Mary Kay Color Conversion Chart – New eye colors and cheek colors


For those of you who, for some unknown reason, still use Mary Kay products, this is the conversion chart for the new eye and cheek colors. And check this post to see some of the most recent colors released by Mary Kay Cosmetics.


The chart is organized: Old Color – Date new became available – New Color


Old MK Signature Eye Color – – New Mineral Eye Color
Bamboo 12/16/07 Silky Caramel
Blue Moon 12/16/07 Blue Metal or Denim Frost
Cinnabar 12/16/07 Available in new formula
Copper Beach 12/16/07 Honey Spice
Cotton Candy 3/16/08 Precious Pink and Blue



Cranberry Ice 3/16/08 Raisin
Crystalline 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Currant Craze 3/16/08 Sweet Plum
Double Espresso 6/16/08 Espresso and Raisin
Fig 6/16/08 Dusty Lilac and Iris


Gold Leaf 12/16/07 Amber Blaze
Goldenrod 12/16/07 Amber Blaze
Hazelnut 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Jade 12/16/07 No replacement
Java 12/16/07 Hazelnut and Granite


Jungle 6/16/08 Lemongrass and Golden Olive
Lagoon 3/16/08 Blue Metal and Navy Blue
Lucky Penny 3/16/08 Chocolate Kiss or Amber Blaze
Moonstone 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Onyx 6/16/08 Steel and Coal


Periwinkle 6/16/08 Iris
Rainforest 3/16/08 Ivy Garden
Rose Mist 6/16/08 Precious Pink
Safari Sunset 6/16/08 Honey Spice and Amber Blaze
Sheer Pink 3/16/08 Sweet Pink


Spun Silk 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Storm 6/16/08 Coal
Sugarplum 3/16/08 Dusty Lilac
Tooti Fruiti 12/16/07 Precious Pink and Honey Spice
Tropical Sun 6/16/08 Silky Caramel


Vintage Gold 6/16/08 Available in new formula
Virtual Violet 12/16/07 Sweet Plum
Whipped Cocoa 12/16/07 NEW Hazelnut
White Sand 6/16/08 Sweet Cream
Woodland 6/16/08 Sienna


Old MK Signature Cheek Color – – New Mineral Cheek Color
Apricot Breeze 12/16/07 Shy Blush
Brick 6/16/08 Cinnamon Stick
Bronze Sands 3/16/08 Sparkling Cider or Sandstone
Desert Bloom 3/16/08 Cherry Blossom
Gold Canyon 6/16/08 Berry Brown and Golden Copper


Island Spice 3/16/08 Shy Blush
Mocha Blush 6/16/08 Cherry Blossom
Orchid 3/16/08 Cherry Blossom
Pink Flamingo 6/16/08 Pink Petals
Pink Meringue 12/16/07 NEW


Pink Sapphire 6/16/08 Strawberry Cream
Plum Dazzle 3/16/08 Bold Berry
Santa Fe Sun 3/16/08 Golden Copper and Sparking Cider
Sunny Spice 6/16/08 Available in new formula