The Mary Kay NSDs are Freaking Out!

Sales are down. Recruiting is down. “Top directors” are doing half the production they used to do . But… *wink wink* things are rosy and Mary Kay is exploding, so go to Seminar!

Isn’t it amazing how every year, Mary Kay directors say THIS is the year you must attend? Oh yeah… I forgot that about 90% of their unit turns over each year so most of them haven’t heard that before.

I want you to hear and feel my intense passion & desire for YOU in this email, thank you for taking the time to read it….. Be ahead of the curve… be pro-active rather than reactive. Out of all my years (10) with MK… THIS seminar is the most IMPORTANT one to attend.

The plans for growth with MK are mind-boggling!!! The MK Execs & NSDs are “freaking” because of the explosion. (we have lofty goals, but we are surpassing them like maniacs!) It’s like the “stars are lining-up”! If you want your life to change and to just plain FEEL good, I strongly, strongly encourage you to attend.

You seasoned consultants have heard me hype seminar in the past (b/c it is so incredible!!!) However, truly, truly, truly, truly… THIS is the one to attend. It will CATAPULT you into a whole other stratosphere. I don’t know how else to put it…. I want success so badly for you. I know what’s on the otherside…

I have been in this business during economic good times and bad times… THIS unique economic and cultural situation that we are facing in America is DIFFERENT! MK is completely prepared and ahead of the game with it’s resources and strategies completely devoted to YOUR success! Are you coach-able and train-able?! (many of you looked me in the eye and said that you were) Your coach is saying:

DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO ATTEND SEMINAR! You are make a way, find a way kind of people. I know you will make the best decision for you and your families! (I know you don’t know what you’re saying YES too, you have to have Faith…I have never had anyone tell me after going that it was a waste)

What makes THIS Seminar unique

1. RECESSION – economists are calling it the “Perfect Storm” … MK is anti-cyclical (we have steady growth during good times… we SOAR during tough times) …. learn how this can help you quit your j.o.b and/or educate children, care for elderly family, be DEBT FREE… Live the life of your DREAMS

2. MK forecasting and preparation is ready and mind-boggling with incredible resources for you (all available for you at Seminar!

3. Amount for FREE products (never this amount given to us in the history of MK)…so that your expenses are even LESS!

4. BIGGEST Media Campaign in the History of MK – how it benefits YOU.

5. **NAME OF NSD**, your ELITE Exec. Sr. National Sales Director’s wants to KNOW you!!! This is her last Seminar (do you realize they had to create a new title for her because of our growth and her vision!)… get up close and personal with THE visionary leader in all of MK… over $8 Million in commissions! (not to mention her buy-out retirement plan)

The other incredible benefits are:

1. Treating your business like a business. If you take care of your business…it will take care of you! (if your job told you to be at a conference, you would be there, right?… if your spouse had to be at a conference for his/her job/business, he/she would go, right? Treat your business with respect it deserves…)

2. Being the professional for your customers and team members (you are taking the time to be trained and updated by the scientists, the top producers to treat your customers and team members with the respect they deserve)

3. See the “BIG” picture for yourself and your future customers and consultants (your new passion will shine through)

4. Unparalleled INSPIRATION (people who are literally blind and being top sellers – they can’t even see the colors!)

5. International opportunities: when consultants from communist China come, they temporarily leave their children, jobs and life hardships.. to travel across the Pacific Ocean (updating passports, finding trustworthy baby sitters) make the effort to attend Seminar (they are literally crying with JOY to be there) and some of us can’t hop in a car and travel up the road (and we think it’s tough!)

6. Learning from people just like you and me (or with more problems) work it and be huge success (they literally tell you how they do it)

7. The Friends you make…. there is no other better friendship than with Mary Kay people

8. The Glitz, the Glamour… when was the last time you celebrated in “Hollywood Style” (we say MK style)

9. It’s good for your soul… it is so fun, you will laugh so much and so hard that your face literally HURTS! Laughing is literally changes the chemical combination in your body!

How stupid does this director think everyone is? This email screams desperation so loud it’s blown out my eardrums. Hello! Why do you think corporate is trying so many bribes (like freeeeeee products) to get people to go to seminar? Because they’re desperate.

Numbers are down. Women finally have access to the full story about Mary Kay and they’re not buying the hype anymore!

Yeah. Seminar will change your life alright. Just ask former sales directors.  All the belief in the world still won’t make you a Mary Kay success.


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