your area may not be “Christian.”  And when you go on and on in a rapture-like state, you are disenfranchising a number of women.  And that’s wrong.  In Mary Kay, “Faith first” does not mean whatever you believe is “right.”

(And as a little fashion tip, women of a certain age, let’s say over 30, should not show their knees on stage.  Apparently, your friends won’t be honest with you, so I will.  You look silly.  Get the longer skirt for your nsd suit.)