Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

25 Reasons to Ponder Pink (Part 1)

 This list of Mary Kay “benefits” was used during August, when the company had the $100 showcase rebate going on. (Of course, you only got the rebate after you spent $600 wholesale plus tax and shipping.)

The simple fact that your $100 Starter Kit becomes FREE after your $100 Rebate Check arrives! This is an AUGUST- ONLY SPECIAL in honor of Mary Kay’s 45th Anniversary!

Having the opportunity to become a Mary Kay Sales Director with UNLIMITED income potential without having any quotas or territories! Many Sales Directors earn well over 6- FIGURES per year! I have had the privilege of this amount of income for many years running! (PT Note: Remember this article , in which  I showed you that 103 directors out of 14,000 made six figures? That’s less than 1%.  Does that sound like many?)

Mary Kay provides each consultant and Sales Director with the opportunity to drive a Career Car – Mary Kay pays the car payment, the majority of insurance and your tags. When I purchased my 1st home at age 20, the bank considered the fact that I had no car payment or insurance to pay. This gave me additional “spend able income” that allowed the bank to approve my loan! Mary Kay offers several different cars, including SUV’s to choose from.

As a college student, additional income is always a plus! Books, clothes, backpacks, food, spending money…. As a college student when I first began my business, I so appreciated the fact that when I needed money, I could easily go out and make some when it was crucial!

Do you need something simply “just for you”? Do you feel like you are always giving to everyone else and need an outlet where you can have fun, earn extra money AND give yourself the time and extras that you deserve?

Do you ever feel like you should receive an award for the great job you do, in the home or outside of the home? Mary Kay rewards you quarterly and yearly based on your efforts and achievements! Over my 16 years in business, I now have a home filled with prizes from Mary Kay including lamps, luggage, TV’s, Designer Handbags, 5-Star trips around the world to Greece, Spain, Mexico… and over 40 cts. of Diamond jewelry! Would you be interested in choosing prizes like these?

The majority of women in our business are Moms! Mothers of 1,2,3… even one special Mom in our Unit has 6 children! The one “constant” that I hear from them is that they truly enjoy their “adult interaction” that they get when they are working their Mary Kay business! They tell me that it is so refreshing to interact with adults, have “adult conversation” – it is an outlet for them that they cherish, even if they just come and socialize at our Success Meetings.

Before I began my Mary Kay business, I was a college student who worked at a bank as a bank teller part time. I worked extremely hard and gave the bank my 110% each time I walked through the door. If you have a job, I am sure that you, too, give it your BEST! Sometimes, it makes it all worth it just to get recognized for your efforts and for a job well-done. In our business, you are ALWAYS recognized by your peers, your Director (me!) and by the company. It may be with a note of thanks in the mail, applause at a meeting, or special seating at a workshop. Regardless in what “way” you are recognized, it does the heart and soul “good” to know that someone notices! Would you agree?

Over my 16 years in Mary Kay, my husband and I have traveled the world at Mary Kay’s expense! I am NOT the “top person” in Mary Kay – or anywhere close! Things like world travel is offered to anyone who does the work to earn the trips! I have traveled “Mary Kay Style” on a luxury Mediterranean Cruise along the Greek Isles, shopped in Rome, watched a Spanish Rodeo in Spain, baked in the sun in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico two different years…. and more! Not only were John and I awarded these luxury trips, but we were even given spending money to use while traveling! Can you imagine?

The Wellness Program was designed and put into place last year. This program offers a cash award YEARLY to use at your own discretion. Mary Kay Inc. called it the “Wellness Program” because it was designed with the idea that each individual could use the cash and purchase health insurance for themselves or for their family. Since it IS a Cash Value (mine is $1800 a year), however, each person can do with it what they want. Many of my friends who already had health insurance used it to purchase work-out equipment for their home, gym memberships, extra medical expenses their insurance didn’t pay for, or they used it for a “Mental Health Day” of shopping!