Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

25 Reasons to Ponder Pink (Part 2)

 As if yesterday’s fabulousness wasn’t enough, here are even more reasons to join Mary Kay, according to one sales director. How many lies and half-truths can you find in this list?

Need I say more??? Selling as little as 2 or 3 average-sized customer orders a month could provide you with the extra money you are now spending on gas! One of my good friends, former school teacher Executive Senior Director Janet Wolfe from Maryland, began her business one Summer just for extra money. Here she is, 20-some years later and one of our most successful and loyal Directors. You never know where “a business for extra gas money” could take you!

With no quotas and no territories, the Mary Kay business literally can work for anyone. Regardless if your goals are small or large, YOU are in control! You set the amount of time you devote to your business. YOU decide how quickly or slowly you want to begin and continue. YOU make all of your own decisions. As for me, I am here to help guide you and train you to meet your goals – every consultant is important to me, regardless of how active or inactive they are. Only 1 order of $200 a year is required to keep your consultant status, and if you are like me, I could place that amount of an order for myself once a year!

Mary Kay pays the highest commission in any direct sales company around! We purchase at the wholesale level and sell at the retail level. It is that simple. As a result, when you purchase products at wholesale, you may purchase products for YOURSELF too! I love the fact that I can have DOUBLE the amount of product than I would if I were purchasing it from my consultant! And, the convenience of just “pulling what I need off the shelf” in the next room makes MY SHOPPING so easy and fast in an otherwise hectic and busy world! As a treat to my Mom and Sister, I allow them to pay me “my cost” for their products too…. why not? After all, they are family!

Before Mary Kay, I considered myself a “positive person” and a woman of faith. After associating with women of like values and incredible faith, I found that both my faith and positive attitude grew rapidly! And, it is continuing to grow each day! It is true that “you become like the people you associate with on a daily basis” – and, I am so glad that the people I most associate with are strong in their Faith and have an unwavering positive outlook and positive expectancy on life! Not only has this affected me, but these relationships have affected my family, too! I can’t think of a greater “gift” to give your children, your family, your friends, and even strangers!

More and more parents are sending their children to private schools – with a heavy price tag. And, I have become aware that more and more parents are already in debt themselves, leaving no extra income or saved “nest-egg” to use for their children’s college education. Would either of these be you? Mary Kay can most definitely be your “way out”! I see it happen everyday!

Are you on a fixed income? Maybe you are already retired and need to supplement your income for things like a health club membership, prescription medicine that isn’t covered by your health care provider, or extra cash to have for your grandchildren or your children when THEY are in a pinch…. Would this apply to you? We have a large consultant base of women over 55! And, these women are so successful because women in their same age category would rather get beauty advice from someone “like them” instead of the “Barbie-Image” behind the makeup counter!

My Mother and my Sister BOTH always start their Christmas shopping at the end of the Summer. This gives them time to not only think of the “right gifts” but also catch those perfect presents when the prices are the best! Do you find yourself with never enough cash to pay for your Christmas shopping, resulting in less than exciting presents under your tree? August is perfect because of the Great Starts promo: you will get $100 Cash Back to add to your Christmas fund, PLUS have a new business in which to make money! Not to mention the fact that your own purchases of anything Mary Kay is at wholesale! Be able to give DOUBLE the gift for the same money! (PT Note: Oops. Looks like she forgot to say that you have to spend almost $800 to get that $100 back!)

Insurance companies, hospital bills, extra medicines that your insurance doesn’t pay for…. These are all REAL expenses in REAL life! And, most of the time they are unexpected! Are you prepared in the event that you would have an unexpected medical expense of $1000, $5,000, or even more? If you aren’t prepared, what is your plan?

Do you feel as if your current job doesn’t fit with your family needs? Do you feel as if your family and your faith have to come 2nd and 3rd AFTER your current job requirements? Mary Kay’s philosophy is God 1st, Family 2nd, and Career 3rd. The business was made so that any woman, of any age or
situation could have a growing and profitable business that MOLDS AROUND her family. Are you looking for a change like this?

