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When You Believe in Mary Kay and Still Fail

What happens when you believe in Mary Kay with all your heart and you still fail? You love Mary Kay Cosmetics to the core of your soul… you believe in all the “opportunity” offers to women… you believe anyone can be successful if they just try hard enough… you belive that if you work the Mary Kay way that you will win….

You’re racing to the top as a Mary Kay director… And then you fail…

Then what?

What do I mean by racing to the top? I mean top director trips, million dollar unit, and the like. If a Mary Kay director and her unit “did million” last year, then she must really know what she’s doing, right? Lazy dummies don’t “do million,” do they?

Yet the sales director in question is now failing, by all standards that Kaybots use to measure success. Her unit goal for this year was$1.1 million. They’ll be lucky if they hit $700,000 retail this year, as evidenced by this graphic from her website.


Now you’re thinking to yourself that $700,000 is nothing to sneeze at. And in terms of what kind of production most Mary Kay directors do, you’re right. Yet in light of what she’s done in the past and what her goal was this year, she has completely failed.

If you ask people who know her, she’s “on” all the time. Mary Kay is her life. So could you say she’s not doing enough? Probably not. She’s done million once, so you’d think she knows “how” to do it.

But the fact that she cannot produce the results this year must mean she is a complete failure if you apply the standards that Kaybots apply to us at Pink Truth. She failed. She didn’t meet her goal. She must be a Mary Kay loser, if you use Kaybot logic.

Or you could face reality, as we do here at Pink Truth. The Mary Kay plan doesn’t work. Your results are not directly related to your effort. Mary Kay doesn’t “work when you work,” as evidenced by this working sales director. It’s not just about doing it “the Mary Kay way.”

In a normal business, your results are very closely tied to your efforts. In multi-level marketing, that’s not the case. You have to get really, really lucky to get to the top, evidenced by the fact that almost no one gets there. Oh, sure… the ones who get to the top of the pyramid say it’s because they worked hard. And I don’t discount the fact that they did.

But how does one explain the hundreds of thousands who worked hard too, and never got close? You can tell me that some women in Mary Kay never want to get to the top and never put in enough effort. And that’s true. But there are many, many women who did want to get to the top, who were on the hamster wheel for years, worked their butts off, and never made it.

Success in MLM (yes, Mary Kay too) is not directly tied to how hard you work, how smart you work, or how much you bee-lieve. It’s all a con game that almost no one wins.


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