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is the gift of being a positive example to them. With a Mary Kay business, children watch their Moms have successes and challenges. As they watch how you react to both successes and challenges, they learn lessons that can’t be taught…. only “caught”. Would you agree? Being a Mary Kay “kid” is super special because Mary Kay kids “catch” how to handle success and failure, and also learn positive attitude, a “never give up” spirit, and what exceptional work ethics will take you. Would you like to offer this to your children? Does your current job give this to your kids?

Would you enjoy making new friends, meeting new people and having social time that is totally “girlfriend” time? This is the place! I have moved several times in my 16 year tenure with Mary Kay, and I immediately have a “network” of wonderful, trusting friends WHERE EVER I go! Most recently, I moved to Maryland, and I instantly had more than 20 friends – some of which I did not know before, and some that I had known for more than 16 years! What a comfort to know that where ever you go, your Mary Kay “sisters” are there for you! We are NOT a competitive or dog-eat-dog group, instead, we each have our own businesses and cheer each other on! Within hours of arriving in Maryland, I had countless women calling to offer to help me unpack, take me to dinner, and more! What a feeling!

I don’t know of any other “at home business” or direct sales company that offers retirement, do you? This is my immediate goal by December ’09… not to retire, but to attain the position of National Sales Director! These women earn AMAZIG amounts of money… with a retirement plan that is so incredible: a new Cadillac or Cash Option every 2 years with no qualification required. A trip around the world EVERY year with no qualification required. And, retirement benefits that pay you or your loved ones for 15 years after you retire! What a blessing! My National Sales Director, Joanne Holman’s 1099 for 2007 was $475,464 in commissions alone. She earned a total of $534,170.34 when prizes and awards were added!

How many times have you spent $100 or more at Wal-Mart, or on a really nice dinner and night out with your “honey”… dropping $100 and thinking nothing of it? With the “Great Starts Promo” you purchase your $100 Starter Kit and then receive the $100 Cash BACK after your initial order is placed! You can start slow and “just see” where it takes you…. FOR FREE! If you are like 95% of the women I have helped start their businesses over the years, this was their strategy: to start SLOW and “just see” where it takes you! Except in August – right now – it’s free! “Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get”. I predict that you will get EXACTLY what you want once you take the first bite!

6-Figure Incomes Year after Year!
This business allows you to get paid several different ways. YOU CHOOSE which pieces and parts of the business YOU want to work. Some do all, and some do just one way or another. It’s all YOUR CHOICE.

Selling: We are all paid the same profit on all sales from Day 1 in the business. You can sell product via your online personal website, by holding an appointment with a facial, by being busy and “on-thego” carrying your Starter Tote bag with books and samples in it, by servicing the reorders of your customers (yeah for a consumable product!) and more! We call this “On Paper, On-the-Go,On-Line or On-the-Face!” Team Building: We also get paid based on how many team members we have and how “active” they are! No “sharing of money” takes place – like a pyramid or other schemes. Each consultant is paid a commission straight from MK Inc. out of the profits the company makes on your team’s activities.

Bonuses: The company offers many bonuses to consultants and Directors both monthly & yearly. When all is said and done, an Executive 6-Figure income or more is very achievable. The volume of women who earn this level of income with Mary Kay is HIGH! Why not you? I do and have for many many years! (PT Note: Again ignoring the fact that less than 1% of the 14,000 U.S. sales directors made that last year.)

Are you at a cross-roads in your life? Do you feel more and more each day that a change needs to take place in order for you to be financially, physically, mentally or spiritually “fit”? Since the Mary Kay business can fill so many voids in a woman’s life, this could be the answer you are looking for. As you can see by reading these 25 “Reasons” why most women “do Mary Kay”, it would be very easy to take pieces and parts of what the business offers to create a whole new you, and a whole new atmosphere for yourself. Why Not? What do you have to lose? You have EVERYTHING to gain.